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  1. I need more of a concrete idea of what to eat for the meal template. The template itself is confusing me. Like, particularly what foods? What types of fats? What is a good example?
  2. I am on Day 19. I have been using the Whole 30 Cookbook for many of my dinners, and I typically eat those as leftovers or salads, chicken, pepitas and dressing of some kind for lunch. For breakfast, I probably don't eat enough, but my hunger has subsided. I made some "pizza" egg muffins from an Instagram account through Whole 30, or frittatas (with added ground pork or chicken) from the cookbook. Sometimes I'll throw in fruit. At first I was eating way too many nuts. I have decreased the intake of nuts, with the exception of apples and nut butter from time to time. I work extremely long days at times (from 10-12 hours), and I haven't been able to bring enough food to have mini-meals. I will occasionally eat an apple, or cucumbers and mayo/sauce for snacks. One day this week, I had a larabar (it was parent teacher conferences), and a different day I ate 3 date "balls" rolled in almonds. I know they aren't supposed to be eaten much, but my will power is a struggle at times, so doing this program is a win. I work out multiple times a week (2-4) but not daily. I CANNOT eat before I work out, I literally get so sick and want to throw up; even if I eat two hours before, it bothers me. It's been this way since high school. I usually do cardio/weight training, and occasionally yoga. I try to eat as soon as I get home after my workout. Additionally, I am highly allergic to many raw vegetables: carrots, celery, bean sprouts. I can eat them cooked. If I eat too much broccoli or cauliflower it upsets my stomach. Here's the issue: I feel like I'm doing it wrong. I look on the forum way too much. I'm feeling insecure, like I am screwing up. It's this weird feeling I get sometimes when I do new things--being perfect. I'm far from it. I know I need to let this go, but I also know I need more food for breakfast and lunch, but I don't know what to do or how to change it. What should I be preparing for breakfast? Lunch? How can I let go of this feeling of "doing it wrong"? What vegetables and fats should I be including? How can I be better about the "meal template" thing? Thanks guys.
  3. So I am on Day 8, which is actually Day 4 (I ate something by accident w/ sulfites so I am adding a couple days in at the end), but anyway--I am a teacher. I re-read the recommendations & looked at the meal template. I am also a coach, so from 8-6 I work (10 hour day) and sometimes longer. Here's my day: I eat breakfast at 8am. I then lunch at 12pm. If I am doing the "three meals a day" thing, that means I won't eat again until after 6PM (that's 6 hours), and I usually exercise after practice (645-745) and I won't eat anything until 830-ish pm on many nights. That means I'm going 8+ hours without a snack or food. I just can't do it. I also struggle with eating before exercise (it makes me throw up). So...because of the long day, am I allowed to snack in the afternoon? And if so, what are some good options? (I am allergic to raw celery and carrots, so unfortunately those are out).
  4. Sulfur Dioxide accident

    Well, it was on day 4 or 5 when I ate them, so would I just push my Whole30 back? Or just move forward from it more careful & label-focused? I read the article about starting over, but I am so disheartened to do that honestly. But if I have to, I have to, huh? My Whole30 is over May 9, so I could push it to May 12?
  5. Help! I am on day 7, and I am so proud of myself for not giving up and drinking a beer or eating a bagel. But...on day 4 I was eating some cocoa almonds I made (from the cookbook) and threw in some goji berries I bought awhile ago from Sprouts. I don't know WHY I didn't look at the label, but I didn't. Upon going through the pantry tonight, I realized they had SULFUR DIOXIDE in there! Shoot, I am so upset. I've been doing really well and trying so hard. Am I screwed? Help!