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  1. OmniscientOwlet

    Ideas for more fats?!

    I'm on day 15 here and looking for some suggestions for fats to add to meals besides avocados, olives, and nuts... I need to go shopping and get more avocados, but I'd also love to shake it up a bit with something else! I also use coconut milk when it is fitting (in soups etc.) but could probably expand my use... Any ideas? My typical meals involve a bunch of greens and a chunk of meat or a salad with meat and nuts or avocados... If avocado is on the side I top it with some Cholula hot sauce to make it more exciting... I'm just wondering what other things you guys have been doing?! Thanks
  2. OmniscientOwlet

    Not Hungry

    Kombucha really helped me get over the never feeling hungry that happened for my first several days. Now I almost always feel hungry at mealtimes! It's crazy!!
  3. OmniscientOwlet

    Looking for some Bone Broth 101 tips...

    stock = bone broth, yes? I've made stock forever for soups etc...
  4. OmniscientOwlet

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    Sick, sick, sicky on day 14. I slept off and on all day, and now I can't fall asleep.
  5. OmniscientOwlet

    Not hungry?

    I was really full and never hungry for at least the first week. I know my hormones are way out of balance because I did not have functioning hunger signals. I felt full all the time for the first week... and then it got better and I actually am starting to get hungry before meal times! Breakfast is still hard but I'm working on it! Kombucha also really helped me get over the slump. I started making slightly smaller portions and having a little bit of Kombucha and it totally turned things around. Keep it up, you can totally do it! I'm excited to make it 30 days of being 100% in control of what is going in to my body!
  6. OmniscientOwlet

    Day 2 - Not Hungry?

    I went out and got some Kombucha and it has totally helped me feel better!!! The GT synergy brand has no added sugar... my favorite is trilogy
  7. OmniscientOwlet


    Kombucha has a lot of great enzymes and probiotics in it to help with digestion. My first 4 days were kind of blehhh, so I finally went out to get some Kombucha today and I think it's helping My favorite is the Synergy brand's trilogy flavor. <3 Don't go crazy and drink a ton if you aren't used to it, but it might help!
  8. OmniscientOwlet

    Diva Cup

    Definitely go for it!! I've used Diva cups for the last 5 years or so and I would never go back... Convinced a few others to try it as well and they love it!!! In terms of it springing open--have you tried a different fold? someone else linked here, but it's great: <- I use the punch-down method and it doesn't really pop open so much. Just make sure to push it up, pull it down a teeny bit and then twist it so it seals. It sounds like a lot but it really isn't You can use your muscles to push it down lower to be able to grab the base and use your pointer finger to break the seal... Worst case scenario you can't rinse or wash between uses, use some extra TP to clean it out before re-inserting. I like to travel and it is amazing! No more "uh-oh" feeling when you've been on a bus for 5 hours and then need to stand up to exit... Seriously life-changing!!!
  9. OmniscientOwlet

    menstrual cup question

    For anyone thinking about it, TOTALLY go for it. I've only managed to convince two of my friends to switch, but they both love it too. I've been using Diva cups for five years and would never go back! The first day I ever used it my cramps were awful, but that definitely goes away. Once it's in, twisting it around seals it to minimize any leakage or anything.
  10. OmniscientOwlet

    Day 3 of my Whole30 - severe cramps :(

    Im on day 5, period started today and I'm feeling pretty icky (at least I know why I felt so awful yesterday!). My roommate gave me something called cramp bark and it is totally helping. there's nothing weird in it... it's just an extract from a bark and it is definitely helping.
  11. OmniscientOwlet

    Day 2 - Not Hungry?

    I'm the same way... except that this is my day 5. I've been trying to force myself to eat 3x a day and I just feel full all the time. I don't get any hunger signals :/ Grrr.
  12. OmniscientOwlet

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    Beets are one of my favorite veggies This is how I make 'em! If you leave the beets in the skin and boil them for about 30 minutes, take them out and let them cool a little, the skin slips right off and you are left with tasty moist beets... They can be eaten at this point, or cut up and saved in the fridge for adding to anything else (for example steamed with kale with a drizzle of vinagre for flavor). Yummy.
  13. OmniscientOwlet

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    Ooh, hard boiled eggs, excellent idea! I am planning on doing the same with veggie/protein prep, although I still enjoy cooking fresh each day. I want to find some new veggies this week to expand my horizons. I've been pretty much sticking with my normal fare, only better quality and more conscious about it (and forcing myself to eat 3x a day).
  14. OmniscientOwlet

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    Hi again everyone, Congrats on getting through today I wanted to share my blog-y thing following my progress and maybe some recipes if I come up with anything delicious! Let me know if you're blogging somewhere!!! (I am new to tumblr and have no idea how it works, but I hope to get the hang of it soon!) Happy whole fooding!!!
  15. OmniscientOwlet

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    Hi everyone! I'm new to Whole30... and new to paleo but I'm excited and committed! My brother (secretly) did this a little while ago and said it is amazing. I've been eating gluten-free since September and I eat minimal dairy. I tell myself that I eat fairly healthily but I think that I cheat more than I'll admit to myself!! I'm going to create a blog to keep myself accountable and would love to connect with a few people here to help each other out... Anyone located near Seattle or want to be online Whole 30 buddies to help with accountability and recipes etc.? --Heather