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  1. FitBritt32

    Looking for compliant deli turkey and bacon

    You can find compliant deli turkey at Costco (Plainville Farms brand) and compliant bacon at Whole Foods !
  2. FitBritt32

    Extreme brain fog

    This article is AMAZING - THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am very faith and spiritually-rooted and this was EXACTLY what I needed Any time I start to doubt or feel insecure or nitpick at my body the way I have grown accustomed to do, I plan on referring back to this mentality and reminding myself that my body is a paintbrush created by God to do great works of art. I love it. I read this last night actually and prayed hard about it and will continue to do so. You ladies are incredible - thank you again! Cheers to my Day 5!
  3. FitBritt32

    Extreme brain fog

    Thanks Carlaccini and thank you for sharing JMCBM! Meg's journey resonates with me on soooo many different levels - my journey over the course of the past several years has been the same in so many ways, back and forth. My body wants so badly to stay and get back to my set point, but I don't like how I look or how I feel there. Basically, I guess I don't like listening to my body I'd honestly rather be hungry all the time than to not feel confident in my own skin. Plus, isn't it a good thing when you lose your period? I lost mine for a full year and it was amazing not to have to deal with it every month. SugarcubeOD - I want to be extremely lean all year round because that is what gives me confidence. Not only from a physical standpoint, but to me it is a visual representation of dedication, hard work, self-control and will power. And those characteristics are what I want to be known for - even people who don't know me, I want them to be able to look at me and know what it is that I stand for. As I'm typing this I think what I really probably need is just a psychologist, LOL. Or maybe as its my Day 4, instead of wanting to kill all the things, I'm just want to spill all the things, haha. ANYWAY ... I am really hoping that I can find peace with food through Whole30! I am going to try to trust the process and really try to keep health at the forefront of my mind. I know I'm different than most people because I have no problem eliminating foods from my diet - my problem is that I am scared to eat too much of even the ones that are good for you. THANK YOU guys so much for your support - I know have a big mentality shift that needs to take place and that is the truly difficult part of all of this!
  4. FitBritt32

    Extreme brain fog

    Thanks, Carlaccini .... You're right, I was really hungry ... but I lost 20 pounds over the course of those 5 months and then when I started listening to my body again, I gained 15 of them back since September. Now, granted - this is probably because I was eating the same 1,300 calories a day but stopped doing my hour-long cycling classes 5x week on top of my morning workouts, and then was drinking a bottle of wine + a crap ton of chocolate and cheese on the weekends ... That part was NOT healthy and I know it was the result of basically starving myself and killing myself in the gym twice a day on top of it. I want SO BADLY to regain a freedom from food by nourishing my body with the foods it needs, but I also want to be extremely lean, year round. I am terrified of gaining more weight ... I was so happy when I was at my wedding weight - here's a pic! After everything I did leading up to that day, you'd think I would have been thinner, HA. But anyway, I know I am making excuses. It's just a very scary thing to allow myself to eat to my hunger cues Thank you for the support and guidance ... I am really going to try my hardest to let go of the calorie calculator that habitually runs all day long in my head! I think I might try adding a bite or two of protein + sweet potato after my workouts, OR just adding some more protein to my breakfast. I really don't like eggs and have a hard time choking two of them down so maybe I'll add some compliant sausage in or something
  5. FitBritt32

    Extreme brain fog

    I know that we aren't supposed to calorie or macro track on W30, but was curious as to what my macros were based on what I have been consuming the past four days, so I added everything into MyFitnessPal for a quick check to see how many carbs I've been consuming - essentially totaled out to be less than 50g for the day. Here is what my average day has looked like: 6:00 AM - Workout 8:00 AM - Breakfast - 2 egg + veggie frittata, 1/2 cup mashed sweet potato, 1 tbs almond butter 1:00 PM - Lunch - Salad w/ palm-sized grilled chicken breast, 1/2 small avocado, sliced carrots/cucumber, 1/4 cup berries, vinegar 4:00 PM - Snack - Celery + 1 tbs almond butter 6:30 PM - Yoga (every other day) 8:00 PM - Dinner - Palm-sized grilled chicken breast, 1/2 small avocado, salsa, zoodles I know that I am skipping pre- and post-workout meals, but I workout first thing in the morning and need to workout on an empty stomach or I get sick, so I try to incorporate my pwo meal into my breakfast. Pre-Whole 30, I was on a 1,300 calorie diet for about six months in prep for my wedding, (I am 6'1") and prior to that, many years of metabolic damage through excessive cardio and calorie restriction. I am scared of adding too much food back into my diet for fear of gaining additional weight. I know that the main goal of W30 isn't weight loss, but I really want to lose about 10 pounds as I think it will make me FEEL so much better!
  6. FitBritt32

    Extreme brain fog

    I am experiencing the same thing - brain fogginess and inability to focus/concentrate which is REALLY hindering my productivity at work - I am a financial analyst. I am only on Day 4 though, so I am thinking that this is likely just a result of just beginning the program, however, I was, and have been my entire life, a very healthy eater before starting. I am thinking it's a result of eating carbs at basically a keto level. Am I right in that I should give it several more days before expecting it to wear off? Thanks!
  7. FitBritt32

    Husband/Wife/Spouse/Partner Not With the Program?

    I originally decided that I wanted to do Whole30 and when I asked my hubby if he would do it with me for support, he agreed. We are on Day 3, and he is already complaining about being bored with his food, despite the fact that I have done nothing the past five days except grocery shopping, prepping food, research and coming up with exciting and fun recipes, cooking everything, and prepping all of his meals and mine. The only help I have gotten from him, is that he cooked the first big batch of chicken on the grill four days ago. A little background - as a former collegiate athlete, I have always been very health conscious, and have tried out many different diets over the years, experimenting with what works best for me, even severely restricting calories and over-exercising for periods of time. In short, I have great will power and knew exactly what I was getting myself into. This is the first time he has ever done something like this before, and although he ate generally healthy before, I know the mental shift for him is probably a big one. Before we started, he was insisting that this was going to be "so much easier for him" than it was going to be for me, because I ate oatmeal and plain greek yogurt every day and he had no habitual daily foods (despite the fact that he normally eats bread, cheese, and candy daily). Anyway, I will end my rant. I am just really looking for some advice on how I can help motivate him or make it so that he is not dragging me down! If it weren't for his negative attitude, I would be enjoying the process so much more! I love my husband and want him to be successful but I want to enjoy my process too! Any suggestions?! Thank you so much!