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  1. Cbowman2010

    Paleo after Whole30

    Hello! Im coming on my day 30 which is monday, and I am currently listening to Food Freedom Forever. I do plan on doing the reintroduction phase, but after that was considering trying paleo. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I'm having a difficult time finding any differences other than with paleo you can "recreate treats." Any info/suggestions/advice is much needed!
  2. Cbowman2010

    Help with healthy fats

    I do not like avocados what so ever! I didn't know cooking fats didn't count for my fat source. I do use ghee occasionally. I hate olives as well. What kind of things do you use with the homemade mayo?
  3. Cbowman2010

    Help with healthy fats

    Hello everyone! This is my second attempt at the Whole30. My first one I made it 27 days, and ended it at a birthday party unfortunately. But anyway, this go around I'm on day 25, and excited to finish strong and continue going after my 30 days is up. My question for you guys is what kind of healthy fats can I consume to help me feel full longer? Avocado is not an option, I've honestly tried it and it's not for me. Other than that, I do eat whole30 compliant nuts and use coconut oil while batch cooking. Do I have any other options? I am struggling with getting my fats in at every meal. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks -Courtney