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  1. Reegs

    Newbie starting April 10th

    Me too - posted on the other April 10th thread. Glad to join you all Day 4...WE GOT THIS!
  2. Reegs

    Day 1 April 10th

    Hi - 4/10 was our start date too (husband/wife team). Thank you for starting this thread. It has some great tips on adding fat to our diet (thank you moderator)! It's been going well so far. We started this journey to really detox our body and start fresh again. Yesterday (day 2), I had to run to the grocery store. What a crazy experience after only 1.5 days on the plan... sugar cravings skyrocketed as I walked through the bakery... and I'm not even a fan of cakes and pies! Suffice it to say, that was the quickest grocery run I've ever done! My husband experienced headaches yesterday (I told him he needed more fats). No headaches for me thus far, but I'm starting to get very tired and unmotivated today, late afternoon (3:30ish). I also woke a little depressed today, which I thought was odd. Glad to join the crew! Thanks in advance for all your help seeing us through this