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  1. Newbie starting April 10th

    Today's my day 30! Reflections: this was hard, but not that hard. I loved the food. Made me much more mindful of how to get through a meal. I have done the Clean Program six times and I am always desperate for it to end after 21 days. When I started this the extra 9 days seemed like it would feel interminable. The BIG difference on this is that you are eating three meals, not subbing meals for shakes and soups. I believe it will be so much better for actually making lifestyle changes. I read today's email and am definitely in the 'Fear of less healthy foods = ride your own bike. If you’re afraid to come off the Whole30 because the idea of eating bread or ice cream terrifies you… it’s time to ride your own bike. Don’t be afraid of off-plan foods! Remember, you’re in control now, not your food choices. Follow the reintroduction schedule carefully, and know that you’ll always have the Whole30 to fall back on, if things start heading down that slippery slope" category. I have fears of my family showing up tomorrow finding that I've Hoovered the leftover lemon bars I baked for teacher appreciation (and did not take one bite or lick of a spoon) and guzzled a bottle of Rose! I don't think I'll do that, but sure might be tempted. Benefits: I haven't had a pimple in weeks. I have a fused ankle that swells, a lot! It has been very cooperative. I'm mostly sleeping better. My belly is flatter. I've had a rough year with stress and some big losses. My alcohol consumption had gotten too high. Third glass of wine on most week nights. Not good on so many levels. Resetting that button is huge for me. Room for growth: I workout everyday with a relatively high intensity. I need to be conscientious of nut, bar and fruit snacks. Are they for sustenance or just filling some kind of craving? Maybe sticking to a boiled egg or chomp stick as my go to will help me decide. Forecasts: I will never eat another roll from the basket at a fundraising luncheon or dinner. I will never eat a standard passed canapé again. I won't mindlessly refill my wine glass. I don't think I'll want a big ole milky latte ever again. I'll keep up my workouts. And when I indulge in things like pizza, pasta, ice cream and other sweets it will be intentionally. No more bags of mini Reese's covertly consumed after multiple guilty trips to the pantry. I hope everyone who started this group made it!
  2. Newbie starting April 10th

    After finishing Day 25, I have been thinking A LOT about what this will be like for me after day 30 and I don't know if I'm using this blog the right way. I find the whole blog totally unintuitive. It doesn't seem like anyone else is still posting here. Did yall make it? How are you feeling. I feel really good. I am exhausted from some of the food prep, but I always do extensive food prep so it's not unique to Whole 30 for me. My husband and I have been religious about the program. We are not used to eating so much meat, but have adapted. I'd love a glass of wine this Friday night, but not enough to break my streak. The biggest thing I've noticed is all the empty crap I eat. Like rolls on the table at a restaurant or fundraiser. Stuff that isn't even special or delicious. Anyway, five to go, but probably will continue for the most part ... I hope!
  3. Newbie starting April 10th

    I just ate the most delicious lunch that I can't believe was healthy. I had left over roasted potatoes. I threw them in a skillet with olive oil, added some peppers and artichoke hearts and then saw some bacon on the counter. I stirred it all up in a kind of hash. It was soo good!
  4. Newbie starting April 10th

    I haven't posted in a long time. So happy to have completed day 23! This is really working for my husband and me. We hosted a mixer here for our local opera company and relished in NOT eating the catered food they provided. We actually made a pact never to eat those mediocre small bites passed at catered events again. I've been working out 4-5 times a week pretty consistently. I'm in a phase where I'm wondering about day 31. I have done several elimination diets, so I know my triggers. I will do a slow reentry, or just stick with this and make intentional choices around when to deviate. I have no interest in a big milky latte, which I used to drink several of a day. I do crave some cheese, good bread I make from my own sourdough starter, dark chocolate and a glass of wine. Other than than, I'm pretty good. For dinner we had some chicken sausage, asparagus and roasted potatoes - with the carrot fries and curry dipping sauce from the Whole30 instagram for an appetizer. So delicious.
  5. Day 1 April 10th

    Finished Day 10! Made it through a crazy day of meetings and my girl's night. Luckily the friend hosting is doing Whole 30 and another friend has done it before.
  6. Day 1 April 10th

    I'm on day 9 and I guess most of you are on day 10! 1/3 of the way through. This morning I worked out before eating and came home to make a leftover chicken/egg salad with those things, capers, watermelon radish, cucumber, homemade aioli, lemon juice and tabasco! My husband checked on Tabasco which has no sugar and then I also checked Valentina Salsa Picante a Mexican hot sauce common here in Houston. My kids put it on chips and popcorn, but I'll be adding it to all kinds of Whole30. Anyway, I gobbled down my salad and am feeling pretty full. I can't stand store bought mayo, but LOVE my homemade.
  7. Day 1 April 10th

    Day 7 and my first all-in dinner, meaning I made everything and embraced the meat and fats! Tenderloin, zucchini noodles with olive oil and red onions, roasted potatoes with s & p, olive oil, parsley & paprika and a slaw made with watermelon radishes, cucumbers, fennel, cilantro dressed with homemade aioli, lemon, olive oil.
  8. Day 1 April 10th

    I'm a 4/11 er. We celebrate Passover AND Easter and waited until after our Seder to start. Easter was easy-isa, but I was out of town so was just focused on compliance. I probably didn't eat enough over all and ate way to many nuts. I did accidentally discover a great "mock-tail." I ordered a Topo Chico (Mexican sparkling mineral water) with lime at a Mexican restaurant where everyone was partaking in beer and margaritas.The waiter brought me a glass with a salted rim, a nice portion of lime juice along with my bottle of Topo Chico. It was tart and fizzy and salty and felt special. Looking forward to mixing it up with proteins, fats and veggies this week!
  9. Garlic Aioli

    How long does homemade mayo/aioli last in the fridge?
  10. Newbie starting April 10th

    Hi, I started on April 11 so am on my Day 7. I've done the Clean Program several times so once I'm in the mode, saying no is pretty easy. Whole 30 has some distinct differences (no legumes, all the meats & eggs allowed, coffee allowed, nightshades allowed). I will say Easter weekend was a bit challenging. I was out of town with my family and had one sister who kept offering me alcohol and sugar. When I said, "no thanks," she moved on and didn't pressure, but it was annoying. My biggest reflection is that last week was about compliance for me, not about planning and taking advantage of recipes and all the things healthy and delicious things I could be eating. We were often in restaurants and I wasn't cooking so, I did eat too much fruit, nuts and nut butters. Not as a sugar fix, but just because I was starving and my meals weren't robust. After Easter dinner which was perfect with grilled leg of lamb and roasted veggies in coconut oil, I grabbed some dried mango and stuck a piece in my mouth only to instantly realize it had sugar on it, I spit it out without chewing it and rinsed my mouth. We keep clean dried mango from costco and trader joes in our home, but this one was from walmart and had all kinds of crap on it. So, my attempt to have dried mango in lieu of Easter candy failed. I'm doing this with my husband and we both are feeling better after week one. He's not a big believer in food affecting his aches, pains, moods, but is already feeling the positive affects! Where is the other April 10 group?
  11. Day 1

    Hi, Just started Whole30 with my husband. I've done the Clean Program cleanse six times. Looking forward to trying this one. Some differences in what's allowed/not allowed and I like not having shakes! I never bought their kit, so it was pretty much whole foods as well. Anyway, looking forward to that anti-inflammatory high that comes with no sugar or alcohol.