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    Chilegirl7 got a reaction from Physibeth in Do I need to start over???   
    Ok- so my plan going forward is no sugar for an additional 14 days but I am not chucking it and starting all over. That would demoralize me. I plan to continue Paleo after my whole 30 and I have eaten Paleo on and off the last year or so- but I have never made it through a complete whole 30. VERY determined to own this. Seriously, I was surprised at how good the zucchini noodles were! YAY
    I am doing the whole 30 daily emails- I did not want to log that I made a bad choice link because I didn't choose it!
    Thanks to Physibeth!
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    Chilegirl7 reacted to Physibeth in Do I need to start over???   
    Canola oil is a try to avoid but isn't outright banned because it would make it impossible to eat out. If you used it knowingly (this is offplan but I don't care attitude) I would say to restart but as it was accidental I think you are fine.
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    Chilegirl7 got a reaction from paleo_xfit_momma in Starting January 2nd, 2013   
    Count me in. I have been eating Paleo pretty consistantly for the last couple months but I have never actually completed a whole 30. I am looking forward to re-committing with all of your support! Happy 2013!