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  1. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    Start date June 1st

    @HopingtoHEAL wow! I have never thought this about any W30 meal pic, but the egg(?) tomato mushroom thing above the salad? Looks darn good! Palatable! LOL
  2. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    My Post Whole 30 Life

    Hi guys! I haven't posted in so long! My w30 ended more than a couple of weeks ago and I've been doing a pretty slow re-intro. Still haven't reintro'd beans or soy or corn or rice. Although I've probably consumed them in oil form when I've eaten out. Re-intro looked like this: I wanted a crab cake so I ate a freakin crab cake, then back to template. That happened twice. Then I tried to be a bit more official with my reintro, so I added some peanuts and, thankfully, no adverse results! Went back to W30, then loosened the reins on added sugar etc when eating out. One day, all I had at home was p-butter and wheat bread. I ate half a slice and got a stomachache later. Then one time I had some dairy because I wanted it and THAT was a MISTAKE. My body was like "girl, stop playin". But I pretty much knew that about dairy. I did find that any time I ate something that wasn't a pure homemade W30 meal, I felt itchy all over. I attribute that to my body just not being used to all of these outside ingredients. I've reintro'd alcohol by way of tequila because I read something about the sugar content in distilled alcohol being much less than that of wines, etc. Never been a tequila fan, but I discovered the 100% agave reposado and anejo tequilas and can drink them without any adverse affects. In moderation! I've had some in moderation and some in not-so-much moderation ( ahem like this past wkend) and duh! moderation is better. LOL I can definitely say that I'm experiencing some slight joint inflammation due to that. Worth the re-set! The sugar dragon is just not a problem for me, thank goodness. I volunteered at an event where I had to buy a ton of candy. Not a candy eater but after a long ill prepared day, I ate some squishy sugary thing and a mini milky way. Stomachache. NOT worth it. I just don't like the way sugar makes me feel anyway. so again, it didn't awaken anything in me. OH! My off plan items have been mostly SWYPO . Like I'm lovin that egg/banana pancake with nut butter. It's postW30 so i can do what i want baby! haha and maybe a few more fries than necessary (along with a salad and protein) What else? Oh i've been working out a lot. I think exercising kind of makes up the difference in terms of any energy dips or puffiness you could experience from not being 100% on plan (or enjoying tequila.) Hm i guess I'd sum up this experience as... empowering? I find when I'm hungry I crave protein and fat now. The other day I thought about how my breakfasts used to be so carb based. And probably so many of meals, period. I don't feel restricted, I feel freer. Like I know I CAN eat whatever I want, but I'm in a place where I can choose what's best for me(example--chips? Ok I'll have a few) and what's not ( example==Ok, I see these chips may be a problem for me, so no. pass!) and I find template meals to be the most satisfying anyway. I need to re-intro beans soon. I just haven't needed to or wanted to. But we'll see how that goes.
  3. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    Reintroducing wine on Day 31 wasn't a good idea!

    haha! Who would have ever thought that TEQUILA might be "better for you"!
  4. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    Reintroducing wine on Day 31 wasn't a good idea!

    Say. It. ain't. SO! If I have that reaction towards wine then I don't know how I will go on in the world. LOL!
  5. My W37 ends next week and because I'm a nerd I like to plan in advance. I don't want to wake up on day 38 and have to figure out what to do. So I've read up on the 10 day re-intro, the slow roll re-intro, and "riding your own bike". I feel like a slow roll re-intro is going to work best for me. I think adding so much back in in such a short period of time isn't going to make me feel my best. I've stated before that there's nothing really "calling me" aside from a glass of wine. LOL Sure i'd love some pizza maybe, but again, W30 has made me so aware of how crap food makes me feel...I don't wanna say crap food. Pizza is awesome. Let's just say it has at least 4 possible components that may be giving me trouble and I'm happy to have that info now so I can truly decide if that slice is worth it. Two slices. Let's be real. Onto my questions. If some experienced folk can weigh in that would be great. SOY - is the only reason soy was eliminated is because it is part of the legume family? Or do soy products (tofu, tempeh, soy sauce, miso, liquid aminos, etc) have their own unique negative effects on the body? Can anyone speak to some of the not so great effects of consuming soy? Tempeh, tofu, and liquid aminos come up ALOT in my life. SUGAR - Sugar doesn't have its own re-intro category. I guess we're just all in consensus that sugar should be limited and we generally know the danger of over consumption? Same comment/question for alcohol. CANOLA OIL - this was eliminated but not given it's own re-intro category. I guess the rule is use high quality oils at home but relax about it when out. I don't even know what canola oil does to you. Observation--Not that anyone cares, but another thing I've learned from doing W30 is that I just really don't care for meat very much. LOL I know there are ethical vegetarians and vegans, and I get why, but for me, I really think that lifestyle is just what I prefer. When I was growing up I used to HAAAATE fried chicken, or pot roast, or pork chop night. I hate seeing fatty chunks on meat. BLEGHH. As a kid I would opt for PBJ and get scolded about how I better not come back later and say that I'm hungry. LOL As an adult, I chose more vegetarian meals because I THOUGHT meat affected my digestion. Well I've eaten more meat on W30 than I have in years and my digestion is SUPERB! Mostly I'm eating seafood and eggs but I have had some chicken at CAVA and grass fed patties on lettuce when I was out and about with no options. So for these reasons I keeping my fingers crossed that I have no issues when I reintroduce SOY! lol
  6. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    What did you have for supper last night?

    I made broiled tuna cakes (coconut oil in the cast iron pan to keep it from sticking) on top of raw baby spinach, topped with avocado. Ingredients: a can of albacore, a small microwaved potato, diced onion, egg, mayo, mustard, spices). So ding dang good! :-)
  7. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    Thoughts and Things I'm Missing

    I'm on day 27! ugh of 37 :-( ! Thanks to that stupid C-word mistake on Day 7. (damn you carrageeeenaaaan!) I would have been ready to think about re-introduction right about now, so I'm trying to imagine what that one worth it day 31 food would have been for me, and I can't think of anything but alcohol! HAHA! I promise you, I am not a heavy drinker. Not even a moderate drinker. I think I've just been to a lot of parties and events during my W30 (three this past weekend alone!) so that's probably where the craving is coming from. Also, I just moved into a home with a lovely deck I haven't been able to relax out there with a glass of wine in 27 days! Having said that, I absolutely love the way I feel and do not plan to throw away all of these non scale victories. NSV's ROCK!! Who's that girl in the mirror glowin like a damn pixie?!? :-) I love how my body just seems to WORK now. If you're doing this and you're in your 20s chances are you have no idea what it's like to have joint pain. I was once like you, taking my supple joints for granted! Wish I had known sooner how changing my diet would make that inflammation disappear. My initial reason for doing this was weight loss. yes my clothes started to fit better within the first week but the fat on my stomach that I was hoping would magically melt away is JUST STARTING starting to budge. But my limbs are slimmer and more defined, I'm stronger, faster, and my pants are baggier. Also, I feel like i'm...shrinking in circumference maybe?? LOL Tanks that used to stop short are now covering my stomach. So SOMETHING is happening. *shrug* My body is just weird. Belly fat is hard. I know I need to jog more and hit a few more zumba classes to combat it. So yeah right now the only thing I'm MISSING is alcohol. I would drink a glass of wine with no thought to it and gladly deal with the consequences. Sure, I'd love a cookie or ice cream or something but I would definitely think about it and think about it first. I just can't wait to find out what food group was causing problems. i hope I can eat beans because falafel and hummus. I'm positive dairy is no good for me. I love cheese, but I can live with that. If soy is the culprit, that's gonna suuuuuck! (Sadly, I suspect it might be ughhh!). So yeah, day 27. I'm in a groove. I'm glad I just jumped in and did this on a random day in April. Friday Apr 14th. That doesn't even make any sense!
  8. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    HELP! -- Chaperoning a Camping Trip

    Are coyotes compliant? Cuz i could eat those! I think i will be fine. Just got back from grocery store. Plan: we depart tomorrow morning. I will have abig brkfst at home per the template but like overloaded w vegs since the other two meals for tomorrow will be some combination of tuna in a bag, avocado, carrot sticks lara bars and justin packets. On fri meals one and two will be the same but i'll eat a big ol veggie heavy compliant dinner when we get back. It's crazy that I don't event WANT to cheat. I mean I did find myself thinking about a simple sugar cookie today. (I have never craved a sugar cookie!) But i'm not looking for any loopholes. I want to comply! LOL Thanks for the input, guys!
  9. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    Vegetable Gum

    Mine as well! Haha
  10. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    HELP! -- Chaperoning a Camping Trip

    Idk if theres a cafeteria. I havent been there since...geez louise...who was the president before george h bush?? Ugh. I'll figure it out. What to bring. Not the president. If i remember correctly they fed us prepared bag lunches. Like deli meat or pbj (before pbj was a hate crime). We didn't have round the clock access to a fridge. I will struggle and eat when i get back. I won't go off plan though. I'll eat whatever dry food i can bring
  11. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    HELP! -- Chaperoning a Camping Trip

    the tuna bags! thanks for the reminder!
  12. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    Vegetable Gum

    vegetable gum? Wouldja really wanna chew that even if it were compliant?? LOL
  13. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    HELP! -- Chaperoning a Camping Trip

    Overnight Thurs to Fri. FML -- what am I gonna eat? i can pack cans of tuna. But where will i strain and drain? Gotta be a sink in the cafeteria. i guess?? Last time I was at this camp I was in 5th grade so I can't remember. Tips? Advice?
  14. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    Easier DIY Almond Milk - NO Straining

    awesome. Do you have a pic of what it looks like? Does it look like milk?
  15. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    Day 12 - I like to move it move it!

    I'm on Day 12. Here are some random observations. I fee like if someone said "Let's wrestle!" I'd totally win. I have to put my blood pressure medication out where I can see it because I no longer have physical reminders that my body requires medicinal intervention. Looking forward to my next doctor's visit! And I NEVER say that! Sometimes I'm just tired of food. Well our food. And its limited variety. I'm still amazed at how satiated I am after eating. Snacking is non existent. My body tells ME "hey let's go to the gym!" and gets disappointed when my schedule doesn't allow it. (So I get up from my desk and do burpees. Burpees for pete's sake. And I bring weights to work and actually lift them. Oh and i can walk like the wind. And my cardio endurance is way up, man) I found Primal Mayo! Yes it's expensive, but time is money, too. One hour of my life is worth $42,000,000,000,000,000.01. so the 5 mins it takes to make mayo is....