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  1. November 6th start date!

    Hi Everyone, hope i can tag along in this thread. I've done Whole 30 before and felt great but I need to reset again as I seem to have lost my way. I'm stocked up and have par cooked 2 lots of different veg, made meatballs and found some W30 compliant sauces (store bought) to get me there. I am really worried about missing my wine and cheese tho but I'm going to have to suck it up I guess.....she says uncertainly. It's also that party time of year so I know I have to psych myself up and keep myself in the headspace to see this through. I really don't want to wimp out so I'm hoping to make myself accountable and get lots of tips from you all. My goal is to reestablish a healthy relationship with food. I want those NSV's and the weight loss. I want it all! There I said it out loud. My plan today goes: Meal 1 veg hash and chicken Meal 2 Salad with avo and salmon Meal 3 Veg and meatballs with sauce. cheers
  2. anyone starting Sept 11???

    @MegT90 so sorry about your lil pals. Please look after yourself and as someone suggested time for some non food nurturing. @50andstillhere I've done this heaps of times and I just start again too. I was getting a little down on myself but then I realized overall and over time I was eating better than I've ever eaten even if I did have the off plan thingy and go back to day 1 again. No day and no meal was "wasted". I applaud you for showing up and doing it again! It's a new day one so you go girl! I'm going ok but feeling pretty flat and still reaching for sweet after a meal. I have a cup of mixed berries or some rockmelon but still thinking this is sort of pampering my sugar dragon. I had to laugh at myself when I saw someone on tv eating a white bread sandwich and all I could do was watch the damn sandwich!! Also had a dream about cup cakes and I don't even eat those! Folks I'm feelin this sugar/carb thing on many levels. Anyhoo I will keep on swimmin..keep on swimmin..
  3. anyone starting Sept 11???

    HI all, thanks @MegT90 for the cheery words! Made my day!. Day 2 for me (14 Sept). I've got headaches and some aches plus feel a little spaced out. I actually think I overate yesterday! I was "craving" sweet after dinner and had a tablespoon of pine nuts and 2 dried figs. I know that has to go cos I'm obviously feeding a sugar dragon in a W30 way. I definitely wasn't hungry! I did Melissa's trick of wanting/craving vs real hunger... as in could I eat steamed fish and broccoli now? Well heck no I wanted sugar sugar sugar and crunch crunch crunch - so figs n nuts it was. I'll work on it folks I promise. I wasn't hungry at all during the day which was nice. I have my par cooked veges (two containers of different ones) so it will be a mix and match day for me today. Hopefully the headaches will go soon. Even tho I'm feeling the physical stuff it is so good knowing that it is a healing process and a gift I'm giving myself. Anywho....let day 2 rock on!
  4. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Hi all, Day 1 for me as I found out hubs put butter in the mashed potatoes last night not ghee!! I had such a good day W30 wise but was working late and hubby was trying to make it easier when I got home. I thought hard about letting it go but I'm a "leaky boat" kinda girl and once I start making small allowances I feel the integrity of the whole thing is messed up and I'll just keep making little allowances till I eventually sink. So here I am, having hid the butter(!!), commencing day 1 of the whole30 on 13 September. Hope everyone is doing well. Today I'm having: Meal 1: vege hash with homemade pork sausage plus 2 eggs and 1/2 avo Meal 2: chilli chicken thigh (a version of Well Fed backed chicken with paprika, garlic and chilli powder) and salad with homemade mayo Meal 3: Fish fried in lemon, dill and ghee, sweet potato wedges and a cup of mixed veg (which I have par cooked and just have to heat up) and 1/2 avo. I'm also starting back at the gym tomorrow ( and I hope the sky doesn't fall! cos its ages since I've been and I'm sooo outta shape). Anyway I know it will help with self esteem and confidence to get through the next 30 days. so...still hangin in there and taking it one day at time.
  5. #SeptemberWhole30

    Hi all, Well I faffed it! But I'm not giving in and I decided I really need to do the W30 reset before I go playing around with options. So I'm starting day 1 again on a different thread and finding my mojo big time to do this, all of it, the right way. But I will keep following this thread as well if that's ok to get ideas and keep in touch with how everyone is travelling. Best of luck to all of you - go for that tiger blood!
  6. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Hi all, I'd love to join this thread as I'm starting day 1 (again!!) today 12th. I've been faffing around and having false starts for the last couple of weeks - just lost my mojo in there somewhere. My last thoughts were about doing W30 for a week and having our family day Sunday a "free" day but then I realized I really need to do the full 30 day reset and maybe look at the options then. I really want to commit to the 30 days so I've dragged out all my W30 books and am trying to get my head in the right head space. There is alot happening in my life atm but then seriously when isn't there stuff happening in everyone's life? and I know I'm an emotional eater so....say no more really. I find I also miss my wine and cheese and it IS super hard @50andstillhere!! I feel you there! I have done whole 30 before and felt sooo much better from the inside out. And I have also discovered that I'm not a good moderator of foods when moving back into real life. Would really love the support to get me thru. It's going to be a challenge but I need/want that healthy relationship with food not the dependency / comfort / emotional eating thingy that I'm back in. Good luck to all of us!
  7. #SeptemberWhole30

    Hi all, we're getting lots of news about hurricane Irma in Oz atm so just letting you know we're thinking of you all and sending prayers across the way. I seem to be struggling with motivation this time round with W30 so am currently trying to figure out a way forward. I'll keep going atm but am considering doing a lifestyle thing of W30 eating all week and having one non- compliant meal on Sunday nights. It's family night for us and I really am thinking I want to kick back and just enjoy the night with family...but I also love how I am when eating W30. Maybe I want to have my cake and eat it too but I'm flailing a little. Any suggestions welcome. Also I'm loving all the recipes on here! So I intend to get cooking. Can't wait to try Snowflakes Eggroll in a bowl cos I live of the precut coleslaw - even fry it up to go in my morning omelette sometimes.
  8. #SeptemberWhole30

    Hi all, Would love to be part of this September thread. Am starting day 1 today (after a small hiccup of starting on the first of Sept). But I'm ready to go, all prepped with par cooked veges and baked cajun chicken and looking forward to feeling better. Have really enjoyed reading through the comments. Some lovely people here.
  9. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Well....I caved at the father's day celebrations but that was a choice. I was only a couple of days in so I'm starting day 1 again. I'm actually looking forward to doing this and feeling better from the inside out. Hope everyone is going well no matter where you are up to.
  10. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    I so hear you @Luvlife905! My hubby is fit and as trim as the day I married him 100 years ago! His work is active and he can eat whatever he wants. Although he is supportive of me he still wants to live his life too. Our strategy is to get stuff that I'm not overly fussed on but he gets a version of what he loves. This works out well cos we buy the choc coated biscuits just not the ones that I love (and goodness knows there are 34 other different kinds!). There are just some things I can't have in the house but there are always other versions he's more than happy with. It isn't perfect but it's the best win/win we can do - for 30 days. Please pick another roll - not the cinnamon! Just as an aside I find it much harder when I'm tired, stressed or bored so I'm trying to work around this too but it's a s.....l....o....w process. Good luck!
  11. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Hi everyone, I started W30 again today (Aug 31 Thurs) because I really needed to get back on track and quickly. Looking forward to some support from here as I go thru. I'm trying to make this lifestyle stick but every time I finish I just go back to what I used to do pretty much - although there are probably some very small improvements. Generally - not cool! But I figure I'll just keep hanging in there and keep going. So here I go again. Looking forward to the journey. One benefit of all this is that I am the homemade mayo queen of the north! That's a plus.
  12. Starting July 17

    Day 26 (Friday) here! Wow! And I'm unexpectedly, going away for a week to a town I don't know to a work venue I don't know. So wish me luck as I am intending to be vigilant and finish strong (I hope!). @MonikaDelilah I feel you too. Am feeling fogged in myself a little and hoping it will pass. I wondered if it was the winter weather and feeling a little meh. But I'll check my fats as @Dani Chris suggested. This may sound strange but overall I feel very stable and "at home" in myself and I think this is totally the W30 way of eating. I like the ideas about eating W30 during the week and easing up for worth it foods on the weekends. Let's do this! It's one of the best gifts I've ever given myself.
  13. Starting July 17

    HI all I'm still here. Wish I had a quiet week - mine has been frantic and all over the place but.... I'm on day 20 today!!! (Saturday) Yaaaayyyy! Two thirds done!!!! I have to admit I'm a bit over the cooking thing too but I still do up my 3 big containers of par cooked veg a week. A combo I'm liking is a frozen mix steamed and tossed in onion powder, garlic powder and ghee. Plus I bake some. Anyway I also cook up a humungus batch of Mel J's chicken thighs. Sometimes I add homemade stock (I freeze my homemade stuff in one cup lots) and have chicken and veg soup. This changes with the veg I add. Shredded coleslaw is my new friend, it goes in salads, soups, reheats with other veg and is currently my good pal. So foodwise my routine is omelette and veg for breky, chicken and salad for lunch, protein and veg for tea. So far so good. My little victories so far: 1. quietly confident with life in general 2. feeling stable and at peace on a deep level 3. skin is fantastic 4. more energy but not in the tiger blood way I'd imagined just able to get through the day with steady, even energy until bed, 5. kinder to others (due to less mood swings ) 6. clothes a little looser - (thank god) 7. more consistent with the gym due to not being so tired in the morning. Still miss my vino tho... Only 10 days to go!!
  14. Starting July 17

    Good luck with starting over @pearlgirl2017. I've had to do it myself a couple of times and it's tough, frustrating, annoying but really is good for the soul. I'm like you, once I start to slide it creeps in everywhere. Whatever happens, eat healthy, have fun and be the best you. Plus I love that you had some NSVs and lost weight too.
  15. Starting July 17

    Going out to dinner is a challenge @SLHorowitz86 for sure. I live in farming and cattle country so the beef is good. Also I know the places to eat locally. When I went out to lunch yesterday I ate half an avo before I went just to help with impulsivity (I know I know but it helps me). So I had the grilled steak and asked them to hold the dressing on the salad. Instead of hot potato chips cos i'm feeling the W30 thing atm, I asked for a double order of salad with no dressing. I took my own dressing in a little container and quietly added it to the salad at the table. I was with 7 other people and no-one noticed! I stuck with soda water and lime and coffee. Also I went out with a girlfriend recently for coffee and cake and she ordered the cake. This will sound weird but I take a little container of coconut oil in my bag and add a tsp to black coffee. It has that lovely light coconut fragrance and the mouth feel is a little decadent and I don't feel deprived. It's not the bullet proof coffee as it should be but it works for me. This is something I'll use whole30 or not I think. Day 11 for me (Thursday) and I'm going to the Gold Coast for the day on Saturday. Another challenge but I'm planning ahead and have my cooler bag ready to pack. Today is: M1 Spinach omelette and half an avo M2 spicy grilled chicken (paprika, garlic and chili) and salad (red cabbage, lettuce, carrot, purple onion, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, 1x egg with olive oil and lime dressing) M3 Chili over steamed veg drizzled with ghee and olive oil When my spirits are flagging I keep telling myself the magic will happen! Pantene Principle - it won't happen overnight but it will happen! Roll on Whole30!!