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  1. Do you think I need to start over??

    Thank you!
  2. Do you think I need to start over??

    I'm confused. 1. "Added sugar... won't disarm your reset button"-- what does that mean? 2. "..we can see a decision (especially on Day 28) move on"-- in other words, We'll allow it?
  3. Smoking with Sugar

    Phooey, I figured. One of my students' parents gave me some pulled pork (dry/without bbq sauce) from Mariano's and insisted it didn't have any sugar on it. Called Mariano's. It did. Oh well, back to Day 5.
  4. Smoking with Sugar

    Hi @ShannonM816, so pulled pork made with ANY amount of sugar is off-plan, right? (This isn't about my recipe, but someone else's.)
  5. Grape Must in Vinegar? Yea or Nay?

    Ha! Me too!! This was already a long week by last night (Tuesday), and I was running all over today and stopped at the Mariano's salad bar for dinner. I was hungry, irritated that all my preferred dressings were off-plan -- including the bloody balsamic! -- so I splashed some of the white vinegar on the salad without checking the label. I went back to check the ingredients later, and about smashed the bottle when I saw that it "contained sulfites," because I thought I'd have to start over again, after ALREADY having to start over once before (7 days prior) because I hadn't read about maltodextrin yet and put it in my triple batch of Whole30 recipe chili. Whew!! Very relieved
  6. Severe chest pain...

    Thank you!
  7. Severe chest pain...

    I'm not a vegetarian (now or before), but I have chest pain too, like somebody's slowly and forcefully pushing a baseball into my chest.
  8. Torula Yeast

    Yeah I saw that misspelling earlier, and I was spelling it correctly. The website's internal search function doesn't really function. Like people have said, Googling "Whole30 + _____" works better
  9. Sugar sugar everywhere

    Hm... Well even though I disagree with Google on that on, I still agree with you that we should avoid Miracle Whip
  10. sodium metabisulphite

    @kirkor I like your signature quotation: "Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat as becomes you, and be silent."
  11. Sugar sugar everywhere

    Which war effort?
  12. Torula Yeast

    Thank you! I searched "torula" (several times) on the mobile site first, because I know we're supposed to do that first but I got zero results. Don't know why.
  13. Torula Yeast

    Trying to find compliant beef stock or boullion at Mariano's/Roundy's. Most compliant item is Pacific-brand beef broth. In addition to yeast extract (which I know is a wild card), it has 'torula yeast,' a fungus made using wood, and that has a meaty-umami flavor. What's the rule-a on torula (yuk yuk)?
  14. Starting Whole 30 in the next two weeks. Would love to find someone in the Chicago area who's doing it too, so we could be in touch for support, accountability, and new ideas.