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    praxisproject reacted to GFChris in Where To Go? (and what to eat)   
    Having been gluten-free since 2006, I've found restaurants with gluten-free menus to be your best bet. I live in the Northeast US. Popular chain choices here are Not Your Average Joe's, Legal Sea Food, Burton's Grill, and Chili's. Also sashimi at Japanese restaurants are another choice, but it's tricky to get a compliant veggie (without soy sauce, MSG or sugar) and fat.
    Folks here have recommended Panera Bread's hidden menu in the past, but they recently changed the ingredients.  All those choices, as is, are non-compliant: contain either milk, wheat, sugar or sulfites. The only thing you can easily change would be to get the Power Steak Lettuce Wraps without the pesto.
    I wouldn't trust deli meat at any fast food place: too many options for gluten, carrageenan, sugar, sulfites and other nasties. 
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    praxisproject reacted to GFChris in Where To Go? (and what to eat)   
    Just an FYI, having MSG and sugar as ingredients makes this grilled chicken unacceptable and a non-option for a Whole30.
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    praxisproject reacted to Ashley Millard in Where To Go? (and what to eat)   
    Be careful with subway. Their meat all seems to contain soy, wheat or some kind of sweetener.
    I usually plan ahead and bring something with me that I know I can eat , but if I'm caught without, I'll stop at a grocery store and pick up a couple of things I can have, or stop at a restaurant and modify/ask questions like crazy. I avoid fast food completely, I don't trust anything that comes over a fast food counter LOL
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    praxisproject got a reaction from amberino21 in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Our local woolies is terrible, barely has any vegetables (bakery section is 4 times the size of the veggies!)
    Our coles still has King Island beef, but my organic chicken has gone and the organic veggie section now seems to just be dates, carrots (sometimes) and white potatoes We seem to have retained organic eggs though.
    On the plus side a bunch of places now deliver to me who didn't used to: Victoria Organic Delivery & Organic Angels. Both have lovely organic berries.
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    praxisproject got a reaction from melbournegirl in Sourcing food in Australia   
    For anyone who travels through Melbourne near Flinders St station, there is an organics store there now called Habib Wholefoods. Bit expensive, some things are vegan/soy/sugary/agave but lots of organic things, including Mojo Komboucha, meat and dairy (if you can have it).
    [Edit: pass on the non-chicken meat, although it's organic, the red meat is ALL grain fed  
    Things I buy from Habib's:
    Isola Bio Coconut Cream in a tiny (expensive) 200ml mini-tetra pack - beware the similar looking Isola Coconut Rice drink which comes in a larger size, it's not the same product but the box looks very similar.
    This one thickens up USA-style in the fridge! (as it has guar gum in it)
    Perfect for using as a fluffy "whipped cream" - but I actually buy it because it's a sealed portable coconut serve I can keep in my bag for coffee in cafes - 100ml is about a serve for me, so I use half and then put the leftover half in the fridge. It's hard to pour if cold (need to squeeze it out like toothpaste), so don't fridge it before you open it unless you want whipped cream.
    Loving Earth products - very expensive, but good if you're caught short.
    Mojo Komboucha
    Organic veggies - watch the labels, not everything fresh is organic, the berries rarely are.

    The odd gluten-free treat, but most of these have too many dates/sugars for me.

    Avoid: Most of the fresh salads are gluten free, but almost all of them contain soy, tofu, sugars and either beans or pseudo-grains. There also are many complaints that the salads are v expensive by weight (they're all pretty heavy/wet salads, not light ones).
    The stocking levels are strange in this store, don't wait to buy something, if it runs out, it may be gone for weeks. ]
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    praxisproject got a reaction from KimmyW in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Sad news, can no longer get the Bertocchi Porchetta at my Coles. Have yet to see the butcher to ask if he can get it back in.
    [update: sadly, porky was only for Christmas Good news, it will likely be back again next holiday season]
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    praxisproject got a reaction from amberino21 in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Success! For those wanting a coconut yoghurt, easy recipe for Aussies (adapted from FeedMeRachel's):
    1 x can of undrained Ayam Coconut Cream (270ml)
    4 x Dairy Free Inner Health Plus capsules
    In a glass jar, put coconut cream, empty 4 capsules into jar (throw out crispy capsule shells), stir madly, put in fridge and patiently wait 2-3 days.
    Coconut yoghurt, no sweeteners, no additives, dairy free
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    praxisproject got a reaction from amberino21 in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Success! For those wanting a coconut yoghurt, easy recipe for Aussies (adapted from FeedMeRachel's):
    1 x can of undrained Ayam Coconut Cream (270ml)
    4 x Dairy Free Inner Health Plus capsules
    In a glass jar, put coconut cream, empty 4 capsules into jar (throw out crispy capsule shells), stir madly, put in fridge and patiently wait 2-3 days.
    Coconut yoghurt, no sweeteners, no additives, dairy free
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    praxisproject reacted to missmariss in Don't over think this.   
    First round at the Whole30 and day 12 is going great! Finally having more energy. However i just learned I need to lay off the dates... 
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    praxisproject reacted to Chiara in Don't over think this.   
    Thank you!  That is very helpful.  I guess I took the "start now, don't delay" a little too seriously and I need to catch up on a few of the details.  Your help was much appreciated!
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    praxisproject reacted to GFChris in Don't over think this.   
    Smoothies are not encouraged on a Whole30. The idea is to chew your food rather than drink it. Chewing food tends to be more satiating than drinking food. Further, there can be a tendency to overload on fruit all at once when having smoothies, vs. having the recommended 1-2 servings of fruit per day on the Whole30.  A fruit serving on the Whole30 is the size of your fist.
    If you don't have the ISWF book yet, here are some places to start on familiarizing yourself with the Whole30:
    - Overview with links to several helpful documents
    - The Whole30 program.
    - The Whole30 meal template. Basically your bible for how to structure every meal:
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    praxisproject reacted to GFChris in Whole30 compliant B12?   
    Doctor prescriptions trump Whole30. I use Perque B12 sublingual, available from Moss Nutrition They contain sucanat (cane juice).
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    praxisproject reacted to iana in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Wow this thread is so helpful. I also get Alowrie ghee from Coles but I never thought to look in the Indian section. I don't realise that most Aussie beef is grass fed. I bought some grass fed beef from superbutcher once and found it a bit tough. Coles now need to stock kale as my local one doesn't I feel like writing a formal letter of request
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    praxisproject reacted to glimmer in Sourcing food in Australia   
    So far I have discover Aldi is awesome for organic things like tomato paste and butter (ok no butter allowed but for general primal eating). They also have big bags of almonds, walnuts etc quite cheaply and I always seem to score fruit and vege bargains there.
    Aldi does a range of grass fed beef
    Coles and Safeway are both stocking coconut oil now, and Safeway has started stocking Kale and baby kale.
    If you have a Bushy Park fruit and veg near you they have good organic eggs
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    praxisproject reacted to glimmer in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Hopefully this will be useful although I think are very lucky to have such good fresh produce around in general.
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    praxisproject reacted to KelKel in Sourcing food in Australia   
    I buy it in sachets from a big greengrocers in chadstone, so I guess any grocer with an international food section or asian supermarket would have it. I've also seen it in tubs (which make 40! serves...and given that I'm a wimp and use 2/3 serves...) at Thomas Dux for $6
    Not long after I bought it I read in a food article on the gaurdian website that thai chefs recommend it as being the most authentic! yay!
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    praxisproject reacted to megmac in Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered   
    I got back from vacation on Saturday and both my batches were ready to go.  I have been thinking about the continuous brew option and the comments here about the "constant project".  I decided against CB, and will just deal with a few hours of bottling and brewing every few weeks.  (2 weeks works great for my first brew, so it's always over the weekend.)  I dumped Scooby, who never quite became strong, but my second one is flourishing. 
    I have about 18 bottles in 2nd brew, which I will shorten and burp in 2 days so they don't explode.  (Maybe 4 days to the fridge.)  I had 2 bottles yesterday of my first batch and so far the blueberry/cherry/ginger is my favorite.  This time I did some of those, some strawberry/blueberry/ginger.  Of course I didn't label anything, so every bottle will be a surprise. 
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    praxisproject reacted to Robin Strathdee in The Official "Can I Have..." Guide to the Whole30   
    Hi all!
    Before you create a new can I have, take a peek at this list we've compiled of the most common "Can I Have" questions!
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    praxisproject reacted to ultrarunnergirl in Spending way too much $$ on groceries!   
    I grow many things year round in my garden: Chard, kale, lettuces, carrots, tatsoi mustard greens, sorrel, parsley (and other herbs). All can be tossed into a salad. Most can be added to stir fry, soups, smoothies. I'm in Zone 6. I do have a raised bed with a makeshift plexiglass cover for the winter, easy to cobble together.
    A thought: Just like you are swapping out SAD food for better, more nutritious food during the Whole30, you may find it a good choice to swap out other expenses for food - downgrade or lose you cable tv, carpooling/bus instead of driving alone + paying for parking, etc. Don't think of it as depriving yourself of the tradeoff, think of whether it is worth it.
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    praxisproject reacted to Renee Lee in Spending way too much $$ on groceries!   
    Everybody above has some good thoughts. M&D definitely stress the importance of quality (pastured, organic, etc), but they also tell you to buy what you can afford. If that means conventional everything, so be it. Eating the conventionally raised stuff is STILL better for you than munching down on wheat, corn and processed foods.
    One of the big takeaways (imo) is, if you can only afford to buy one type of higher quality food, prioritize the protein before the veggies. For the longest time in my Paleo life, the only high quality thing I could purchase were eggs. It was the best bang for my buck, imo. I don't eat a lot of fish, because I can't afford the wild stuff that I want. (though lobster will be on the menu this summer!)
    Other options:
    Buy frozen veggies
    Buy in bulk. Tropical traditions has 5 gallon buckets of coconut oil on sale OFTEN. way cheaper than what's in the stores
    Grow some of your own veggies, or at least greens (kale, spinach, lettuces) They're pretty fast growing and way cheaper than organic options
    Understand that this is only for 30 days. There are some "less bad" options that you may be able to add back into your diet if you want to, or feel like you need some cheap calorie fillers. Note that this is NOT optimal for health, but if that's what your budget requires, we aren't going to flog you for it.

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    praxisproject reacted to Egre4926 in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Plantains are roughly 20-30cm long, almost straight & more triangular than bananas.
    Green bananas won't work in the tostada recipe, as plantains, especially the green ones that the recipes are very starchy - much more so than green bananas. As they ripen (skin goes black) the flesh mellows & becomes more banana like, but still as some starch.
    General rules are the unripe ones need to be cooked twice, like in tostadas & are savory, while the yellow/black ones are fried gently once & are sweet like bananas.
    Can't comment on finding them though, as I've only seen them in shops in the US.
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    praxisproject got a reaction from Breff in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Oh, and this isn't food, but if you're signing up for the Whole30 Daily, pick your start date 1 day earlier as they arrive late in the day, Aussie time
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    praxisproject reacted to annabel in Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered   
    Vian-- Do any of the pubs near you sell Grolsch?  We've gotten crates of free bottles from the pub as they just go into the bin otherwise.  (They did take a lot of cleaning as some were still half full of beer...)
    I'm loving my green & white tea combination, it tastes quite nice just as it is without any other flavours.  Strawberry Mint was nice, but a bit on the sweet side (possibly I should have left the tea to brew for another day or two before drawing it off) and I've got a bottle of ginger and a bottle of lemon ginger in their 2nd fermentations.
    Need to investigate some other flavouring options when I make it to the big supermarket next.  Cherry Ginger sounds lush.
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    praxisproject reacted to amberino21 in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Good to read that others use the Thai Gourmet Paste too - so annoyed that the red curry paste recipe has changed though, and now has sugar!!
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    praxisproject reacted to jpketz in Don't over think this.   
    Had to chime in and agree wholeheartedly with Robin.
    One of the hardest things to do is to keep an otherwise smart person from overthinking. And when you assemble a whole bunch of smart people (like this community) then the temptation is to REALLY overthink things and even sometimes "co-overthink" things. (©co-overthink. New term. Thank you). which may explain 4 pages of forum posts on the relative merits of protein powder and bullet-proof coffee (not together). Not that I haven't enjoyed engaging in, and sometimes starting, those esoteric discussions.
    I read a book a few years ago called "Younger Next Year" in which the authors break down their exercise and eating program into the phrase: "Move every day, don't eat crap". While I probably could have used a few more particulars about the "crap" I was supposed to avoid, the "move every day" part got me to the gym at 6:30 a.m. nearly every day for a year. Keeping it simple was exactly what I needed.
    Michael Pollan's now famous prescription for healthy eating, "Eat food, not too much, mainly plants" is another reductionist, yet amazingly helpful mantra that helps me navigate through the often bewildering post-W30 world along with occasional re-reads of ISWF.
    In fact I sometimes REALLYREALLY crave the simplicity of Whole30 because it was so simple. Even though I'm 90% on plan even now, it's still harder out here.
    So to all newbies...enjoy the "freedom" of having a well-defined set of guidelines for 30 days. Try underthinking a little and just enjoy the not eating crap.