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  1. Need a Pep Talk to Tighten Up Habits

    Thank you! I will make this apart of my morning reads and those challenging moments.
  2. Hello! I am on Day 15. I feel really confident in my determination and compliance in following Main rules of the program. Thus far, my non scale victories have been maintaining an active lifestyle without traditional "healthy" carbs and no added sugar. And I feel less bloated/fluffy. Last I am so happy I am not going through a vicious cycle of 4 days "ideal" nutrtion and then it's unravels or becomes self destructive for a few days. However, I am starting to feel like I am "fudging" the rules a bit and need some feedback if this is ok or tough love to tighten up these habits. - drinking more coffee. Probably about 20oz per day. I always drink coffee black and use my 2nd or 3rd coffee between meals. - the scale... stepped on 3x times so far. I will just have my husband hide the scale (easy fix). - dried mango / Rx bar / frozen mango (I like mango). Ok these guys have been my comforts when I have an anxious moment. I have tried the strategy of breaking away and go for a walk but I come back still craving. Overconsumption is mild. I try to have serving size and with fruit I pair fat or protein. With the bullet points above am I "fudging" my Whole 30? Open to suggestions or tough love! Thanks Maggie!