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  1. aussiegal

    Coixseed aka chinese pearl barley

    Thank you. It's gone!
  2. A chinese health practitioner has recommended I have coixseed aka Job's Tears aka Chinese pearl barley. My understanding is that it isn't a grain or even barley for that matter - but is a seed. Can you let me know if this is ok to have on Whole 30
  3. aussiegal

    Starting whole 30 November 12

    HI @krispin and @Janeyne I'm starting too. I have done the whole30 before a long time ago and have tried it other times but not finished the full 30 days. I'm starting this time because like you Krispin I'm totally and completely mentally and physically exhausted. My weight has been slowly creeping up and I'm the heaviest I've been in my life as well as having constant tummy upsets and bloating. And I hear you about the exercise - I joined a gym at the end of August and have not been. Trying to get some energy back I have tried a "healthy diet" (weight watchers for the umpteenth time), reduced my stress and been on a vitamin regimen but nothing has helped so far. I remember the last time I did the whole 30 (years ago now) I felt calm but full of energy and the best I had in a long time. I am hoping to get to that again. So today is day one for me. Let's do this!
  4. aussiegal

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Hi @Bethmj I rang my local organic butcher who has pasture fed bacon. It was only when I asked about sugar in the bacon he told me they did it themselves without nitrates and sugar. It was interesting cos I had checked on the site (which didn't really say much) and I would have given up - but I was desperate!! So taking the extra step to ring and ask may be worth it. I was actually using a Coles brand economy bacon cos it read as less that 1 gram carb and less than 1 gram sugar so I figured that was probs the best I could find and was using it very sparingly. However with my new sugar-free butcher bacon I intend to pig out!! (Someone had to say it!! ) Good luck. Also thanks @Bethmj I've used your sausage/pattie recipe above and love it! And @_Amy are you still around? I'm onto my second W30. Day 4. Woohoo! Also I'm really interested if there are many Aussies still here?
  5. aussiegal

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Also can I add to my last post to read the labels as I was primarily looking out for sugar and W30 chemicals listed in PDF. There may be added stuff you'd prefer not to have. At this point I'm keeping to the big picture as I have a big family. cheers to all and can't wait to get over that 30 day finish line!
  6. aussiegal

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Hi all, I'm so glad I accidentally found you all and I'm on day 25 of W30!! So good to see we have a thread cos it's been a headache trying to go from USA to OZ (cilantro = coriander and pounds and ounces ....well you know what I mean ) Anywho... I've been trying to compile my own list of compliant goodies so I didn't have to keep rethinking it all over and over. This is pretty much what I've come up with so far. Let me know if I've faffed any but I think I'm pretty much on track (fingers crossed). I live in South East Qld and it's doing my head in trying to find s/f bacon. It's like you can only get it from flying pigs! Anyway I'll keep on swimmin.... Condiments & Sauces Pandaroo Fish Sauce premium quality Ranchero Chunky Salsa Chipotle (Woolies) Macro Organic Dijon Mustard (Woolies) OR Maille Dijon Originale (Coles or Woolies) Masterfoods Hot English Mustard (Woolies or Coles) Coles Wholegrain seeded mustard (Coles) Asia Specialties Coconut Milk and Cream (Aldi) Jamie Oliver Tomato and Basil spaghetti sauce (Woolies) no others Pataks Rogan Josh (Woolies or Coles) no others Meat and Fish John West Kippers (Coles) CLEAVERS Paleo sausages and meats (Woolies) GRAZE meats (Coles) Pasture fed organic pork (Coles none at Woolies) Soups LaZuppa Roasted Pumpkin Soup (Woolies and Coles) ( I haven't tried it yet but this is supposed to be nice with seafood added....jus sayin..) cheers