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  1. Thanks so much for your encouragement. I'm feeling better now, an hour later. Will attempt a poached egg a bit later. It's odd to eat a poached egg without any toast or English muffin. I also have not been able to get great sleep this week (I know -- and it complicates things), so perhaps I'm overly tired at the same time I'm changing what I eat. We learn from our mistakes. Carlaccini, I don't have migraines, but I have had syncope spells, and this (headache, loose poo, vomit, relief) is often what happens with that. No syncope today, I remained conscious. I will try your food/beverage suggestions. Ladyshanny, I don't think I have a bug, but you're right to suggest paying attention to my immune system. Sure hope the Tiger Blood happens for me like has happened to you. I need some Tiger Blood! Helen G.
  2. I started Monday, April 17, after "Last Suppers" and "Last bag of chips." Until today, I felt fine, nourished. Today, I have had a round of vomiting, loose poo's and a frontal lobe headache. I can't do my work! How do I break out of this? When the nausea stops, what do I eat? I'm in my 60s, so not pregnant. One other note: I was a mostly-vegetarian, so I'm facing not used to so much meat. I've had pork and chicken in addition to eggs. Help! Helen G.