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  1. 48 minutes ago, Ryan Deith said:

    Hey Guys,

    My name is Ryan, from Melbourne, doing my first whole30! Killing me that we don't have a Whole Foods in Aus, and keen to know what people use for compliant dressings (besides making your own), compliant sausages, bone broth etc.


    Hey Ryan :) I'm in Melbourne too. Dressings are toughest, I make my own mayo (macadamia oil is my favourite for flavour but I use Light Cobram olive oil sometimes too, it's a virgin but far less bitter than a green virgin olive oil, it is far more bitter than macadamia though) & sunshine sauce (Well Fed for recipe). You can get compliant bone broths here but it's much cheaper to make your own, even if your own is organic. Depending on location, you may find Cleaver's Paleo meats, but read the labels carefully, they have some non-Paleo products with similar packaging. Some products contain soy and honey (one of the Paleo ones has honey). Coles has some cheaper grass fed meats Three Island (raised near King Island), but most supermarket sausages contain some kind of flour (not compliant).

    Seriously awesome organic meat from Hagan's (Prahran Market) & T.O.M.S (South Melbourne Market) if your budget can handle it (always ask about bacon, if you'll find it compliant anywhere, it'll be at one of these). TOMS also sells the Deadset Delicious Chilean Aji, which I've otherwise only found at Wholefood Merchants.

    Wholefood Merchants in Ferntree Gully is huge (like a Bunnings), but lots of non-compliant stuff there too. not cheap but massive range (PHF still has some stuff they don't though).

    Prahran Health Foods has some awesome stuff and very helpful staff, tell them what you like and why and that you're on Whole30, really helpful at recommending stuff, especially the big guy with the beard (usually wearing a black tshirt). Look for the frozen mango "icypoles" which are pure mango (frozen), Mojo & Remedy Kombucha (Mojo is compliant, not sure about other brands but the keg/refill brand isn't Harvest something), fresh (in glass) and my favourite there, the Paleo Pate from Offaly Good Food (double check the label, I've not had it during a Whole30 but pretty sure it's compliant, think it used to be made with butter when released but is now made with coconut oil).

    I did import some Tessemae's dressings, tomato sauce and mustard (there is no local supplier), fairly sure we can't import the mayo through our customs (I didn't try):

    I prefer Frank's Red Hot over the Tessemae's Buffalo stuff, the tomato & bbq sauce is handy purely because I rarely eat it so I won't ever make my own. I like the zesty and southwest ranch but they're more of an American flavour to me. Generally I prefer mixing something with my mayo for dressings (easiest is Frank's Red Hot for buffalo mayo), or sunshine sauce. The mustard however has been a surprising favourite, since so many local brands aren't compliant. Louisiana also makes some nice hot sauces (I like em on Pulled Pork) which are available here, all the ones I've found are compliant but I always check labels, found in quite odd places from supermarkets to Big W (sometimes in a "gift pack" of 8 hot sauces - all Louisiana brand).

    If it's close to you, La Manna (north/west ish) sells lots of compliant stuff, but going there is more painful than waiting in lines at VicRoads or Christmas shopping at Chadstone on Christmas Eve as the demand far outstrips the store's size, leading to grouchy people and excessive wasting of time.

  2. Is this your first Whole30? This is what it's all about

    There are lots of PDF downloads to help you out including the fabulous Meal Planning Template

    Not sure what you can have? Whole30 Rules & Can I Have...

    You'll also find great info searching in the forum section Can I have...?

    Did you know there's Rules AND Recommendations?

    It's early now, but bookmark the Timeline, it's really great

    Really want to complete your Whole30, might want to read this now - Do I really have to start over?

    Welcome B) you've totally got this!

  3. If anyone lives near a Paleo Café, some will sell you their bacon, frozen. It comes in a pretty big pack and they have a few different kinds. For memory one of them isn't Whole30 (honey maybe?), so do check ingredients. Once you know the right one, you can order it and they can hold it for you :)

  4. For anyone who hasn't eaten a Fine Fettle Flat, the texture is not like a cracker, to be honest it's a little bit like cardboard, but hard and quite chewy, very dried-vegetable ;) They're quite dry too so often not a great option on the move, quite crumbly as well and very expensive (I'd rather buy steak!). Some boiled eggs, tin of tuna or steak strips would travel a lot better, the only thing I'll give them is they can live in the cupboard, but they don't have as long a life as a tin of tuna, for a shelf product they're quite short lived. All the non-zucchini versions I've seen contain something non-compliant like corn or agave, so always read your labels. I've found I much prefer fresh veggie sticks, but do find them a better option for me than dried fruit (they are occasionally offered in gluten free catering) or a bite of a bar containing dates as I don't get any sort of blood sugar spike from them.


    A new find for me (probably only in Melbourne for now, not a long shelf life), Offally Good Food's Paleo Pate:

    I love the taste, nice smooth pate. Loved it on steak.

    Has a bit of an unconventional seal of coconut oil inside the jar (it doesn't taste funny or anything, just a surprise inner-seal).

    No good for low FODMAP folks as it's got onion and garlic.


    Another new find for me was The Goods bone broth:

    I like how wiggly it gets in the fridge, unlike some of the bagged bone broths.


    Making a short note for the Melbourne/VIC folk, sadly the Paleo Café in Mornington has closed.


    However Patch Café in Richmond is my new favourite! :D Ask questions as there are also non-compliant things on the menu (save that paleo bread for Post-Whole30). This is a great place to go with friends who aren't on a Whole30 as there's lots of yummy things for everyone.


    Also, if you buy any Himalayan salt or pepper from a health food store and are sensitive to gluten, you may want to double check your labels.

    There's a brand being stocked a few places which is organic and comes with a "may contain" warning for gluten, got sick from using both the salt and pepper so have had to dump them. Mine had the warning in a slightly odd place on the label, lower than it usually would be, so I missed it.


    I'll go back and edit the older post but new labelling on Frank's Red Hot sauce is confusing as they've updated to have Australian-compliant label, but don't include the level of info usually included on Aussie labels. It's gluten free as the vinegar (distilled from wheat) is gluten free. Still no good for anyone with a wheat allergy though which is why wheat is in bold on the label (allergen).


    There's also a few brands of local produce frozen berries popping up, for anyone who has been avoiding overseas berries (or unknown berries) since the Hep issues.

  5. For those in Melbourne, coming up (12th to 14th of March) is the Natural & Organic Supershow (weird name, but keep reading)


    You can get two tickets for the price of one with promo code PETE (yep, that guy from Paleo Way). It's not Whole30, but I'm hoping there'll be some good stuff there so I'm going.


    For anyone who is going, I recommend taking some cash as there are no ATMs inside and some stands will be cash only.

  6. Just a note for those who love Frank's Hot Sauce (Original). I recently saw some in Woolworths, but it's a different formulation, containing wheat, always read your labels. [update: seen at Coles too and it's the same formulation containing wheat]


    [Latest Update: It's label has been updated for Aussie labelling, but a bit confusing as the wording is a bit non-standard. The vinegar is distilled from wheat (wheat is an allergen so it's bold on the label) but it's gluten free as it's distilled (as all vinegar is in the USA) - so yes compliant, yes gluten free, no for folks allergic to wheat]

  7. If you want allergen free supplements, ask your local chemist (ask to speak to the pharmacist) or for more pure forms a naturopath (many of these cannot be purchased without an appointment). Via my naturopath I get some Metagenics products, but even these are not always pure, you have to ask and check (although I generally find gluten, dairy and soy not to be a problem with them). You will also find magnesium products more similar to the often mentioned Natural Calm (USA), I've recently switched from MagMin to a powdered magnesium and it is quite different.


    My local chemist has a note in my file about no soy, no gluten, no dairy and tries to find me products without these as well as reviewing all my prescriptions too. Sometimes a prescription only comes with either dairy or soy, but at least then I get to make an informed choice.


    All of the dissolve in water tablets (such as Berocca) have either sweeteners or sugar, same with most chewables especially the gummie whatevers, but for Post-Whole30 some are now being made with stevia rather than the other kinds.


    The labelling requirements are crap for these kinds of products, chemists have access to some ingredient lists (but not all brands) which go far beyond the label.

    Be aware there are similar label loopholes for coffee, tea and alcohol (not Whole30 compliant), as the beverage laws were made when they were pure products and have not been updated. Some instant coffee contains gluten, I've had one tea company tell me not to drink a caramel tea as it might contain gluten and alcohol companies tend to keep their ingredients secret, which makes avoiding ingredients very difficult (cider for example is often not gluten free).

  8. I went to a Kombucha class and will share some of tips I got (my first batch is really strange but I think I used the wrong tea and not really sure what to do with it).



    • Use a cloth on top that has holes (we have a cloth here called Chux and it's bad as it lets fruit flies in), it needs to breathe but not let bugs in
    • Booch shouldn't overheat or be too cold, next to the stove or window can be a scoby killer
    • Use non-black tea - tip was first batch should always be black tea and if you use other teas later, always follow with a black tea batch to boost the scoby, ongoing use of other teas can either kill or make the scoby sick/fail - if you can find it, some people find the organic ones brew better but this might just be local brands
    • Forget about your booch


    • Keep your spare baby scabies - they can live in the fridge for ages
    • Use airtight bottles for second ferment if you want fizz
    • If you want yours to look more like the store bought, strain it before it's final bottle (our teacher did this as a third step after 2nd fermentation complete)

    My big mistakes so far is I totally forgot I made the booch (so have way overbrewed it at first ferment) and I thought I had used black tea but it was actually a dark green tea (lotus tea), so I'm considering throwing it all out and starting again as my booch looks really weird (but it may just be a giant scoby). I was a bit overexcited after the class and I didn't want to wait to start, but in hindsight this was a mistake and I picked a tea from what I have  :rolleyes:

  9. Keep in mind that while many people who have a reaction to red wine (headaches seem to be the biggest reaction) often blame sulfites, there are actually sulfites in white wine too, and some of the same people can react to red but not white, so there's some other something that some people are reacting to besides sulfites.


    • Grape skin - This is why red wine is red and there are actually a lot of people allergic to a protein in the skin called LTP, some people have a reaction to the fermentation of the skins only, others have trouble with grapes too (some fruit juices contain a splash of grape juice).
    • Tannins - Also found in grape skin but most people have tasted them in black tea.
    • Histamine & Tyramine - Found in aged and fermented foods, red wine is usually fermented for longer.
    • Alcohol - Often dismissed, if the red wine you drink is higher in alcohol than the white, it may just be the alcohol.

  10. I know, I'd always paid extra for it thinking it was better :( now I'll stick to organic or the cheaper RSPCA chicken.


    I do think they used to make better chicken years ago. For a number of years their BBQ chickens were gluten free too (stuffed with rice), but that changed and I noticed the chicken breasts got bigger.

  11. I found a few at Coles, but I wasn't a big fan of it (very dry, you really need a mayo or something with it, too dry for me) so not sure if it's still around (it was quite a few months ago). It was in the section where they keep those little pots of live mussels.

  12. Hi Lisa :) Where abouts are you located down under?


    We actually have quite a few options which are better than Lara bars now! (yay!)


    I have only once found apricots without sulfur here, they were organic and a funny colour but they tasted great.

  13. I often talk about this with my naturopath, it's not unusual to get an early period or restart periods when you're feeling healthier, as your hormones can change.


    Usually this is a good sign, but if you're worried have a chat with your doctor.