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  1. Day 15 and Bowels Still Upset

    I'm weak when it comes to nuts too and have some of the same issues. Did the advice with limiting nuts help? Did anything? I eat nuts at least one snack a day. I guess I need to go to what she is saying about every other day. That will be hard for me. lol
  2. April 7th Start Date

    All right! So, on my "Mission to Metabolism" beginning today, I have done the following: 1. Breakfast in first 90 minutes. Had to grab RX bar since I had to take husband to airport. 2. Handful of nuts. Slice of Cantaloupe 3. Lunch: Whole30 compliant chicken and riced cauliflower dish. 4. Handful of nuts. Orange. 5. Dinner: Salad with lots of veggies, Tessame dressing, and two strips of paleo/clean/compliant bacon. Lots of water. No major exercising today due to all the family activities and errands needing done, but was active. Since I'm in the process/beginning of reading the three books I've ordered, I am following the short plan posted from the website. Thus, I may not have all the template fine tuned, but I should have what is and isn't compliant figured out. If something is really out of whack, please comment. I did read not to make RX bars regular, so I won't, and I think they want you to avoid snacks unless you exercise, right? But, I figured I was hungry so I better have something healthy. I have a positive outlook thanks to some of the posts here and elsewhere I read and MeadowLily saying she'll help, so I'm going to try to turn this metabolism that has plagued me for years around---Mission to Metabolism! Please comment if you also have wisdom to share!!
  3. April 7th Start Date

    Ok, I'll hang in there as long as it takes to kick start my metabolism. Hopefully, sooner than later. Ha. Protein, veggies and fat as prescribed by plan. Hoping the progesterone and sweet potatoes aren't throwing me off.
  4. April 7th Start Date

    What do you mean "simplify....". Sorry. But, when I wake up, I have to take synthroid 45 minutes before I eat or take Prilosic, so after 45 minutes, I then take the Prilosec, then wait 30 minutes according to dr., so I usually have to wait at least 1:15-1:30. Is this a big issue? Just doing what the pharmacist and the endocrinologist said about timing b/c they said the synthroid won't work if I take the prilosec too close to it. Then GI doctor said to take prilosec 30 before breakfast. (I've already reduced from 2 to 1 prilosec through program.)
  5. April 7th Start Date

    Thank you MeadowLily. You brought tears to my eyes. I've tried for maybe 8 years since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism just to be a healthy weight. Every diet and plan the doctors, including my functional health doctor, told me, only to put it back on. I definitely know HcG isn't good for you, even the homeopathic I used, but it worked, and I was desperate. I did it maybe over 4 years, 4 times. Haven't for 1.5 years though. It worked short term every time. I don't want to do that again, and so I went to a functional health doctor, who has me balancing hormones, including DHEA, and trying to decrease stress (I just retired from VERY stressful job). I've done liver cleansing, belly fix, on and on. I'll lose a few lbs. but it never stays off. Everyone else loses, not me. I've even done the fitbit plan, as mentioned above, and according to fitbit burn WAY more then I eat. That wasn't good either. Makes no sense. Does the fitbit not really take into consideration the burn of people with my medical conditions? Anyway, I read this from the site and it kinda makes sense: "We definitely all get wanting to get there quicker. But it sounds like you may have a fair ways to go and often times with having a fair ways to go, come other things like hormonal disturbances/disruptions. If you have any underlying conditions or even just years of the oh-so-common calorie restriction or lose-gain cycle that so many of us have, your body may not quite fully trust what you're trying to do at this point. It may (will) take longer than just a couple Whole30's to get into gear." I can hang in there for 30, 60 or more days but at some point, I need to lose weight. I can't even fit into many of my clothes. So, what is title of book you are recommending? One thought I had was to maybe change micronized progesterone since it is made from peas? Don't know if that is stalling me. Need to talk to doctor. Anyone else have this problem? Also, one other thought is I eat sweet potatoes every day. Maybe with my insuline resistance, that is throwing me too? Love any thoughts. I'm going to stick with this, but any help making it also help fat burning I would greatly appreciate.
  6. Digestive Enzyme help?

    That's a shame a company that advertises its purity, etc., would add maltodextrin. Here is the most recent ingredient list: http://www.pureencapsulations.com/products/digestive-enzymes-ultra-w-betaine-hcl.html Thanks. Researching Disgest Gold now.
  7. Digestive Enzyme help?

    I saw that the Whole30 book recommends Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzyme Ultra, but that has maltodextrin, which is not allowable. So, is the book in error, is it being overlooked, or did the formulation change? Also, the previously mentioned NOW brand also has items not allowed, as mentioned above, but was previously recommended in the reading material. So, I'll see if I can find the enzymedica digest gold as mentioned above. Pls advise about Pure Encapsulations. I'm disappointed a brand that advertises as pure would include such ingredient.
  8. April 7th Start Date

    Hello, I'm Lisa. I just started the 7th also. I'm desperate to lose weight after trying everything under the sun for years. Only thing that has helped is HcG, but that is so unreasonable and not really healthy. Since I have hypothyroidism, pre-diabetes, and am menopausal, the doctors don't give much hope. Even with FitBit showing I burn over 750 calories a day than I eat, I still don't lose. I am hoping desperately that this will work. Anyone else with these conditions and there is hope?