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    If you're used to eating small meals more often, or if you're used to skipping meals, this could just be your body getting used to having more food. Plate up your meals according to the meal template, eat as much as you can, set it aside and come back to it as soon as you think you can eat more, and you'll probably notice you're eating more at once in a week or so. You might want to find a small cooler or insulated lunch box to carry food with you for a little while, until you get to where you're eating enough at a meal that you easily go 4-5 hours between meals.
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    Hey everyone!
    I'm starting my FIRST Whole30 tomorrow morning and I'm super excited! I feel motivated butttt also feeling very nervous. I definitely do not have the best eating habits as of right now. I love me some sweets and carbs - so I know my withdrawal phase is going to be insane. But in my quest to be better to my body, I'm giving the Whole30 a go. Anyway, one of the things I'm most nervous about is that I work in a restaurant that has amazing (but not always healthy) food, which we get a lot of...for the temptation will be there and it will be strong...for all 30 days... Any tips (especially from people who also work in restaurants as well) for staying resolute when temptation is staring you in the face??
    Also, if anyone has websites they can recommend me to find fabulous Whole30 compliant recipes I would appreciate it. I love to cook, luckily, so send anything my way! I've found a few recipes on Pinterest but I'm sure you all will have better/faster recommendations for me. 
    Thanks, everyone! Looking forward to conquering this!