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    praxisproject got a reaction from mollimel in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Oh, and this isn't food, but if you're signing up for the Whole30 Daily, pick your start date 1 day earlier as they arrive late in the day, Aussie time
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    praxisproject reacted to melbournegirl in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    Since our stomach fills up by volume, it makes more sense to use volume than weight. Veg is 1-2 cups per meal.
    You could think of a cup of veg as what you can fit into two hands cupped together if that works for you. Good luck.
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    praxisproject reacted to ladydeevious in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    I was the same..thinking 2 eggs where enough, but it wasn't. So I added spinach, and still not enough so I then had 3 eggs with spinach and what I love are the applegate chicken sausage was great! I also had a half an avocado and that did the trick! I was able to last until lunch time and I wasn't starving at lunch either! Sometimes it was a bit to much, but then I would pack the rest of my breakfast and had it a couple of hours later! Best thing I ever did was eat more for really set the day for healthy day without feeling restricted or hungry
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    praxisproject reacted to Physibeth in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    It could be. First see how many eggs you can hold in your hand to see how much of a serving 2 eggs is for you. For me it would be half a serving. So if I used 2 eggs and leftover meat I would use at least a palm sized serving of the meat. 
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    praxisproject reacted to Mdln in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    Thanks for clarifying! I've been thinking that my measly two eggs in the morning needed more something, so I've been throwing in the scramble about half a serving of whatever leftover meat I have in the fridge. Do you think the leftover protein combined with the two eggs in enough?
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    praxisproject reacted to Physibeth in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    You most certainly can. Also remember that you can't always trust your hunger signals while things adjust. But if you just can't eat anymore saving it and eating it as a mini meal is a great option. Your body will adjust.
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    praxisproject reacted to Physibeth in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    I am! I think one more would tip the ship. I remember reading in something Melissa posted that Dallas can hold more eggs when he is very hungry though. 
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    praxisproject reacted to SteFYI in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    Are you telling me my egg portion size is 5 of these eggs?!  I think I can fit one more on here!

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    praxisproject reacted to Physibeth in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    We as moderators see a lot of confusion around here on what constitutes a serving of eggs when eggs are your primary protein source. We tell you as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping but I still don't think people actually try this. So I thought I'd post a visual for you folks. It would be fun if other people added their own pictures too. Try the experiment.
    Context - I'm 5'4" female and these are large eggs.

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    praxisproject reacted to Pomme in Coffee Creamer?   
    I tried coconut cream (the condensed stuff at the top of the can of milk) in my coffee for the first time today because I didn't think my breakfast had enough fat. It was OK, but I'd rather have it black!
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    praxisproject reacted to TrayS in Coffee Creamer?   
    To all who struggle with drinking coffee black, I would encourage you to live outside your coffee comfort zone for long enough to give your tastes some time to change.
    I used to drink my coffee loaded down with cream and sugar and hated it any other way. Over the years I've encountered situations where I "had" to drink my coffee black (such as backpacking in the wilderness) and as much as I hated it I realized I could do it. Now in W30-land I've become accustomed to it (although I do like coconut milk, so I've used that from time to time).
    Actually on this W30 I am avoiding coffee completely so drinking tea instead (with no "creamers" of any kind). To put it into perspective, imagine the horror of life without coffee. I gave it up temporarily to show myself I could live without it (of course I can't yet live without coffee OR tea, but one issue at a time....)
    Anyway my point is that now I can't imagine going back to cream/sugar. The thought of drinking my coffee so sweet and lightened just sounds gross and unnatural. Had I not, over the past six months, forced myself to start drinking my coffee differently I would never have reached this place.
    Also as I've seen people mention, the quality of the coffee really makes a difference when drinking it black. If you can spring for the good stuff (which you probably can if you're not spending the $ on creamer) then do that, and if you can even use a french press. Good coffee actually tastes really good and doesn't have the bitterness you are trying to mask with the creamer.
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    praxisproject reacted to ShannonM816 in Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered   
    If you check the Can I Have list, the rule is, as long as there's no sugar added after the first fermentation, it's okay.
    Here's the exact quote:
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    praxisproject reacted to outdorsgrl in Nightshade Reaction Symptoms??   
    I have been avoiding nightshades, but had some mustard that contained paprika and natural flavoring. I had minor swelling in my feet about 30-45 min. after consuming. It was muggy and humid, but up until that point, my feet were fine. I wonder if this is considered a symptom?
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    praxisproject reacted to AllyB in Nightshade Reaction Symptoms??   
    My husband's nightshade symptoms are basically psoriasis and arthritis type symptoms.  Itchy, blotchy skin and sore joints.  He doesn't have any sore/swollen throat issues from nightshades.
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    praxisproject reacted to Tom Denham in Nightshade Reaction Symptoms??   
    Your diagnosis sounds worthy of testing by eliminating nightshades.
    Here is a good list...
    Here is a nice discussion of good substitutes for nightshades...
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    praxisproject reacted to rosemary_radical in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Its just in the aisles with the rest of the stock They are $6 but Ive seen them on special a few times for 4.50
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    praxisproject reacted to melbournegirl in Sourcing food in Australia   
    The Palate in Prahran... Restaurant bar I believe.
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    praxisproject got a reaction from mollimel in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Henceforth known as Porky, I have a bacon replacement, Bertocchi's Porchetta (Roast Pork) It's not quite bacon tasting, but it fries up nice and crispy (I used a little duck fat, Porky has a nice layer of fat of it's own). I actually found some butchers string in my Porky, so check it before you cut it up.
    It made a lovely breakfast with oven roasted carrots.
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    praxisproject got a reaction from mollimel in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Oh, and this isn't food, but if you're signing up for the Whole30 Daily, pick your start date 1 day earlier as they arrive late in the day, Aussie time
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    praxisproject reacted to GoJo09 in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Woolworths Select brand now has compliant liquid stock too - free range chicken, fish, beef and vegetable. It was $5.99 for 500ml.
    And the Macro brand Dijon Mustard is compliant (and way cheaper than Maille - although I haven't tasted it yet, might not be as good).
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    praxisproject got a reaction from Jamrain in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Success! For those wanting a coconut yoghurt, easy recipe for Aussies (adapted from FeedMeRachel's):
    1 x can of undrained Ayam Coconut Cream (270ml)
    4 x Dairy Free Inner Health Plus capsules
    In a glass jar, put coconut cream, empty 4 capsules into jar (throw out crispy capsule shells), stir madly, put in fridge and patiently wait 2-3 days.
    Coconut yoghurt, no sweeteners, no additives, dairy free
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    praxisproject reacted to SarahInParis in Cauliflower rice skeptic...   
    I love cauliflower but the cauli rice has left me unimpressed, and I've tried a few recipes.
    That said, I'm the only one eating this way in my house, so no one else will eat cauli rice, and it's a lot of work for someone who's been perfectly happy without rice at all for several years.  Anyplace people would typically put rice I often use greens or other steamed veggies as a base, it's easier for me and I always have veg on hand..
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    praxisproject reacted to ultrarunnergirl in Cauliflower rice skeptic...   
    Have you seen Melissa's new roasting method? Check it out on her blog Brilliant!
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    praxisproject reacted to ACatCoop in Cauliflower rice skeptic...   
    I've made cauli rice many, many times and I can never seem to get it dry enough. Wrapping it in a paper towel and squeezing out excess water.... genius! Thanks!
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    praxisproject reacted to GFChris in Cauliflower rice skeptic...   
    Just be sure to skip the peas and use a compliant fish sauce to make this recipe Whole30 compliant.