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    There, fixed that...
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    I am am on pins and needles following your thread. I am doing this with my 12 year old daughter. I'm on day 14 and she's on day 1; having decided to join me in this. She doesn't sleep well, she's moody, lethargic and not happy with how she feels over all. She also suffers from ADD. I hope I get to see how this turned out for you daughter, Thanks for posting all of this. I hope I can show her motivational stuff from all of this. 
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    Late to the conversation, but going to add this.  We did our first Whole 30 a year ago.  My then 10 y/o lost 8 pounds.  I noticed a huge change, but the growth charts still showed her at the 95% height & 95% weight, so we got the low-fat bs from the doctor.  Both of us just nodded and waited for it to be over.  Slipped off the wagon and ended up doing another one in September of this year.  No idea how much/if she lost weight, but it appeared she had trimmed down and she seemed happier with how her clothes fit.  Please understand, the entire time I've been telling her that if we focus on making healthier choices, we'd feel better and the rest would sort itself out. 
    Fast-forward to the next annual visit.  95% percentile in height, 84% in weight.  She had gained 12 pounds over the year before, but also grew nearly 4".  They also ran some basic bloodwork and the dr came in and said it was obvious she was eating her veggies.  And she's maintaining it.  I try to cook better than I used to, but even if we're out, I notice her making choices.  Leaving off the bread (because she doesn't really like it), ordering veggies over fries.  Stuff like that.  So for anyone reading this thread, it really can help.
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    @MizRik - I want you to know that it can be done. And that it is WORTH IT. My daughter stuck with the Whole30 through the entire month and we're still doing it (she had a "planned cheat" of a birthday party and Halloween and then got right back on track. She lost 8 lbs in 30 days and she says she wants to eat this way forever. Before and afters are below. I need to write a success post for her, because I think it would be very helpful for others. 

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    Thanks @ladyshanny. I should have added that I have not been presenting this as a weight loss plan to her, just that we are all eating healthier and trying to feel better.  We've been focusing on NSV like increased energy (she dances 8 hours a week and needs all she can get!) and improved focus in school.  She's really on board with all of that. She doesn't even want to lose weight for weight loss's sake - she thinks it will help her dancing and her ballet lines. Because no one seems to be talking about overweight children and the benefits of this plan to them, I was hoping someone had some success stories.  The grown-up ones inspire me, but I know she'd appreciate hearing about other kids in the same boat. Because she goes to a school where every child is an athlete or performing artist, almost all of them are quite thin and she has no one to identify with.
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    Eating whole, healthy, nutritious foods will never not work. You both might want to redefine "working" though as improved health, energy, mood, focus rather than just the laser-focus on weight. She's so young, as her hormones kick in she is going to likely experience some fluctuation of weight and body comp. Learning and continuing to eat nourishing food and staying away from garbage is her ticket to a balanced, healthy adulthood.
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    Warning: tough love ahead.
    IGNORING the scale and all numbers for 30 days will do you more good in the long run than any weight loss. 
    Nourishing yourself with healthy meals and re-learning what it's like to honor your body's needs will do you more good in the long run than weight loss. 
    Doing a survey of what other people lost is putting your focus on something meaningless--numbers on a scale. 
    If you want the most benefits from your Whole30, you'll forget about weight and weight loss for 30 days.