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  1. Made it to Day 30!!!! Now the journey begins...

    Hi Victoriajon, Things are going pretty well, thanks! Reintroduction was quite good for me, I noticed that even the gluten-free grains gave me a pretty bloated and heavy feeling and lower mood, which was surprising, and I also did not do great with dairy. After reintro I went on vacation and noticed some crazy shifts in mood, especially once sugar and alcohol were brought back on a regular basis. I've learned that for me, sadly sugar and alcohol and mostly off-limits, unless I'm ok with feeling quite depressed for a day or two after. Grains will also have to be kept in check, but there are some that are better than others (Dimplemeyer yeast-free rye bread for breakfast, 1 slice, seems to be ok for some reason). So overall a lot of experimentation and not beating myself up for going off the rails... I think this whole thing needs to be based on self-love and self-acceptance to reap real, long lasting rewards. Best of luck on your journey! Lots of love, Paula
  2. Urgh - messed up eating habits

    Hi Sarah, I totally hear you. I have a history of eating disorders and had basically nipped it in the bud (or so I thought) prior to my Whole 30. I was eating when hungry, stopping when full, and not eating emotionally. With the Whole 30, I felt so great that now that I'm done, I'm terrified of losing weight and have gone back to obsessing about "good" and "bad" foods. My plan is to return to how I ended up dealing with my disordered eating in the first place. It is important to remember that there are no "bad" foods, there may be some foods that make us feel better and foods that make us feel worse, but really food is food and any meaning we choose to give food is our own decision. While I will aim to stay away from the foods that make me feel bad (white flour, sugar, processed foods), I will also not beat myself up if I have them once in a while. Lastly, I will not focus on the number. I have learned in the past that when I eat when hungry, stop when full, and don't eat to cover up my emotions (try the broccoli and chicken test), my body will be healthy and fine, and I don't need to obsess about the number. Another thing I will do is come here to log and get out my thoughts and fears, dealing with the underlying emotions has always helped me to get back on track with food. Best of luck with your journey! Lots of love, Paula
  3. Getting clear on the WHY

    Love it, Rhonda!
  4. Getting clear on the WHY

    Hi Amyrotella, I am done! I finished yesterday! (You can check out my log if you like where I set out some of my challenges and successes, and also a post on finishing in "success stories" that I did yesterday). Good for you for staying strong and getting clear on why you are doing this, you will benefit not only in your food but in your life. Now that I'm in the reintro phase, it is even more important to stay clear on what and how I'm eating and why, and I think it is even more so when we move into daily life. Best of luck with your journey! Lots of love, Paula
  5. I am so proud of myself for even starting this program, never mind finishing it today. I have had battles with food and self-esteem my whole life, and while I was eating pretty healthy before, really drilling down on things that were causing havoc for my mental health was something I had wanted to try. I love Dr. Kelly Brogan and she advocates for a diet very similar to Whole 30 in order to keep depression in check and live a whole-hearted, intention-filled life. Throughout the 30 days I have battled with deepening depression (which was overcome through starchy veggies, running outside, and working with my deepest thoughts and feelings through journalling, yoga, meditation and talking with friends and family), peer pressure (overcome by coming to understand the reasons WHY this is important to me and communicating these reasons), sugar cravings (overcome through the broccoli and chicken test), and self-doubt (a continual journey of learning to love myself at deeper levels and value the process, not the outcome, no matter what I am doing.) Now comes the hard part! My aim as I move into reintroduction and further into every day life, is to keep the lessons of the Whole 30 close to my heart. Only I know what is right for me, and I know that through experimentation. At the same time, there are like-minded people in the world that can help me overcome my struggles as I continue to live a whole-hearted life. Less is more. People may think I am missing out by not eating certain things, and by not going after every material or achievement-oriented experience that comes my way. But a simple life lived in peace and harmony, loving myself and others, is my utmost priority and I will stick to it, no matter what. There will be struggles, there will be falls. But the Whole 30 is always there to come back to, as are our deepest dreams and intentions. We can go off-course but we will always find our way back to our hearts and what is best for us. Ultimately, whatever is best for us is also best for everyone around us, because they will benefit from our presence, energy and love. Looking forward to the journey! Lots of love, Paula
  6. Getting clear on the WHY

    Thanks so much, Kirkor and Lea! I shared the list with my husband and he said that before he didn't really get it, but now he did. I am so happy.
  7. Getting clear on the WHY

    On the weekend, my MIL kept asking why I'm doing this, hinting that it's not healthy and that I should be checking my vitals weekly since it's basically Atkins and Atkins is unhealthy and only for losing weight. Last night, my husband told me that even though I told him I'm not doing this for the weight, he's asked around and everyone says it's for the weight, that this is the reason people do the Whole 30. Then he asked me why I'm doing this, since I'm healthy already so saying it's for health doesn't make sense to him either. Both of these exchanges bothered me tremendously, and I see now that it is because I didn't have a clear answer for them (or me) as to WHY I'm doing this. So here is my attempt to sum up why I chose to do a Whole 30, and why on Day 16 I remain committed. I will come back to this list when I wane in motivation, which is sometimes hourly :-) 1) Connecting with my food connects me to the earth and to what is really important for me. Choosing to eat only whole foods for 30 days nourishes not only my body, but my mind and spirit as well. 2) The Whole 30, for me, is a celebration of how far I've come with food. I have a history of eating disorders (which may explain why my family is concerned), but I do not feel at all that my Whole 30 is about losing weight (which I don't need to do). It is about celebrating food, eating when I'm hungry and as much as I need to feel satiated, eating lots of fats, and eating animal protein and being ok with that after various failed attempts to become vegetarian when in my heart I knew it just wasn't for me. 3) The Whole 30 is about saying YES to me, and kindly being firm with others when they try to tell me what to do (in overt or subtle ways). I have always been a people-pleaser, and while I already know sugar, white flour and alcohol are not good for me, I often partake because it's the social thing to do or because I know others will feel better if I have something with them (my mom - sweets, my husband - alcohol). This time is all about ME, and asserting that I don't have to eat or drink things I don't really want to to make others feel better. 4) The veggie, protein and fat combo is delicious and satisfying. I've been trying Whole 30 recipes at home and the whole family loves them. I have discovered new combinations of foods, new foods altogether, and rediscovered foods that I had overlooked (hello tahini and shredded coconut!) 5) I recently made a big decision in my life, choosing to step down from a management job and stay at a more comfortable job in order to have more space and time for myself, my family, and my passions. Doing the Whole 30 at this time feels like a RESET. Starting fresh, becoming new again, recommitting to the things that are most important to me. 6) It is only 30 days. I do miss whole grains and the occasional sweet, but I know that soon enough I will be able to partake if I really want to. Yet it is more than 30 days. Getting so crystal clear on what my body needs and likes will help me be more conscious of my choices going forward. I love Melissa's questions around whether to eat something post Whole 30 - something like - Is this a special occasion? Will it make me feel terrible after? Do I really want it? Do I really want it is key for me, and will help me make good food decisions going forward. 7) The community. I love the book, the website, the Forum! I feel like I've connected with like-minded people who are committed to good food, to taking care of themselves, and to working for something they believe in despite of what others may think. It's all about tuning in to what is right, and to working with others to help you see that when it is not clear. 8) Although I feel I am now a normal eater after many years of eating disorders, I still fall to sugar, white flour and alcohol when I am stressed or depressed, and was falling into that habit again before Whole 30. The Whole 30 is a good way to just stop those bad habits and remind myself that the short-term pleasure is not worth the lethargy, low mood and negative thoughts that I fall into when I'm back on a daily sugar hit. 9) On Day 16, I've hit Tiger Blood. I feel connected, refreshed, energized, and able to make good decisions about food and life. Having an experience like this reminds me of what's possible, and that happiness is an inside job. 10) Last year I went off anti-depressants, and good food was a big part of that. Kelly Brogan's book, "A Mind of Your Own" uses food as the first way to reconnect with yourself and heal depression, and her dietary guidelines are very much aligned with Whole 30 - lots of good quality proteins and fat, lots of fruits and veggies, no sugar, flour, alcohol. When Dr. Brogan works with patients, she has them do a 30 day food reset eliminating grains, legumes, white potatoes (resistant starch), and processed food, so doing this is something I had been thinking about, and I'm already seeing improvements in my mood. So there you have it! My top 10 reasons WHY I'm doing the Whole 30. I will send this to my hubby :-) What about you? Why are you YOU doing the Whole 30? Lots of love, Paula
  8. Depression issues

    Hi Questforhappiness, I'm so glad you were open and honest with your struggles, because I have found myself in the same boat. I have a history of depression and have done tons of work on this, but the whole30 is making it flare up. For me, I think it has to do with a few things - taking out all the crutches that helped us deal with the bad feelings (alcohol, sugary treats, etc.) makes the pain come to light. Also for me, I am a people-pleaser, so I become overly concerned with what others feel I should eat / drink and what they think about this diet. So I'm taking this as an opportunity to look at my depression more closely, to come to understand some of the roots and some healthy ways of dealing with it (without food as a crutch). For me, there is an underlying sense of unworthiness, that I am just not good enough. This was something I took on as a young child because I felt unloved / unseen, but it is not true. We can rewrite our scripts, we can see ourselves as beautiful, vibrant human beings that do not need to be perfect or "successful" in order to be valuable and loved. I wish for you a most wonderful rest of your Whole30, may you feel whole and loved and healthy and at peace. Lots of love, Paula
  9. Started today! April 25, 2017

    This is super helpful, Ladyshanny. Thanks so much! I started feeling some depression symptoms and yesterday had some potatoes and that helped so much. I'll make sure to have some starchy veggies every day.
  10. Started today! April 25, 2017

    Hi Ladyshanny, Thanks so much for your reply. If it will cause problems with my Whole30 I will refrain from taking the protein for these 30 days, I'm feeling pretty solid lately and I'm sure the good foods I'm eating will help as well so I'm comfortable refraining from the protein. I did not take it today on Day 1 just in case this was the case. Thanks again! Cheers, Paula
  11. Started today! April 25, 2017

    Hi everyone, I'm super excited to start my first Whole 30 today. I'm looking forward to improving my relationship with food and taking care of my body by eating well. I'm generally a pretty healthy eater, but have seen how sugar and refined flour can create havoc for my mental health, so I'm looking forward to a tune up on those and exploring eliminating other things such as dairy. Once question I have is that I have been taking a grass-fed, undenatured whey protein powder to assist with my moods after going off anti-depressants about a year ago. I know the recommendation was not to have these, but I'm wondering if I should continue since it's specifically to address a mental health concern. Any thoughts? Thanks so much! Cheers, Paula