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    praxisproject got a reaction from melbournegirl in Sourcing food in Australia   
    This post is for our neighbours in New Zealand -> Whole9 South Pacific is in Christchurch this weekend! (please ask them to come to Melbourne)

    PS. I am still giggling over "Ticket Type: Eager Beavers Sales End: 15/03/2014, Ticket Type: Procrastinators Sales End: Not Started"
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    praxisproject reacted to **Ann** in Cauliflower rice skeptic...   
    Its simple, just "rice" it in a food processor.  Just throw the florets and chop them up until they are the size of rice.  This freezes well.  I've made alot to freeze, just so I would have fast rice to cook.
    I want that chinese food white rice taste to go with some of my dishes, and i toss a bit of vinegar in with the rice in the pan and lightly salt.  Its good. its so versatile.  The only downfall is that it doesn't "absorb" some juices the same way that a true starch would, so if there are dishes where the rice is required to absorb some of the moisture, it may not work as well.
    As to cauli-mash, it took me a while to master a palatable mash.  The food processor was the biggest requirement.  I agree, cauliflower mash does taste different and not exact same texture. But I've loaded them up with so much ghee and seasonings that i traditionally put in regular potatoes, the taste is very close.  I remember how bad my first attempt was compared to now and its a world of difference.
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    praxisproject reacted to SweetieBsMom in Cauliflower rice skeptic...   
    I'm with you. I was skeptical because I've heard time and time again that cauliflower mashed is "just like mashed potatoes, you'd never know the difference".  Uh, no it is not and I did know the difference.  But I love the cauli-rice. 
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    praxisproject reacted to amandajunefitz in Cauliflower rice skeptic...   
    Consider me converted! I hate cauliflower in most of its forms but took a chance on cauliflower rice last night. I was even more skeptical as I was preparing it because it reeked...but after adding a few spices, and under the great coconut red curry chicken I served it with, it was GREAT! So much like a grain -- I couldn't stop gushing to my husband about what a win it was. Especially since it was SO easy (I don't know how others do it -- I just did the first couple steps of making cauliflower 'tortillas' (which are also good but a hassle): pulse it in the food processor, microwave, squeeze out moisture with paper towels, microwave again and done!). 
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    praxisproject reacted to Trina1960 in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Sorry Ive been was Banaban...tried getting some more from there yesterday but sold out...wish we could buy food stuffs through amazon would be so much cheaper.
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    praxisproject got a reaction from jkord5 in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Oh, and this isn't food, but if you're signing up for the Whole30 Daily, pick your start date 1 day earlier as they arrive late in the day, Aussie time
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    praxisproject reacted to Trina1960 in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Got coconut aminos in Busselton at a health food shop so sure to be some somewherem in Sydney..
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    praxisproject reacted to CrunchyLutheranMommy in Plan a Whole30 dream vacation   
    The Whole 9 Cruise Line!

    Seriously!  That would be AMAZING.  A 30 day cruise (hey we're dreaming right?).  All food served in the restaurants on the cruise liner are, naturally, W30 compliant with such a creative menu that no one would ever get bored.  There would be workshops available for every one of the nine factors, with theory to help us understand exactly why each one is important and practical tips to start creating good habits.  Not to mention, what better place for exercise, relaxation and FUN than a cruise ship!  Massage therapists, jacuzzi tubs, games, basketball courts, a running deck, fitness room, live entertainment... the possibilities are endless.

    Each guest on the cruise would get to pick one of the nine factors that they want to focus on during their stay.  Depending on that, they get bonus treats.  For example, if you decided that you wanted to focus on nutrition, perhaps you would get to pick three or four of your favorite meals and have one of Whole 9 Cruise's master chefs teach you step by step how to make each recipe so you have some ammunition when you get home!  Or if you chose relaxation you would get a few free vouchers to the massage therapist and some personal lessons in relaxation technique.  Or if you chose fun and play you would get a free excursion for every two workshops you attend on the topic!
    The destination would have to be the Mediterranean Sea, because it's my dream right now and that's where I would go if I could!  Every port would have the typical touristy and adventuresome excursion options, but there would also be Whole30 tour guides available to walk you through local restaurants and food stands to show you how to enjoy all the best W30 compliant options in the native city. 
    Everyone would get their very own complimentary copy of "It Starts with Food" and we would all take time during the 30 day trip to read (or reread) it, perhaps with a daily reading guide and Q&A time every week.  If I had the time and the resources and also lived in a reality where this existed I would totally do it!

    (And FYI if this ever actually comes into existence I know I will, of course, be given a complimentary cruise for being so brilliant  )
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    praxisproject reacted to JafaGirl in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Lesley, I haven't been able to find any compliant Coconut Aminos other than the Banaban aminos online from The Coconut Shop - everywhere I have looked there has only been the Niulife brand which is non-compliant (coconut sugar etc.) Really frustrating!
    Though if you're anywhere near Granville, The Coconut Shop has a store there.
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    praxisproject got a reaction from lesley2014 in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Do you think I could do it with basa? I mostly only cook salmon (fish lazy lol) and prawns
    Oh, tried something new today, love it, passionfruit & coconut butter!
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    praxisproject reacted to Karen in Changes in Menstrual Cycle   
    More carbs is the only way I can keep my cycle on track when Whole30-ing.  I have to make an effort to eat lots of starchy carbs (and find I have to add in a bit of rice to keep my cycle on track, too) or it takes a long hiatus.  I know there are a lot of folks that will tell you the Whole30 isn't low carb, but that's how I tend to eat when I'm Whole30-ing so I really have to try to increase those carbs. 
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    praxisproject got a reaction from Tallulah Wolf-Angel in Renal issues, hypertension, clotting   
    There's a good list of them here:
    A frequent sneaky nightshade these days are goji berries, a lot of people wouldn't even check if they are nightshades and they are
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    praxisproject got a reaction from Debwa in Renal issues, hypertension, clotting   
    If the AIP looks too tough for now, you can always eliminate some extra things and keep the eggs, try one just without eggs later. You might learn new.
    I get an improvement in inflammation without nightshades, but I found I get almost the same benefit by having a lot less nightshades (really, I used to eat multiple ones for every meal lol I love them).
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    praxisproject reacted to ARamstead in Kombucha   
    Fair enough!
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    praxisproject reacted to Juice06870 in Kombucha   
    I think it might be able to be summed up in accordance with one of the main points in the book - food will either make you healthier or it will make you unhealthier.
    In the case of Kombucha, you are getting the benefit of the antioxidants, probiotics and vitamins.  Thus it makes you healthier.  
    On the other hand, there are no such health benefits from a beer, a shot or a glass of wine, which is why they are restricted.
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    praxisproject reacted to Robin Strathdee in Kombucha   
    ARamstead- I can see what you're saying, and understand your point. With all of these rules, there's an extensive thought process behind what is and isn't allowed.
    In the case of kombucha, with some brands and home brews there is a *chance* of alcohol, not a guarantee. We aren't ruling it out on a chance, especially when there is such benefit to be had. But, with alcohol products, you are guaranteed alcohol at the start and the hope is that there is minimal alcohol left.
    In my mind, that's a big difference.
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    praxisproject reacted to Tom Denham in Kombucha   
    Amber is right. We have refined our comments about kombucha over time. At first, I would not buy any GT Dave's product that listed more than 2 grams of sugar in the macronutrient report section, but the issue is added sugar, not the sugar from the original fruit ingredients. I still avoid the higher sugar drinks because I don't like them as much. I recommend avoiding the drinks like Guava Goddess because the sweetness may embolden sugar dragons, but they are officially acceptable. 
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    praxisproject reacted to amberino21 in Kombucha   
    There is no sugar gram per serve recommendation - kombucha is ok as long as no sugar is added after fermentation.
    If you're worried abou it, go for one without fruit/juice added
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    praxisproject reacted to Debwa in Renal issues, hypertension, clotting   
    Thanks praxi, I have heard that about the greens.  My doc knows I'm not giving up greens, so we will monitor the Coumadin levels closely. 
    @ Tallulah, I hear you.  I've considered the same thing about the eggs.  Baby steps, ha.  Thanks everyone for your advise.
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    praxisproject got a reaction from amberino21 in Sourcing food in Australia   
    New Mojo flavour is out, Passionfruit. Available in WA first, in the eastern states in 2014.
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    praxisproject reacted to Tallulah Wolf-Angel in Renal issues, hypertension, clotting   
    Just to play Devil's advocate  , what if eggs are part of your problem? You would only have to give them up for a while if they turn out to be safe for you, and if you feel better without them, it might be worth finding a different protein source.
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    praxisproject reacted to Debwa in Renal issues, hypertension, clotting   
    Sorry I'm not really sure when I wrote this what I was asking.   Just a little overwhelmed by recent events.  I'm certainly not implying that the nutritional program had anything to do with my health issues (I like the plan).  I realize eating "whole foods" will not cause blood clots.  I do work with my doctors when it comes to treatments, and I do my own research as well. 
    I'm more concerned with what I should be eating at this point, (adding back in etc).  and if there's anything I shouldn't eat.  I'm also worried about stressing my kidneys even though I have had testing and was told I have good kidney function (only a very small area was damaged).  I do believe the pain caused the large increase in BP, but I have had labile BP for close to a year now. My physician and I were discussing whether or not to start with BP meds.  I was hoping I could change it with diet.  I had many tests when I was in the hospital.  My doctor was very thorough.  I have had several blood cultures to determine if there is anything in my blood to cause it to clot.  Everything so far has been (-).  Which means we don't know why I am clotting.  They are concerned that my RA is making my blood thicker/stickier.  I will be seeing a "hematologist" to decide if even further blood work can be done. 
    My doc said to me, I may be on blood thinners for "a very long time" or forever".  Trust me I don't want to be on any of these meds for the rest of my life, but If they can't find out why I'm clotting, that's a little scary.  I was hoping following a diet with "whole foods" would help me decrease some of the meds I was already on.  Just looking for any advice.  Particularly from someone who has some experience with these kinds of issues. 
    Thanks for your help. 
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    praxisproject reacted to missmary in Renal issues, hypertension, clotting   
    I'm so sorry to hear you are going through serious health issues right now, but I don't really understand what you are asking from us. Eating whole foods does not cause blod clots, and it can't simply reverse serious health issues or resolve side effects from medication.
    I do believe eating this way is the very best I can do for my body in terms of nutrition. If I were in your situation, I would continue to eat this way but also work with my Dr. to understand these health issues and medications and see if there are treatment options that should be considered.
    I wish you the best in your recovery.
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    praxisproject reacted to jent103 in Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered   
    I just opened a bottle of hibiscus ginger and it spewed forth like a mighty geyser. I consider it a great personal triumph.
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    praxisproject reacted to Katharine D. in Plan a Whole30 dream vacation   
    A walking vacation, pretty much anywhere in Europe, during the shoulder season in the autumn, when it's still warm-ish but not overrun with tourists. I would walk from town to town, with an interesting group of people, study the art and architecture, take lots of great photos, and have all Whole30 compliant meals prepared by a creative and resourceful chef. I make so many decisions and plans every day that the vacation part is not having to do the thinking or the planning! I think this kind of vacation would be centered around self improvement, active recovery, exercise and stress management!
    Does anyone want to start a Whole30 travel co.?