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    praxisproject reacted to ArtFossil in Gastritis   
    I have gastritis but in my case it's from GERD and the symptoms are severe heartburn during the day and reflux at night. I have a hiatal hernia (but too small to do anything about).
    (PPI's can be extremely valiuable drugs AND also can be extremely difficult to taper off of because of rebound indigestion. Until I get a clear endoscopy, I'll keep following my doctor's recommendation and continue with my Prevacid).
    However, I can report that I am healing my esophagus and that the Whole30 I did a year ago helped me to taper off of a PPI from 2X per day to 1X per day. 
    For me, lifestyle changes (also doctor recommended} have made a huge difference. First is not eating after 7:30 or 8 PM (or about 3 hours before bedtime). Second is elevating the head of my bed. I also have been taking iron for a "long" time to get my iron levels up to normal (and they finally are). Third is just observing mindful eating habits in general and making sure I'm not too stressed.
    Whole30, because it reduces inflammation, will, IMHO, definitely help your gut issues. But don't expect your food (even Whole30) to do everything. In my opinion, Whole30 can also help with your overall stress levels because you are eating on a schedule, eating balanced meals and eating highly nutritious meals.
    I recommend that you consult a good gastroenterologist in addition to trying out the Whole30 protocol.
    As Shannon says, take the antacids if they help you. You don't want to suffer from indigestion! You'll still be able to have a successful Whole30. As alternatives to antacids, you can experiment with probiotics (increasing stomach acid to aid indigestion) or apple cider vinegar before meals (ditto) or things like DGL licorice tablets or aloe juice to sooth your stomach. I also found apple cider vinegar before eating. However, only try one thing at a time and carefully observe the results!
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    praxisproject reacted to ShannonM816 in Gastritis   
    I haven't dealt with this personally, but if you want to start Whole30, it's unlikely to make things any worse, and could make it much better. If you need to keep taking the antacids that your doctor has told you to take, that's fine, even if they have ingredients that aren't Whole30 compliant -- doctor's orders trump Whole30 rules.
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    praxisproject got a reaction from Ana Miriam in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    ....they pull faces when reading labels at the supermarket  
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    praxisproject reacted to LauraG27 in Traveling the world & WHOLE30ing Jan 2nd!   
    Hey I'm Laura! I am traveling the world and working remotely for a year. I move to a new country every month. I am now on my 5th month living in The Czech Republic and in a few days I'll be moving to Valencia, Spain (where I'll be all January). This will be my first time in Spain and it is also where I will be starting my 1st WHOLE 30. I know , I me crazy for starting in a country with ever-flowing sangria and delicious paella and tapas but I've accepted temptations will always be there and I've been wanting to do this for myself for a while.  Also, since traveling and working remotely is my new lifestyle, I want to prove to myself I can be and stay healthy even when traveling and moving around. I would love find 2 accountability buddies for regular check ins, learn about others lifestyles (how do you manage to stay compliant and energized to keep going?!) Let's do this!
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    praxisproject reacted to ShannonM816 in Day 11 and REALLY Struggling-- Please Help!   
    When you work out, you need to have pre- and post-workout food, in addition to your three meals. Pre-workout, have protein and fat -- a hard boiled egg, some leftover chicken and mayo, something like that. This is especially important if you're working out first thing, or if it's been several hours since you've eaten. If it hasn't been long since your last meal, you may be able to get away with not doing the pre-workout. Post-workout, you need lean protein and optionally some starchy vegetable -- chicken or tuna and some sweet potato. Have this fairly soon after your workout. Most people aim for workout, eat post-wo, shower, then at some point after that eat your next meal. Definitely don't skip the post-wo, especially on days when you do any kind of strength training. Here's an explanation of why the post-wo is important.
    Your meals may be a little on the small side as well. When you have eggs as your only protein, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand -- likely 3-4. Try adding another egg or some other protein to your breakfasts.
    Your lunch today -- all the prosciutto I've ever seen tends to be thin sliced. You'd need a whole package of it to even think about being close to having a serving the width, length, and height of your palm. So it's likely your lunch was light on protein.
    Basically, try eating more and see if that helps. If you feel like you're craving something, think about why you're craving. Think about if you'd eat something bland or boring, like plain steamed fish and broccoli. If you would happily eat even something very bland and boring, you're hungry and should eat something. If you're definitely not hungry, try drinking a glass of water and doing something to distract yourself -- go for a walk, meditate, work on a hobby, clean something.
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    praxisproject reacted to Tom Denham in Will I ever get it? My eating plan is so broken   
    The biggest failure of the Whole30 program is the large number of participants who fail to use the Whole30 experience to develop and commit to their own personal eating plan. We see people do repeated Whole30s without ever establishing their own program. So you have a lot of company with your on/off approach.
    I did my Whole30 in 2010 and have never done another one. I may go for weeks at a time perfectly compliant with the Whole30 program, but I have never seriously considered doing another formal 30 days. It may be because my personal program works so well. Here is what the Tom Denham Program looks like...
    I work from home, so normally eat all but 3 meals per week at home. That gives me a big advantage over people who work away from home or who go out a lot because everything I cook at home is Whole30-compliant. I am a great cook and have published more than 400 Whole30-compliant recipes. I could have published another 200-300 recipes by now, but I got bored with updating my recipe blog and don't. I mention this to explain that I eat like a king even though everything I prepare meets Whole30 standards. I highly recommend committing to your personal cooking being 100 percent Whole30-compliant. And then make sure you cook really tasty food. 
    When I eat out, I continue to emphasize eating meat and veggies, but I eat rice in Thai restaurants, dairy in sauces, and occasionally eat a dessert if I am convinced it will be special. However, I eat large quantities of food, so usually have little room left for dessert. I never order anything sweet just to have something sweet. When I eat out, I don't ask about cooking oils, what is in sauces, etc. because nothing causes me serious problems. But I avoid pasta, bread, beans, etc. because I prefer to fill up on meat and veggies. I drank my first soda in 5 years two months ago when I stopped for food along the highway in a rural area. I might have gone another five years without drinking another one except last week I was in a town that was under a boil water advisory. I ordered a Diet Coke with my lunch. I enjoyed the coke, but I really may go another 5 years because I really like water with lemon as my beverage. 
    I am a rare case, but the common mistakes I see people making after a Whole30 is indulging in anything that sounds good at any time. I think you have to commit yourself to eating meat and veggies most of the time and to eat other foods only rarely. By rarely, I mean no more than once or twice per week. And those times should be reserved for occasions when it is really difficult to find anything else to eat. 
    I hope more people speak up on this topic because I don't think I am giving you as many ideas as would be useful.
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    praxisproject reacted to Bellmaestra in Whole 30 Cookbook December 6 2016   
    It came, and it's wonderful!
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    praxisproject reacted to Isolde41 in Success stories for overweight children?   
    That's wonderful @Riya! As of Sunday we are back on 100%, thanks to my daughter requesting it. It's wonderful how well they take to eating this way once they get used to it.
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    praxisproject reacted to Riya in Success stories for overweight children?   
    Late to the conversation, but going to add this.  We did our first Whole 30 a year ago.  My then 10 y/o lost 8 pounds.  I noticed a huge change, but the growth charts still showed her at the 95% height & 95% weight, so we got the low-fat bs from the doctor.  Both of us just nodded and waited for it to be over.  Slipped off the wagon and ended up doing another one in September of this year.  No idea how much/if she lost weight, but it appeared she had trimmed down and she seemed happier with how her clothes fit.  Please understand, the entire time I've been telling her that if we focus on making healthier choices, we'd feel better and the rest would sort itself out. 
    Fast-forward to the next annual visit.  95% percentile in height, 84% in weight.  She had gained 12 pounds over the year before, but also grew nearly 4".  They also ran some basic bloodwork and the dr came in and said it was obvious she was eating her veggies.  And she's maintaining it.  I try to cook better than I used to, but even if we're out, I notice her making choices.  Leaving off the bread (because she doesn't really like it), ordering veggies over fries.  Stuff like that.  So for anyone reading this thread, it really can help.
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    praxisproject reacted to Nadia B in Nadia's PW30. "Let's fix it" journey.   
    Confession. I have not cooked out of love for over a year now. I threw some basic things together just to get it over with. I feel better eating real food, I save money and my skin doesn't freak out. I couldn't remember when I cooked for myself out of "I am going to make myself a delicious dinner" kind of love. After my first whole30 madness and absolute obsession with food and acting like a cooking factory, I entered a long period of my life where it just stopped bringing me joy. I felt like it's not important if my chicken for dinner is spiced up or not. I had full blown aversion to making new things. Tonight just felt different. I just went to the supermarket and spend an hour cutting, sautéing and simmering  things. I have a delicious boatload of curry (Well Fed blog for the win) and no guilt for staying in, not exercising (still doing surfing pop ups) and eating a yummy pot de creme in bed. Naughty Friday is what I want. 
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    praxisproject reacted to Nadia B in Nadia's PW30. "Let's fix it" journey.   
    I am back. Happier than ever. Nadia effect full force. It is SO ANNOYING. In a week of surfing and being in the sun I have dropped weight. Eating whatever I wanted but I also didn't want anything outrageous. I never though about what I eat other than - hungry or not. HOW do I achieve this zen back home. I love the ocean, I must move to live by the water.
    To whole30 or not, that is the question. 
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    praxisproject reacted to NoMoreCrunchyCravings in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    You drop the last blob of mayo onto the floor and realize it's not going to be a good day.
    Your friend's idea of going out is for wine and snacks and yours is to a teahouse.
    It's an amazing day when you get to the store and find the avocados on sale!
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    praxisproject reacted to Crastney in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    that.  right there.  that's an avo-mazing day!
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    praxisproject reacted to Robertaworley in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    When eating clean is more important than losing weight and losing weight is still the end result.
    When black coffee is your dessert.
    When herbal tea or homemade ketchup tastes naturally sweet and no sweetener was added.
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    praxisproject reacted to ShannonM816 in How to navigate being invited to a pot luck   
    Meatballs -- here's a traditional Italian version in a sauce, or there are a ton of variations. Tuna or chicken salad in lettuce cups or just served with celery, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber slices, and other vegetables for dipping -- you could take some crackers or chips or rolls for other people to have with theirs if you really wanted to, but I don't think it's necessary.  Bacon wrapped potatoes or sweet potatoes.  There are compliant potato salads, google and see what looks closest to how you would normally make yours, or see if you can alter yours to be compliant. Buffalo wings, if you're into spicy. Vegetable trays. Chicken tenders -- make some mayo or ranch to dip them in.  For brunches or ladies' luncheons, something like this quiche or this frittata.  
    What I would do for any of these is make sure you have a complete meal for you, and then also the stuff you bring to share -- either that or eat before you go. That way, if you get there and the only compliant thing there is what you brought, you've still got food. It may feel awkward at first, but really, the point of these get-togethers is the people and the socializing. No one really cares what you're eating. Don't make a fuss about it, but if someone asks, you can say something like, I'm doing an elimination diet to see if I can figure out what is causing some issues I'm having. Or, I'm currently doing a 30 day food challenge to see if what I'm eating really affects how I feel or not. If they want to keep talking about it, say something like, I'd be happy to tell you all about it when we're all through eating, but right now I really just want to catch up with everyone for a little while.
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    praxisproject reacted to laura_juggles in Hot Sauce!   
    There are *tons* of compliant hot sauces out there. Many are just peppers, vinegar, and salt. My personal favorite is Cholula. It's got xanthan gum in it, but that's okay. You can also find ones without  
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    praxisproject reacted to ladyshanny in Hot Sauce!   
    Frank's Original (NOT buffalo) is compliant and makes the BEST buffalo sauce when mixed with homemade mayo!
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    praxisproject reacted to ShannonM816 in Hot Sauce!   
    Always read your labels, but I'm pretty sure Frank's is compliant and some versions of Tabasco are. Look up your favorite brand online and see what the ingredients say. If there's anything you aren't sure about, ask before you go to the store. But then, as always, check the label of the actual bottle you are purchasing to be sure it's the same as what was listed online.
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    praxisproject reacted to nikkig84 in Sourcing food in Australia   
    If there are any Perth people put there wholethirtying at the moment I've had a great shopping experience at the Asian grocer at Coventry village in Morley. I got 2 boxes of produce, olive oil and a tub of Ayam compliant curry paste for $85. Plus there is a halal butcher that sells smoked beef which only has salt, pepper and garlic. Nothing else! The butcher gave us a slither to try and it is truely delicious. Think of it like a procuitto but in beef and at $35 per kg its way cheaper than procuitto. They also do the same thing in goat so I think I'll try that one next . I thought it might be a tasty was to give some eggs a lift. They also sell fresh goat for everyone wanting to try a goat curry. I live about 15-20 minutes away with grocery stores a lot closer but think it's worth the drive for the quality produce here. Oh and there's an amazing spice store there too with a compliant nut free dukkah which now is spicy but really tasty. You get to serve yourself and everything's in massive jars and the guy there is very helpful too. 
    Personally if I lived further away and didn't want to go each weekend then I would probably go there the day before starting a round and do a big stock up. 
    For those looking for bacon the naked butcher in Mundaring sells this. They make their own as well as smoked chicken which is also compliant. I even found some very plain but tasty sausages there last time I did a round. They also sell all grass fed organic and they do weekly deliveries north and south of the river too on certain days as well if you can't make it up there. I have ventured out this so far this round but figure next weekend I'll go up there and get some of the chicken they smoke for the salad I make. I can't remember what other surface/sugar free items they do and they are not in my "everyday' eating budget but I did a whole 30 previously and I bought 1 pack of bacon which I only used half of as it as I used it as a fat source/seasoning and it was plenty.
    hope this helps anyone researching this thread who's currently doing a 30 or preparing for one. There's some really tasty stuff out there in Perth. 
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    praxisproject reacted to alexandrarowan in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Just an update on the Woolworth's Gold Stock. Turns out the beef stock has Red Wine in the ingredients so not compliant.
    Chicken is compliant though!
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    praxisproject reacted to LauraLee in Older women following Whole30   
    Hi!  I'm on day 24 of my first Whole30.  I'm 50 years old.  I have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and severe stomach pains and swelling due to years of taking NSAIDs.  I started the program because I'm tired of turning to medicine and tests to control my symptoms.  I need to lose 75 lbs but that's secondary to feeling better.  As of today, I'm sleeping better which has been an unexpected bonus.    My stomach pains are minimal and so far the "fibro fog" is gone.  I have more energy so I'm moving more.  I'm going to extend this to at least a Whole60 because I'm still experiencing joint and muscle pain.  I know it will take time before I start to see results in that department.  I'm really looking forward to sharing this journey with y'all.
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    praxisproject reacted to jmcbn in Older women following Whole30   
    Soy is actually known to upset hormonal imbalance because although the isoflavones are eostrogen mimickers they also block the natural production of eostrogen, and in turn effect the thyroid hormone.

    You want to ensure you're getting plenty of omega 3 (oily fish), vitamin d & calcium, and include foods such as garlic, mung bean sprouts, sunflower/sesame seeds, chestnuts, dried apricots/prunes, fennel & yam - all of which are high in isoflavones that won't effect the production of eostrogen & in turn the thyroid.

    For a lazy throid - which is common in pre/post/menopausal women - eat foods high in iodine, zinc & selenium - add seaweed to soups/broths/stews, throw cranberries on a salad, add cod & haddock to your food rotation, eat mushrooms, pumpkin, beef & lamb, eat tuna with some brazil nuts (the high selenium content in the nuts counter balances the mercury in the tuna).

    Basically eat a wide variety of nutrient dense foods, avoid anything highly processed (hello soy!) and you should do fine getting through it all naturally.
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    praxisproject reacted to Janine in Older women following Whole30   
    Thanks, Lydia.  I went to the store and bought the staple items for when I have more time to do recipes but for now I am sticking with the simple non-complicated meals too.  I put a bunch of vegetables and some chicken breast and broth in a slow cooker and had that for a few meals.  I've also been eating salmon -love it just plain.  I am doing good so far.  Today was better than yesterday -yesterday I felt like I had sugar cravings more.  But it could be that today I was at work and very busy so I didn't have time to think about food! Thanks again for your reply! I can't wait to get the books in the mail. 
    Have a great day! Janine
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    praxisproject reacted to LydiaJo in Older women following Whole30   
    I don't do complicated. No sauces or 15 ingredient things. Plain meats, chicken or fish. Plain veggies with a fat. Spices are gee, this smells good. I tend to just mix and match... protein, veggie, fat.
    On hand, I have chicken, ground beef, beef cubes, sweet potatoes, salad greens. frozen veggies. I top that off with various fats. That makes compliant meals.
    Lydia Jo
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    praxisproject reacted to Nadia B in Nadia's PW30. "Let's fix it" journey.   
    Oil of oregano magic. That stuff is so disgusting, but, man, I am so much better, nearly okay. London Fog turned out alright, I need a hand frother and lavender to make it legit. Still quite good, would make again. Cashew milk from the cartoon wasn't as gross as almond milk, but I had to add coconut oil to make it creamier. 
    Morning breathing and meditation gold star
    M1 Oatmeal walnuts and pear
    M2 I will want a snack and I am kind of craving eggs and prosciutto. Or banana. Mmm banana. 
    M3 Salmon and sprouts
    M4 Guac and cucumbers
    M5 Chicken and veggies from the hot food counter near the office before the outing with the friends. 
    I just hate this 15 min editing rule. I love posting in the morning to plan my day and editing in the evening to see how it actually went. First world problems.