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  1. Chilegirl7

    Do I need to start over???

    Ok- so my plan going forward is no sugar for an additional 14 days but I am not chucking it and starting all over. That would demoralize me. I plan to continue Paleo after my whole 30 and I have eaten Paleo on and off the last year or so- but I have never made it through a complete whole 30. VERY determined to own this. Seriously, I was surprised at how good the zucchini noodles were! YAY I am doing the whole 30 daily emails- I did not want to log that I made a bad choice link because I didn't choose it! Thanks to Physibeth!
  2. Chilegirl7

    Do I need to start over???

    I know canola oil is out too now that I think of it. How bad is that?
  3. Chilegirl7

    Do I need to start over???

    Thank You so much for your reply! The ingredient list is: Tomato Puree diced tomatoes Mushrooms sugar canola oil salt spice citric acid lower sodium natural sea salt natural flavoring
  4. My husband made zucchini noodle and tomato meat sauce with hamburger and peppers onions and mushrooms - first time having zucchini noodle which were awesome by the way. HOWEVER- after I ate I saw the Prego jar in the recycle bin and read the ingredients. Everything was paleo except it had 9 grams of sugar. I am on day 14 and have been feeling great. Do I have to start over? So discouraged.... ambushed. He said he didn't even think about it. ughh
  5. Chilegirl7

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    Count me in. I have been eating Paleo pretty consistantly for the last couple months but I have never actually completed a whole 30. I am looking forward to re-committing with all of your support! Happy 2013!