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    Lea Mint got a reaction from Rhonda Dee Lillie in Getting clear on the WHY   
    Paula this was fantastic!!
    i tell people weight loss is nice but I'm doing this for my health.  Because something is going on in my body and I need to source every avenue to get healthy.  
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    Lea Mint got a reaction from BonnieStP in For those of you considering the Whole30....   
    Amazing post! THis would be a great link for all the new members getting ready to start!
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    Lea Mint got a reaction from misshannah in What did you have for supper last night?   
    My kids love burritos, but they aren't compliant for me in the form they like.  So I get creative! I cook my meal separate and use compliant spices and then use Boston lettuce as the tortilla, mushrooms, carrots, avocado, peppers and a compliant salsa and it's WONDERFUL!.  And I still feel like I'm eating Tex-Mex with the family.    Also added cantaloupe for everyone.  Kids love fruit and I can feel like we share some items that way.  
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    Lea Mint reacted to Jane3797 in Getting clear on the WHY   
    @Namaste2017 and everyone in this thread, and beyond:  Thank you for this stellar conversation.  It is crucial to know why we do things, to know ourselves in relation to those around us.  This program was presented to me at a perfect time in my life.  I studied and adopted many food habits over the years, starting in the 70s with Macrobiotic (curiosity killed the cat).  By the late 80s I knew I wouldn't accomplish anything until I quit drinking alcohol, and that was a 100% no-question full resistance realization.  From there, I had to quit smoking in order to hear what my body was saying.  Then I juiced according to the teachings of (the late) Jay Kordich with my Juiceman Junior.  Then I had to focus on an adrenal burn-out recovery, which I am still at the tail end of.  In the interim, I tried South Beach, Digest Diet, RAW everything, Blood Type and the latest nanotechnology micronutrients by Nuskin.  From all of these I learned.  Finally, Whole30 is helping me respond most completely to what my body has been saying; Blood Type helps me further thin out the items that cause me allergies of sorts.
    I was 80-95% compliant during the 2 weeks I took to plan and prepare, during which I experienced fast beginnings of NSVs.  After start date June 1 I was compliant for 3 days but developed issues in my esophagus at its base, a stricture that has been intermittent caused by acid reflux x many years and taking a lot of supplements.  I have to continue the 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking to nourish my body and to keep the hormonal energy at rest (it kicks in muscular energy).  Otherwise 30 grams of solid food kicks in the stricture; it is just too much food.  So I will continue along and start counting at a later date.  But I am as compliant as I can be.
    I do not miss sugar, grains, legumes not at all, or dairy; a lot of this went out the window with Blood Type, so it's easier for me.  There is enough delicious food available to live without.  I am using HempPro70 protein drink in the a.m. which could be compliant except that the second ingredient is not broken down, and simply reports, "Natural plant extracts".  I have written to them with no response.  I wonder if this is even legal.
    A major breakthrough for me on what would have been day5 was a long walk from a parking lot to a building and for the first time in years I could feel all the muscles around my back and hips engaged in the activity, and without any pain or feeling of exhaustion.  
    Thank you again, Whole30 and forum participants.
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    Lea Mint reacted to Rhonda Dee Lillie in Getting clear on the WHY   
    I think it's funny when people tell me "It's basically the Atkins diet."
    My response: 
    Do you eat meats? So do I.
    Do you eat veggies? So do I.
    Do you eat fruit? So do I.
    Do you eat fast food? I don't.
    Do you eat Packaged foods with lots of ingredients you can't pronounce? I don't.
    Do you make all of your meals at home with fresh whole ingredients? I do.
    Do you drink 8+ glasses of water a day? I do. 
    Do you avoid harmful ingredients? I do.
    Do you know every ingredient that you put in your mouth? I do.
    Do you eat foods that contribute to nutrient absorption, liver cleansing and better body detoxification without it being in a pill or powder form? Well, I do.
    Do you have amazing Bowel Movements? I do.
    Do you sleep 8-10 hours per night? I do.
    Do you feel healthier and happier every day that passes? I do.
    So... what's the problem with my way of eating? 
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    Lea Mint reacted to Namaste2017 in Getting clear on the WHY   
    Hi Amyrotella,
    I am done!  I finished yesterday!  (You can check out my log if you like where I set out some of my challenges and successes, and also a post on finishing in "success stories" that I did yesterday).  Good for you for staying strong and getting clear on why you are doing this, you will benefit not only in your food but in your life.
    Now that I'm in the reintro phase, it is even more important to stay clear on what and how I'm eating and why, and I think it is even more so when we move into daily life.
    Best of luck with your journey!
    Lots of love,
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    Lea Mint got a reaction from Rhonda Dee Lillie in Getting clear on the WHY   
    Paula this was fantastic!!
    i tell people weight loss is nice but I'm doing this for my health.  Because something is going on in my body and I need to source every avenue to get healthy.  
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    Lea Mint got a reaction from KelliW in Starting 5/14   
    Keep it up ladies!!  Hope you all made it through the holiday! I admit post whole 30 my holiday eating wasn't great so I gotta step it up too.  
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    Lea Mint got a reaction from KelliW in Starting 5/14   
    Keep it up ladies!!  Hope you all made it through the holiday! I admit post whole 30 my holiday eating wasn't great so I gotta step it up too.  
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    Lea Mint got a reaction from KelliW in Starting 5/14   
    Keep it up ladies!!  Hope you all made it through the holiday! I admit post whole 30 my holiday eating wasn't great so I gotta step it up too.  
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    Lea Mint reacted to Rhonda Dee Lillie in Whole30 - Start Date: 5/15/2017   
    Day #12
    I'm continuing to feel better every day. 
    Today I woke up feeling pain free and refreshed. Normally my joints ache, but not today. 
    I noticed something very strange the past few days... my sense of smell which is usually non-existent has improved significantly. When I go for walks outdoors I am amazed at the scents of the world! Is this common? This is very strange to me!
    Also it seems my nasal congestion which I always have had seems to be going away. 
    My BMs are AMAZING and love ❤️ how that part of my life has changed!
    I am sleeping easier and deeper than ever before....
    Also noticed my skin is improving. Normally my upper arms feel so dry and rough...and now they feel softer and smoother. 
    There is a pleasant feeling throughout my entire body now... like a subtle magical energy that feels tingly and light. Anyone else experience this? 
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    Lea Mint reacted to brittanyxo in Continuing On - The Next 30   
    For the lovely ladies who have chosen to continue on with their Whole 30 (60? 90? 120?) Journeys!
    Mine started April 24, 2017, and will go for 120 days til August 21st.
    @EKuhl @aussiegal @Potion One ... Let's do this!
    Anyone else who is continuing their journey, no matter where you're at, please join!
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    Lea Mint got a reaction from Rhonda Dee Lillie in Getting clear on the WHY   
    Paula this was fantastic!!
    i tell people weight loss is nice but I'm doing this for my health.  Because something is going on in my body and I need to source every avenue to get healthy.  
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    Lea Mint reacted to KelliW in Starting 5/14   
    Actually, this was on the Culvers nutrion web site. They list all their foods and the ingredients. I think I'm ok.
    "Culver’s Ground Beef Patty, Cooked - 100% Ground Beef, Seasoned with Salt and Pepper."
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    Lea Mint reacted to KelliW in Starting 5/14   
    HI all!
    I didn't post yesterday because I was NOT happy.  Turns out that the coconut milk I was putting in my coffee had some sugar in it.  Then, someone on one of the FB groups posted about peanut oil being in the cashews.  Turns out - so did mine!  I thought I had read the ingredients well enough.  Grrrr....
    So - That means I am on Day 1 again    or     Day 10 of W39!    The second one sounds better.
    I've been having trouble having the time to cook, so I decided that although all these recipes I see floating around look wonderful, I just don't have the time to make that work. This way of eating has to fit into my schedule (and yes, I must make adjustments for it too).  I won't stick to it unless I make it easier.
    I was tired of bringing half my fridge to work for lunch, so I went to Culvers and got 2 hamburger patties, lettuce, tomato and ate that with some veggies I did bring.  Boy - that was good and helped keep me on track.  
    @ErikaA I hope you can sleep better!  
    One good thing - my pants are already fitting a bit better!  Someone who comes into the office occassionally asked today if I was losing weight!  Wow!  I haven't heard that in a long time.  I think cutting out the sugar has really decreased all the inflammation and bloat that I had.  
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    Lea Mint got a reaction from KelliW in Starting 5/14   
    Wow @KelliW great job! I avoided Mexican restaurants like the plague because the food is my weakness!!
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    Lea Mint reacted to KelliW in Starting 5/14   
    Great Job restraining yourslef @Vguck.  A NSV!
    @pilatesfan.  I am trying not to graze now also.  Have a huge glass of water at my desk while I"m sitting here working.  That spaghetti squash and pesto with shrimp sound good.
    My co-workers and I went to lunch at a authentic mexican restaurant to celebrate someone leaving the office.  I worried and worried what i was going to eat.  The chips salsa and guac were right in front of me the whole time and all I did was drink my iced tea.  Then I asked the waitress if I could just have some chicken and veggies.  She complied with my request, so I got the fajita chicken and veggies, no beans and no rice.  I used the guac on my chicken and veggies.  It was yummy.  The guac was definitely compliant.  I didn't eat the tortillas either! 
    @CaLorraine What is in you chicken salad?
    @ErikaA  Thanks for being our cheerleader yesterday!  It definitely helps!
    Day 9- Done!
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    Lea Mint reacted to Vguck in Starting 5/14   
    Huge victory just now: I was out and thought I would be home in time to eat my lunch at 11:45.  I didn't get home until 12:30 and had to warm up my lunch.  NORMALLY, when I am this hungry I eat everything in site starting with the kids' snacks.  TODAY, I grabbed a handful of cashews and ate each one slowly while my chili warmed up.  Happy I didn't cave and am enjoying a heaping bowl of chili guilt free.
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    Lea Mint reacted to dsimmons in My First Whole30 Experience!   
    I have wanted to do the Whole30 for a year and a half.  I read “It Starts with Food” twice, I listened to the eBook twice, I read over the cookbook repeatedly and read everything I could online.  Finally I decided there was no point in putting it off any longer, the sooner I start the sooner I’ll finish.

    I decided to start January 2, 2017.

    I wanted to do the Whole30 because I was positive I have food sensitivities but wasn’t sure what they were.  I did want to lose weight as well but that wasn’t my goal.  I also wanted to feel better.  I’ve been suffering with ailments like foggy brain, exhaustion, no energy, etc. for years.  I had cleaned up  my diet for two months prior to starting the Whole30.  My experience was vastly different than I expected.  I did not really have severe detox symptoms.  I also never got the ‘tiger’s blood’.  But I got so much more out of it.

    My digestion improved almost immediately.  I had irregular bowel issues for a long time.  My doctor has no idea what was causing it.  All my labs came back normal.

    Let me back track a few months here…  I’m 33 years old.  I’m a newlywed.  And my husband and I want to start a family soon.  I went to the doctor and she ran a slew of blood work on me.  My labs came back that I was pre-diabetic, iron anemic, vitamin B deficient, and vitamin D deficient.  I had high blood pressure.  I had symptoms of fatty liver and my left ventricle of my heart is enlarged and hardening due to my high blood pressure.  I also had sleep apnea.

    This was in October 2016.  She said that I needed to get my BMI to 30-35% before she was comfortable for me to conceive.  That is almost 100 pounds I needed to lose.  I just took notes as she talked, trying to figure out what to do.  She complimented me on my positive attitude despite the slew of bad news she had given me.

    I had a follow up appointment with my doctor on Jan. 30th.  I had my labs done on Jan. 25th.  I am no longer pre-diabetic.  My blood pressure is normal for the first time since 2012.  My iron stores have almost tripled.  My heart is still skipping a little bit but she suspects that’ll heal itself as I continue along on this journey.  All of these, I attribute to the Whole30.  It has literally changed my life.  My doctor told me that if I continue on this path at the rate I am going, she could clear me for pregnancy around July 2017.  That is music to my ears!

    I encountered so many skeptics.  So much negative responses and dislike for this program from Clean Eating groups I am in.  They bashed the heck out of the Whole30.  I refused to let them beat me down over it.  Instead, I blogged every day.  I posted pictures of my food, talked about how I felt that day, and I shared when I was struggling.  I put the entire journey out there for everyone to see.  I would like to think they learned a lot from my journey.  Many were shocked at the types and amounts of food I could eat because they believed this program to be restrictive.  It is of course but not like what they expected.  I experimented with recipes and tried to make it my own.  I learned to listen to my body, stop when I was full and that it was okay to leave food on my plate.  I learned to read labels and Google was my hero when it came to checking ingredients.  I learned to make deliberate decisions when it came to the foods I chose during reintroduction.

    I never felt deprived really.  Yes I missed certain foods but I committed to 30 days and I was determined to do it.  And I did do it.  I made it all 30 days and followed the program to a ‘T’.  I did not cheat, I did not slip.  No matter how many times I may have wanted to.  Like Melissa says, it’s only 30 days.

    My starting stats were: 
    Weight: 249.6 
    Left Arm: 17.5" 
    Right Arm: 17.5" 
    Chest: 51" 
    Stomach at belly button: 49.5" 
    Lower Abs: 55.5" 
    Hips: 53" 
    Right Thigh: 31.5" 
    Left Thigh: 31.5" 

    My stats on Feb 1st were: 
    Weight: 232.8 (-16.8 pounds) 
    Left Arm: 16" (-1.5") 
    Right Arm: 16" (-1.5") 
    Chest: 48" (-3") 
    Stomach at belly button: 47" (-2.5") 
    Lower Abs: 53" (-2.5") 
    Hips: 50" (-3") 
    Right Thigh: 30" (-1.5") 
    Left Thigh: 30" (-1.5") 

    Total lost: 16.8 pounds and 17" overall!!! 

    Here are some of my NSV's for January: 

    *Rings are looser 
    *Clothes are looser 
    *Digestion is better 
    *Tummy issues cleared up 
    *Blood Sugar Normal finally 
    *Blood Pressure normal for the first time since 2012 
    *Fall asleep faster 
    *My sense of smell seems heightened (not sure if this is a side effect of the Whole30 but I've noticed it the last week 

    Overall in my journey to date, I’ve lost almost 32 pounds total.  I plan to continue to loosely follow the Whole30 going forward because I loved learning how to eat REAL FOOD instead of processed food.

    I have attached a couple of pictures from my journey.

    Thank you, Melissa and Dallas.  Although my Whole30 didn’t follow the ‘typical’ pattern of most Whole30 participants, I got so much from this program.  I learned so much.  And I was able to help inspire many others along the way

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    Lea Mint reacted to CaLorraine in Starting 5/14   
    @KelliW my husband was just saying today how we have no room in the fridge lol it's true, we've never kept it this full before. 
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    Lea Mint reacted to ChristinaL in Starting 5/14   
    I need to celebrate my successes this weekend.
    My family owns a campground with a fairly decent sized gift shop - I work another job outside of the campground which means I am primarily there on weekends. So a weekend surrounded by easy access to candy, pop and other not so good stuff. Plus we had cupcakes around and 2 graduation open houses. And due to the crazy schedule I watched my brother eat cheese balls from Culver's. 
    And not one bad thing entered my mouth!!! Yeah me!!!
    Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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    Lea Mint reacted to ErikaA in Starting 5/14   
    @CaLorraine glad to hear you were able to make it without your protein. I know for me it definitely helps to really plan ahead. I have stacks of Tupperware in our fridge with my breakfast for the upcoming week and cut up fruit and veggies and a container of the homemade mayo; every night I also fill Tupperware with my lunch for the following day (usually leftovers) - I realize this may not be feasible for some, but it definitely works for me. 
    @KelliW I think it's great that you have had the chance to try cooking new foods and experimenting in the kitchen - I think that aspect of the W30 is definitely fun, tiring at times, but fun nonetheless (especially when it's cold outside). Is the dump ranch recipe in the whole 30 book? (I've only read It starts with food)
    I hope everyone is having a nice Sunday. It is sunny and warm where I am, so we have been able to spend some time outside yesterday and this morning. I'll admit though, it's been a bit challenging watching others in our area enjoying their back yards with bbqs and cold drinks. I just keep reminding myself how much better I'm going to feel by sticking with it and that there will be more sunny weekends after the 30 days are over!
    Hope everyone is having a nice day. 
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    Lea Mint reacted to CaLorraine in Starting 5/14   
    @KelliW I did make it! I ate the rest of my food and just tried to hold on until I got home. Ate something at some and went to bed. I planned out my meals for next week and made sure to be more detailed so I can not experience that again.
    Let me know how the cauliflower rice is!! I haven't tried that one yet. You'll like the spaghetti squash. That's yummy!
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    Lea Mint reacted to KelliW in Starting 5/14   
    @ShannonM816 Thank you for the information.  I will definitely read up. I didn't eat quite as much oil as I did the past couple of days, so I did feel better.  I will start logging my food so I can find the trigger foods.
    @CaLorraine I hope you made it through the day without your protein!
    I was busy today and cooked some things I thought I would never ever do.  I made cauliflower rice and spaghetti squash.  I didn't eat them yet, but they are ready to go for the week.  I also made the dump ranch and it is delicious!!
    I haven't spent this much time in the kitchen in ages.  I cooked complaint bacon, chicken sausage links and pork sausage.  I'm making it for a complaint egg back tomorrow that I'm taking to brunch and also for the week.  I hope to vary my diet a bit next week.
    Hope you are all having a great weekend!  Cold and rainy here, but I was too busy cooking to tell.
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    Lea Mint reacted to Vguck in Starting 5/14   
    Oh my gosh, I am in the grocery store and it is like manufacturers are trying to kill us with all this added sugar and chemical. Gross. 
    Rant over, thanks Whole30 for teaching me better. I'm proud of my cart.