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  1. Guess I'll give it a couple more days. Thanks for your response.
  2. Yes, I'm following the meal template, I'm eating a wide varity of veggies, drinking plenty of water. As for the salt I salt but not over more than likely I under salt because of a life style of my husbands high blood pressure. I always have breakfast within 1 hour of getting up then go for my 2 mile walk within 30 to 45 minutes after breakfast. Any other suggestions?
  3. I'm on day 10 of my 1st run through of Whole30. I've been feeling tired for about 3 days. But today I woke up after 9 hours of sleep and had no energy at all. My body hurts all over and my arms feel like there are 50 pound weights attached. Is this normal? If so how long does it last?