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  1. Trader Joe's New Zealand sweet apple Rings

    Very true! Will stick to all natural!
  2. Hi I'm looking for good snacks that are approved. Trader Joe's New Zealand Sweet Apple Rings are Unsulfured & Unsweented. The only ingredients listed are apples. Just making sure this does not fall into the new No chip rule. Thanks!
  3. Pickles in Brine

    No sugar is listed. I was just concerned about the Brine. Oh thank you! I would have had to start over!
  4. Pickles in Brine

    Hi, can I have pickles marinated in brine? The brand I have is Grillos and all ingredients are ok, but I'm now questioning Brine. I'm thinking I will need to start over. ugh!
  5. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    I did the same thing! I had a handful of blackberries and I was done!
  6. Pre-Made Paleo

    I looked again at the site and they have an approved whole30 program endorsed by Melissa Hartwig. I will still double check each ingredient. Thanks!
  7. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    Hi, I started on the 19th. Would love to join you all. Julie
  8. Pre-Made Paleo

    Hi All Just double checking that Pre-made Paleo is approved? I have limited time to cook and ordered from them because they are listed as an affiliate. Thanks, I am new to this.
  9. New to Whole30

    Hello My name is Julie. I just finished my second day! I struggled with a migraine all day, but made it through! Looking to link up for support.
  10. Lemon essential oil

    Thank you!
  11. Lemon essential oil

    Hello All Im starting my journey tomorrow and have been in the process of reading many labels. Can I have organic Lemmon essential oil? It is the last ingredient on : Frontier garlic and herb blend.