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  1. Can I change my carb-loving teen daughter?

    I think what I am going to do for my children is offer Whole 30 foods at dinner time and not necessarily push the Whole 30 lifestyle on them all the time. I would also have a heart-to-heart with hubby about your concerns. I like the ideas of letting them take turns choosing a recipe or meal, or maybe take one of their favorite meals and tweak it to be Whole 30 compliant?
  2. Out of gas running

    Are you fueling during your run? Even if you weren't Whole 30, you would probably need to refuel after about 5 miles. I'm training for a half in a few weeks and plan on taking some banana and/or sweet potatoes or raisins with me while I run. An egg is probably not enough pre-run fuel as well. I would maybe do a little more protein and some carbs.
  3. Starting 4/17

    I'm starting the 17th too! Also nervous. Love my coffee and creamer in the morning, but I'm sure it'll be worth it!
  4. Starting April 17th!

    So, after making fun of Whole 30 and how "stupid" it is, I'm joining the bandwagon on April 17th. I'm a little nervous since I am running a half marathon on May 7th, but I've figured out some whole foods to take on the road with me that will also be Whole 30 compliant. I'm also using this period of time as sort of a fast for religious reasons. So, I'm excited to see where this journey takes me, and hopefully I'll find some great support and ideas here!