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  1. Swimming on Whole30

    I think your amount of swimming definitely qualifies as "high intensity." I agree (and defer) to Shannon also on the advice on post workout eating. I found myself adding some portions - usually small starch and/or protein - on days I swim and I think it helps. Good luck and keep it up!
  2. Today is Day 15

    Greetings all. At the halfway point I can say I have noticed some mild changes but nothing too dramatic so far. In general I feel like my tummy is a little flatter though I'm not actually sure that is the case. Temperamentally I also feel a little more resilient and not as irritable in some situations as I was before. Getting the prescribed amount of sleep is among my more difficult-to-reach goals and something to improve. I am hoping that some time during week 3 or 4 I will experience an uptick in energy during morning swims. I felt noticeably less energetic the first two weeks of the program and would love to feel some boost. All in all, I am determined to see this through and believe in the benefits. I am not sure I can stay away from things like wine, beer and a few treats forever. That said, I am very persuaded by all of the good reasons to do a Whole30 and assuming I succeed - and I am not taking that for granted - I can definitely see the value in some permanent changes. This forum is a really cool place. Thanks for being here!
  3. Day 1 April 10th

    Right on!
  4. Day 1 April 10th

    Hi @AnnaE67, Your pictures are great and it looks (and sounds) like you're making a really great variety of food. Keep it up! I'm on Day 10 and hitting a bit of a wall as far as advanced meal prep (I need to make something for dinner with limited time. Yikes!). I look forward to more of your posts!
  5. Swimming on Whole30

    @ThyPeace Thank you for your reply. Sleep is probably an area where I am deficient also, so I will keep that in mind. I think in general I probably do need to up the veggies but I do love fruit so I keep including it (hopefully not too much). @ladyshanny Thank you also for the feedback. I will search and learn.
  6. Swimming on Whole30

    One of my goals for my first Whole30, today is Day 10, is to increase my energy level and possibly performance during morning swim workouts with my local masters/adult club (roughly 3000 meters, 3 or 4 timers per week). I am 49 (5-0 in July) and while never competitive on an accomplished level like high school or college, love swimming enough that it's my primary form of exercise. Since I started the Whole30, and realizing I am only 10 days in, swim workouts have been a struggle, or more of a struggle than usual. Can I expect to experience an uptick in energy over the next few weeks? I have been following the recommendation to eat a little protein before workouts (tex-mex chicken frittata "muffin", e.g.) followed by a full breakfast (more of the same with fruit, handful of almonds usually). As of Monday I added potato/starches to 2 or 3 meals. Anyhow, just looking for general nutritional advice and or insights. I'm swimming through the doldrums in the meantime, hoping the water starts to feel a little lighter over the next few weeks. Thanks!
  7. Day 1 April 10th

    Hey 4/10'ers, just checking in to see how everyone is doing. I am managing all right and survived Easter though there were some tempting moments. In general I'm spending a lot of time in the kitchen, which isn't necessarily bad, but a little stressful when I'm tired or really just want to be relaxing with my wife and kids. Over the next few days, assuming I stay on plan, I'd like to figure out how to make meals in a quantities that last longer (especially with a family eating them, most of the time) and also broaden my choices a little - I tend to get stuck in a pattern once I find a few things I like. Anyhow - if you are still going, great job and keep it up! If you faltered - let us know when you plan to try again.
  8. Day 1 April 10th

    I've read a few places, I swear even on this forum somewhere, that eating at Chipotle restaurants is OK as long as you stick to carnitas over lettuce with guacamole and non-corn salsa. Hoping that's true, since that was my dinner tonight...(@jmcbn - did I err?).
  9. Day 1 April 10th

    I hear you about Easter - avoiding treats etc. will be tough (but doable!). Can you bring a dish to share? Then you can mainly eat that without being overly tempted? Welcome to the thread and keep it up!
  10. Day 1 April 10th

    Hey - just saw this. I finished Day 3 feeling pretty decent and feel pretty good starting Day 4. Not sure if a hammer is getting ready to hit me or if it means I'm doing well following the plan. Keep it up!
  11. Day 1 April 10th

    Cool! Keep it up. I felt a little odd/emotional Day 2 so maybe that's part of the "turbulence" at the start? I've had a few brushes with sugar as well where I've had to stop and remind myself, for example, that I can't have that hot chocolate (at least for 30 days...). Let's keep this thread going and hopefully we can all support each other along the way.
  12. Day 1 April 10th

    Hey simpleexannie, I'm feeling pretty decent today. Food has definitely been on my mind a lot going to sleep but I haven't dreamt of going rogue...yet. jmcbn - thank you for the comments, it's helping me gauge my own meals / consumption. Good to hear from someone experienced.
  13. Day 1 April 10th

    I was a little foggy yesterday, less so today. I also didn't sleep that well, or long enough, I'm sure. Very interesting process. 3 sounds so small compared to 30 . One step at a time!
  14. Day 1 April 10th

    Thanks! Any specific recommendations? Avocado, etc.?
  15. Day 1 April 10th

    Hi There! Your breakfast sounds oddly familiar :-). Have a great day also. Keep me posted on your progress, maybe we can navigate this together a little.