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  1. juliekb

    Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher

    Just be careful if you get the Shaken Passion Iced Tea that you specifically ask them NOT to add the sweetener. And maybe watch them... because when I asked them not to - they still added it which I didn't realize until after I had drank some - and had to start my plan all over.
  2. juliekb

    Breakfast and Lunch Help

    Hi mollyv5! You didn't mention exactly when you were starting - so you could be completely finished by now! So this post may be for you, or for others who are new, who haven't started yet, or who need some ideas. Day 24 (and 7) for me. (I had to start over due to a horrible and unfortunate not-reading-a-label fiasco. I posted my experience under the forum: Start Here --> Join the Whole30.) I also had a hard time breaking out of the mindset of having to eat "breakfast" foods for breakfast. Before starting Whole30, I had actually become intolerant to eggs for about 9 months - which actually really helped me "think outside the breakfast box." Sometimes what I will do is make a crock-pot meal, but I'll start it the night before - turning it on as I go to bed. That way - when I wake up, I have a hot and delicious meal all ready to go! (And my husband has something HEALTHY to take for lunch as well.) I've done Beef Stew in the crock, and even this very morning - I had BBQ Pulled Pork with the BBQ Sauce from the W30 Cookbook! It was pretty delicious! I also tend to run behind in the morning, so W30 has really helped me plan ahead and have my breakfasts and lunches ready the night before. (Do you have the W30 Cookbook? If not, I would HIGHLY recommend it. I got the Whole30: 30-Day Guide book on Amazon for $18, which includes a whole bunch of recipes as well as great info. And I just realized, they have another cookbook that I am totally going to go buy right now.) One of my FAVORITE breakfast meals that I eat quite often because it's so good is Breakfast Potatoes (they call them hash browns in the recipe), with Breakfast Sausage and Hollandaise Sauce. I posted the link to the Breakfast Potatoes below. For the sausage, I've used fresh ground pork from Whole Foods, but I found that I actually prefer using Ground Beef - but still use the same seasonings for the breakfast sausage from the book. It's got a lot of great flavor that way. And for the Hollandaise Sauce - again - from the book! It makes quite a bit so you'll have some leftover, which is great to pop in the fridge. Because of the ghee, when you refrigerate the sauce, it solidifies to the consistency of butter - so it's nice to just take a dollop of it, toss it on my potato and sausage mix, and warm it all in the microwave. I generally will make enough of everything to have it for several breakfasts. For lunch - I generally eat leftovers also. When I'm making dinner, I usually plan to make enough so I have lunch the next day, which also helps me prepare ahead of time. I DO love the crock pot meals - which help with ANY meal that I need to fill. I think the biggest thing is making sure you have enough protein and veggies prepared ahead of time so you have them for any meal, and you don't get stuck in a pinch where you need something quick and have nothing prepared on plan. That way you can also mix and match for several meals, and/or have things prepared in a pinch. If I make hamburgers, pork chops, chicken breast, taco meat (ground beef or turkey), crock pot meals, etc., I pretty much ALWAYS make extra so I have some on hand. I will also make large batches of veggies so I have those too. I have a sensitive digestive system, so I generally eat cooked veggies. I will make quite often, large batches of a sauteed Italian seasoned zucchini and squash medley that my mom actually came up with, but it's totally on plan! (I'll attach the recipe). Or mashed potatoes, mashed cauliflower, roasted carrots, etc. My one suggestion - don't burn yourself out eating the same things over and over! I found myself getting into a rut and getting bored with the food I was eating, which caused me to have cravings for off-plan foods - which I didn't eat - but I got a little frustrated for a few days until I went back through the cookbook and tried some NEW recipes. Hope that helps!!! GOOD LUCK! Breakfast Potatoes: http://thedoitallmama.com/2016/04/whole-30-hashbrowns.html (TIP! I found that boiling them first just like the recipe calls for REALLY helps give them the right consistency. I have also found that I prefer using less Paprika than it calls for.) Sautéed Italian Zucchini and Squash.pdf
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies! It's always good to know when you're not the only one that makes mistakes. And ditto @Bethmj ! Great job deciding to start over! We can do it!!! #nonwhole30ersunite
  4. Hello Everyone! I'm Julie. I'm new here. I started on April 1, 2017. I started Whole30 on the suggestion from my acupuncturist. I'm in the process of being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and she thought it would be a good answer for my widespread pain and chronic fatigue. Things have been going really well, and I feel pretty great! I didn't really experience the severe detoxing feelings I was expecting, and the first couple weeks weren't so bad at all! I think part of it is that I'm so used to feeling so crummy all the time, that the detox feeling I WAS getting - I would trade for my "normal" fibro-feelings ANY day. Also, I KNOW that I went into it with the right mindset to do this. I took the suggestions from the book: I read my book, I did my homework, I chose a good time to start it, and made sure to PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE! But my main focus that has kept me going is the hope and excitement of just feeling better! My head is 100% in this game! If it's OK - I would like to share my experience so that others don't make the same mistake I did. I just want to say this ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING!!! LABEL READ! LABEL READ! LABEL READ! I'm sure you already know this, but I just want to reiterate it - because it's SUCH an easy mistake to make. I unfortunately learned this the VERY hard way. I was on Day 13 - feeling great - staying motivated - eating delicious healthy food. I had gotten into a great groove with food prep and experimenting with new recipes and gaining confidence in things like making my own ghee and hollandaise sauce. Then I made 1 fatal error. For dinner on Day 13 - I was making sauteed shrimp, which I had done several times before. I went to the fridge to pull out my homemade ghee - and in the door I saw this delicious "famous kream mustard" that is just to die for. Without thinking - I took it out and mixed a dollop of it in with my shrimp. I don't EVEN know where my head was. Maybe I thought - I can have mustard - and that's where the thought ended. Maybe I had gotten too confident and comfortable in my plan and just didn't even think to look at the label. Three-quarters of the way through my wonderfully delicious meal, thinking about what a great flavor the mustard added - my stomach and my heart sunk. I realized - I didn't read that darn label! I have read EVERY SINGLE OTHER LABEL of everything I had eaten up to that point - but I missed one. I sat there for several minutes because my legs felt like they were made of lead. I didn't want to get up and read the label just to find out what I pretty much already knew - that there was something in it not allowed on the program. I finally stood up, slowly marched into the kitchen, with a big sigh opened the refrigerator door, and painfully pulled out the jar. There it was: cane sugar and soybean oil. It's amazing where your mind goes in that moment. "It was such a small amount. Do I REALLY have to start over? If I don't tell anyone, then nobody will know, so I didn't really make a mistake and I can just keep going. It couldn't have affected me that bad, right? It's not like I ate a whole pizza and drank a bunch of Pepsi! What if I go throw it up really quick - does that count?" OF COURSE THAT'S NOT THE ANSWER! I was surprised my brain even took me down that path! I would just be cheating myself. And I wouldn't find out what I set out to learn with this plan: what foods make me feel like total crud every single day, and cause me to have so much pain and discomfort and fatigue. So I texted my acupuncturist - knowing I was really just confirming what I already knew: I had to start over. (I joked about celebrating with a Pepsi. Might as well make my mistake worth it! I did not have a Pepsi.) She told me not to beat myself up, and that an extra 13 days of eating the healthiest I've ever eaten is not a bad thing. She's right. I also knew this deep down. I was just more disappointed in myself for not reading that darn label like I had done 100 times before. I had been perfect on this plan, and due to one little bitty accidental slip up - it had huge effects - and I was having to start over. I was absolutely deflated. I had a good cry when my husband got home from work that night - you know - the kind with the giant, hot, alligator tears that stream down your face from a faucet you can't shut off? That kind. I had worked so hard! I told him what had happened and how disappointed I was in myself, but the lesson was learned, and I was starting right back up at breakfast the next morning. He said, "Really? You're not even going to just give yourself the weekend?" I replied, "NOPE! I'm just going to keep going like this never happened, but now my plan is 43 days. It's now Whole43." And then he did exactly what I needed him to do. He gave me a big hug, also said to not beat myself up about it, and said he had actually gained even more respect for me, and was really impressed by my integrity, in that even with such a small, accidental mistake - I was following the rules and starting over. He was 100% supportive, and that's what I needed. (And thankfully it wasn't day 28!) So April 14 became Day 1... again. HUGE LESSON LEARNED!!! Thank you for letting me share my story. I just hope that it helps SOMEONE out there to not make the same mistake I did. Happy Whole30!!! #readlables