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    praxisproject reacted to CaGirl in Mayo help!   
    Immersion  is the way to go.. No need for room temp egg..  I use a wide mouth mason jar.. Leave the immersion blender on the bottom for a little bit then slowly pull it up… You can watch it coming together..  Doesn't take long at all… Takes longer to wash the stick blender than it does to make the mayo
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    praxisproject got a reaction from Kyofirstday in Profile Image Issues   
    Everyone has the same, we're all 0
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    praxisproject reacted to ShannonM816 in Allergy to beef and pork (mammals)   
    If you're in the US, I just recently noticed Epic brand duck fat on the shelf with the other oils/shortenings at my local grocery store. I didn't get any so I can't say how it is, but maybe you'll be able to find it locally too?
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    praxisproject reacted to CGinDC in MTHFR   
    Thanks Praxis. My OB/GYN is squeezing me in for an appointment this afternoon - hoping to get a referral from him.
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    praxisproject reacted to Jessmarie84 in The crazy things people say   
    Oh, and I enjoyed: "I'm doing something just like that (Whole30)!  I take a pill every day that's full of all the vitamins and nutrients you need, so I'm going to be super healthy like you!  This way is much easier; too bad you didn't know about it."
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    praxisproject reacted to Jessmarie84 in The crazy things people say   
    "Cupcake frosting is good for you because it's just made of sugar and air - no calories!"
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    praxisproject reacted to Collice in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    When you beam gleefully as your 2 year old turns down the sucker from the lady at the bank and then asks for apples and cashew butter! Win for mommy!
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    praxisproject reacted to Real Food Y'all in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    When you realize meeting local chicken small-farmers in random places in town to buy eggs feels a LOT like doing drug deals. 
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    praxisproject got a reaction from Kyofirstday in Profile Image Issues   
    Everyone has the same, we're all 0
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    praxisproject reacted to hello.pinki in The crazy things people say   
    This thread is so funny. I've definitely gotten the "Are you preggo?" because I'm not drinking - after I just told these girlfriends I'm done with babies and just sold every baby item I owned....
    I also get a lot of "Wow, you're superwoman. I would never have the willpower to do that. You're so skinny now!!! I'm going to try this *enter crazy, nonsensical fad diet* to try and lose 15lbs"....umm...ok...or you could just do whole30.
    I also get a lot of "What do you ACTUALLY eat outside of chicken and salad?" and it's hard to explain ALL of the food options and how I rarely eat just a salad.
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    praxisproject reacted to jmcbn in Day 12: stinky gas since I started   
    I'm guessing you're eating a lot more of these items now though, and daily, whereas it may have been more sporadic previously.
    FODMAPs have a cumulative effect on the digestive system as the malabsorbed sugars build up, and for many folks there is a line that they can't cross as far as how much of these foods they eat is concerned - once they cross that line that's when the problems start.

    I had been eating paleo for a number of years before I came to Whole30, and ate Whole30esque for a full 6 months before I started having problems - but having eliminated all high FODMAPs (amber & red lists) for six months I'm gradually reintroducing all of them again.
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    praxisproject reacted to leslie706 in MTHFR   
    We are mental thirteen year olds ;-)
    I access the forum on my phone, I miss the signatures. I'm going to have to take a look :-)
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    praxisproject reacted to leslie706 in MTHFR   
    Can I be completely crass and say that when I read this, I thought it was short hand for a curse word? I was like "Yes! I've been there in that moment too."
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    praxisproject reacted to ShannonM816 in MTHFR   
    You'll notice that Praxisproject mentions it in her signature that's on every post she makes, has had it that way for months and months -- I'm just now getting to the point that I don't think that every time I see it.
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    praxisproject reacted to AmyS in Increase in Blood Pressure   
    Whole30 doesn't bring about higher blood pressure, but for those of us with strong family histories, it also probably won't keep it entirely at bay forever. More's the pity. I speak from sad experience. My first Whole30s actually lowered my bp to where I could get off of medications for a while. But the bp came roaring back, and it absolutely does not matter what I do, I need two medications to keep it in a range that doesn't cause my doctor to have to do deep breathing exercises in order to calmly keep talking to me about my bp.
    This is one of the things I do not like about being human. Urgh. Anyway, when it comes to the bp your husband is registering, medication is not generally the first course of action. Watching and waiting, taking bp fairly regularly for a while, and monitoring how it goes, while following some of the advice Chris Kresser and others like him give, is often very helpful.
    At the end of the day, though, eating healthy whole foods is not the thing that causes us to have high blood pressure. Some day someone will research what actually causes it, and then we can figure it out. The hardest thing for me to accept on my journey to accepting my own high bp is that for 95% of us who have high bp, there is no known cause -so we are always and only treating the symptom. It's kind of freaky. I can't understand why researchers wouldn't be interested in the causes (and I'm talking here about those causes that get passed down in family history) but I've noticed that high bp tends to be treated, by the medical establishment, like a lifestyle choice rather than a condition. I'm tiny, eat healthy, and live as stress-free as possible (haha) and I don't fit any profile for high blood pressure, and still, here I am. It's not a lifestyle choice that brought me here, and I promise it's not for your husband either.
    Here's hoping that when he gets his bp checked next time, it's back in the usual range. All good thoughts and happy Whole30ing to you both.
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    praxisproject reacted to TonyG123 in Ethyl Butyrate in Ghee   
    Thanks for your reply. I used a tiny bit in the end.The EB does give off a funny smell, and I'll be buying some without it ASAP. Thanks also for the sugars list. I have managed to avoid all of these successfully so far! 
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    praxisproject reacted to bpaitsel in The crazy things people say   
    A co-worker and I did W30 together in January and she did great - multiple NSVs and lost 12 lbs.  Two weeks ago she got really sick with some sort of intestinal issue - originally diagnosed as diverticulitis then said not divert. but maybe a virus... not really sure.  Anyway, another coworker who has multiple medical issues including celiac and RA told her that maybe it was the way she was eating on W30... seriously!  Maybe, just maybe it was the corn she had re-intro'd!
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    praxisproject reacted to jmcbn in Ethyl Butyrate in Ghee   
    As far as I can tell this is fine for the purposes of your Whole30 - it's certainly not on the additives cheat list.

    That said, you can buy Ghee in the UK without ethyl butyrate - the KTC brand is available on Amazon, and also Khanum do an EB free variety (which is, of course, more expensive) along side their regular type.

    Or you could always try making your own.....?

    EB is apparently added to enhance the smell when used for cooking   

    You might want to print off a copy of the sneaky sugars list & the additives list for going forward.....
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    praxisproject reacted to alexandrarowan in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Just a word of warning Australians!
    Day 23 into my Whole 30 and I was comparing supplement labels of a Vitamin B supplement (in the cupboard but haven't taken) and a Vitex supplement I've been taking for the last 3 days, both from the same company - different labels standards
    The Vitamin B supplement says it is free from Gluten, lactose, nuts, shellfish, sugar, dairy, egg, fish, sesame seeds, soy. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
    The Vitex supplement says Gluten, lactose, nuts, shellfish, dairy, egg, fish, sesame seeds. No artificial flavours
    I contacted the company as I was confused as to whether the Vitex potentially contains Soy, Sugar and Preservatives, as it doesn't list that it is free from. And YEP! the company got back to me, that yes indeed the Vitex contains SOY!!!
    So, even if it isn't listed in the ingredients, or free from - it can still be there. Apparently under the Therapeutic Goods and Administration (TGA) labelling allergens is not a requirement! 
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    praxisproject got a reaction from angledge in Whole30 approved almond milk?   
    Homemade nut milk is so much easier than it sounds, just like mayo.
    Beware of adding too many things in your nutmilks, it's pretty easy to get into SWYPO and food with no brakes territory.
    Try some other kinds of nuts: hazelnuts, macadamias, etc (I actually prefer these two over almond)
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    praxisproject reacted to netdirector in Whole30 approved almond milk?   
    Oh my goodness... I just bought a Blendtec this week on Amazon, and a 3lb bag of raw almonds from Sam's Club (9 cups!). I soaked 1 cup of the almonds last night, and this morning rinsed off all the bad stuff that had risen. Dumped it in the blender with 4 cups of water and a vanilla bean, pressed the nifty "Whole Juice" button, and 45 secs later I had a rich, creamy almond milk. I also bought a nut sack to strain it through (saving the almond meal for something else) and popped some in my morning iced coffee.
    IT WAS AMAZING!!! Totally different from the Califia Unsweetened Almond Milk I'm used to... this is just fresher AND sweeter. Although I'm over 2 weeks into my Whole30 now and WOW is everything super sweet. I used to add a date or two to my salads, but it's just too much now.
    Thinking about trying a chocolate almond milk, essentially just adding a couple of tablespoons of cacao powder to the blend, or maybe some cacao nibs for a bit of crunch. I can't believe how good this stuff is. I'll never buy packaged almond milk again.
    This was my first use of the Blendtec. Tonight, I'm going to cook up some cauliflower and add it into the blender with some of my chicken bone broth and press the "Soup" button. Creamy cauliflower soup! I have some Whole30 compliant ham to add to that too...
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    praxisproject reacted to ladyshanny in Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered   
    The trouble with kefir grains is that they need to be fed constantly or they will die. The scoby from making kombucha does not and will sit happily in its liquid for weeks before you have to feed it or make a new batch.
    Here's the summary I wrote for my blog way back when:
    SUMMARY! Time wise it will take you about 20 minutes every 6-9 days or so once you get going.  Get/make scoby. Brew and cool sweetened tea.  Dump equal amounts tea and water into large glass vessel with scoby. Come back 6-9 days later and start tasting.  Put tea in bottles when it tastes good to you. Put fruit or juice in bottles if desired. Refrigerate immediately if plain, counter ferment sealed & covered with towel if using fruit.  About 30 hours, burp daily.  Refrigerate.  Start again.
    So it takes up as much space on the counter as whatever size your brewing vessel is.  And it takes as much time as brewing some tea at the start of your batch and pouring it into bottles at the end of your ferment cycle.  It's so, super, ridiculously easy!
    You can PM me if you want more directed advice, I've got generosity of time right now!   
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    praxisproject reacted to jmcbn in Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered   
    Ok, so I think I'm a booch convert.

    However, my reasonably priced source of bottled booch is now out of stock in all varieties (except for small bottles which aren't very economical, and since the only other suppliers I can find are extortionate I'm wondering how easy it really is (and how much space I'll need) to make my own.

    I know all the information is probably in this thread as to what exactly I need, how long it will take, how cost effective it will be etc etc etc but ther are SIXTY SIX pages and my time is somewhat limited...   

    I'm not currently doing a Whole30 and so when I spoke to a potential supplier she tried to convince me that Milk Kefir was the way to go (someone local makes it for her), but since I avoid dairy for the most part I'm reluctant to go down that route. She can get kombucha made locally too but she did her best to talk me out of it saying it tastes like vinegar  

    Although I'm waiting on a batch of preserving/pickle jars arriving so that I can ferment my own veg I quite like the idea of waking up with a glass of kombucha with my breakfast so if anyone in the know who happens to be feeling generous with their time would like to give me a quick run down I'd be very grateful!


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    praxisproject reacted to jamcallahan in Day 16 So very tired   
    I will preface this by saying I'm not a nutritionist..... and I don't know all the ways low potassium or low salt can affect a person.  But I do know I somehow missed that I needed to salt my food more than normal. I rotate with sea salt and iodized table salt now.  I'm on day 16.  Removing processed carbs (that we were eating prior to Whole 30) also removes a lot of salt.
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    praxisproject reacted to mandrake in constipation   
    I had a medical issue a few years ago that made me learn a lot about regulating bowel movements. One lesson was about fiber. There are two types: soluble fiber absorbs water and becomes bulky, and is found in things like winter squash and sweet potato, and insoluble does not absorb water and is found in things like kale and the skins of apples. Some fruits and veggies contain both, some contain surprisingly little.
    You may want to try playing with the ratios of soluble to insoluble in your diet and see what you learn. Different bodies need different things. If I eat too much insoluble fiber on its own, I become constipated. It seems weird because conventional wisdom says "eat fiber to stay regular" but it's a little bit more complex than that.
    I would try laying off the eggs, banana, coconut and avocado a bit if your current diet is constipating.
    You'd have to find a way to work them in to a meal - maybe with some chicken and acorn squash - but dried apricots are good at getting things moving. Drink lots of water with them!