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    I also have a long history of restricting and calorie tracking, although I wasn't really doing it immediately before my Whole30. And I also struggled to lose any weight that way. I had the same fear about the quantity of food that Whole30 was  asking me to eat. But I decided I was going to just DO IT for 30 days, follow all the rules and guidelines, trust the program and see what happened. I recommend you put the thoughts of weight loss, calories, "what if I gain weight" out of your mind as much as possible and direct that mental energy to making sure you're fully compliant with the program (not just technically compliant, but really following the spirit of it), meal planning, keeping a journal of your meals and your feelings (physical and mental/emotional) afterwards, etc. I think I started to feel fat adapted around the 3 week point, but everyone is different and it may take a little longer for you if you've tried to reduce your fat intake due to concern about weight gain. You have to give your body fat for it to become fat adapted! After 45 days I had lost 5 pounds; did reintroductions and continued eating a mostly Whole30 diet and after another 2 months was down 13 lbs from my starting weight - with no counting, tracking, or restricting 
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    Stress. I think you have a really good grasp of what's going on.
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    One other point that you may find helpful, I found I was very stressed and anxious during my first two weeks as I was worried about breaking the rules, and also feeling hungry and deprived. I feel like on the weekend I finally got my 'appetite reset' and started trusting that my  meal would last until the next that was a breakthrough. So perhaps I haven't lost weight b/c I've been stressed?
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    I'm only addressing the system crashing...You  have 15 minutes total to make and edit your post. When the timer's up it bounces you right out of the forum.  I usually have to relog back in every single time after 15 minutes. 
    I've learned to copy and paste as a I go along because I've had to rethink, retype and then it loses its' luster. Your 1st impressions are the best.  So you're at one post.  Next time, just copy and paste and you won't lose anything unless you can do it right under the 15 minute mark.  Editing your post is included in that time, also.
    15 minutes tops.