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  1. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    Oh no.. I am sorry you are feeling sick, I hope the doctors can figure out what is going on! Keep me posted and keep up the good work! After the sickness passes just think about how amazing you will feel! Stay strong
  2. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    So we are on Day 23 or 24 now! I seriously went to bed last night feeling crabby and unmotivated to waking up this morning and feeling on fire! I am not sure if this is what Tiger Blood officially feels like but I feel like I have a clear head! Things my boyfriend would do use to frustrate me so bad and now its like I can stop and think about it and put myself in his shoes! It seriously feels like I just took sociology in college all over again! I feel like my mind is understanding situations better than it has in a long time! Not only that but I feel awesome and I feel comfortable in my clothes!!!! I know that sounds weird to say, but I know you know what I am talking about! There is nothing worse then feeling suffocated by your clothes or feel like you are going to bust out of your pants!
  3. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    That's awesome! I cant see any changes in my face.... And I now I cant even drink for two weeks because of the meds I am on lol... Talk about a sign to keep going and not quit! I wonder if everyone else is still doing it? hmm I am glad you are doing it with me still since my partner started drinking again this weekend...
  4. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    I miss drinking socially as well.... I am going back to California for mother's day this weekend and my w30 partner already started drinking again and she didn't want to tell me so I didn't lose my motivation. I can feel myself losing my will to not drink... I know I have lost a lot from this diet, I started at a size 12 work pant and I am at a 6 now! I feel like I want to bring alcohol back and just keep my diet w30 since I feel so fabulous... I don't think I will go back to the way I was eating, but I definitely want to go back to the feeling I get when I am able to drink with friends and family.
  5. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    I know... that's why I never share on here anymore. It was like I was talking to myself
  6. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    I am still with you (:
  7. Am I Eating Too Much Almond Butter and Lara Bars?

    You are so much help thank you! I haven't got up the courage to attempt mayo again, but I think this week I will try again!
  8. Am I Eating Too Much Almond Butter and Lara Bars?

    You guessed right... I am hungry when I eat those! I am just so lazy and tired after work and the gym that by the time I get home I just want something that involves no work or thought. I was meal prepping a lot before and in the beginning of the W30, but since it is warmer in Idaho now, I spend my time exploring on the weekends instead of meal prepping... I officially have no more lara bars and I wont purchase them unless we go on a road trip. Thank you for your advise!
  9. So I am on Day 15.. woohooo... I have been following all the rules BUT I cant get enough almond butter and lara bars... I know I need to control my cravings so I think I am going to stop eating Lara bars for a few days until I know I can keep it under control.... I just need someone to tell me why I am still having cravings like that... I keep reading people that have kicked their cravings and for some reason whenever I walk into my kitchen I just want to eat a Lara Bar... HELPPP I want to get the best I can out of my Whole30 experience!
  10. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    I hope everyone is ready for the weekend! I feel awesome and I know we are going to do great!
  11. Nuts and seeds

    I am on Day 11 and I have been eating roasted pistachios and almonds, but someone that comes into my work told me I cant eat roasted nuts.. He said it had to be raw. I have looked everywhere in the WHOLE30 book and I cant find anything saying whether or not roasted is not compliant. HELP!
  12. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    I don't know if I am the only one that feels this way, but today was the worst I have felt since we started the Whole30. Day 8 Definitely lives up to its reputation like she wrote in her book. I woke up groggy and I feel completely bloated! UGh. This doesn't make me want to cheat though... Thankfully! It is actually making me want to work more on the time I eat and start to make cuts with all the snacks I am eating too...don't know about you, but I have been snacking throughout the day still.. So I think its time to start getting more strict on the times I eat my meals and the time I can snack and not have it go against my goals. Always have to look on the brighter side! Hang in there everyone! Welcome to DAY 8!
  13. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    This weekend was definitely testing my self-control. I babysat my friends son this weekend and she told me they had just went grocery shopping so I could just eat at her place! YAY, right? Actually no, she made chicken, but it was covered in butter and breadcrumbs. She had salad in the fridge, but it already have dressing on it and I didn't want to eat something that could potentially make me start over... So I ate one of her avocados and some of her fruit. Not a great dinner, but hey I am still here pushing through. Sunday was hard as well because that's when we ride our dirtbikes and when we go out riding and relaxing.. naturally: we drink beer and eat junk... but instead I brought my Kambucha and some healthy alternatives like an orange and pistachios! I am getting better about being around food that I cant have but want to eat... I can make my boyfriend PB&J's and not cry anymore I feel like the hardest part about not eating the foods you grew up on are the memories you have with them and the "traditions" you start associate them with, like Sunday, ditbikes & beer... Its all about breaking free from those "traditions" and creating new connections with healthier foods & drinks! I am ready to see where our next few weeks take us! Happy one week everyone!
  14. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    You're right Nancy ! I just cant believe I am actually doing this and doing it the right way at that! I am getting better with cravings, but I keep snacking on celery and cucumber just to stay level through the day and also so when I eat a meal I will feel satisfied after! I feel great for day 5 and it feels good to have all you guys with me! Stay focused on the bigger picture this weekend and know you are going to feel even better come Monday; knowing you over came the first week of Whole30!
  15. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    Okay, so I am pretty positive I didn't cheat yesterday, but I would just like someone to confirm that for me. I bought almond butter last night and put it on a banana and I also had a pack of seaweed with no preservatives and no artificial flavoring. I felt very satisfied after those and since they were so good I am concerned I may have cheated in some way. The Almond Butter literally just had almonds in the ingredients and the seaweed didn't have anything off limits either! HELP! Why do I feel like I cheated?!