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  1. ldmcniel

    Starting Whole30 5/14/2018

    I'm still here. Technically I've started over though because we were travelling this weekend, and it honestly wasn't worth the stress of trying to make sure I had every single food item be compliant. I followed the program as much as I could, and I started over yesterday. I'm 100% okay with it though because it made for an easier weekend, and I'm showing myself that I can maintain this lifestyle. So, I'm on day 2 again and will wait at least the full 30 days to do a reintroduction. Right now I'm just a little drained. I'm not sure if that's related to this weekend or just not getting enough sleep. I'm still sleeping great, much better than I was. Some of my stiffness and swelling came back this weekend but was gone by the end of the day yesterday. I'm really looking forward to getting more and more out of this by the end of June.
  2. ldmcniel

    Starting Whole30 5/14/2018

    I felt great at the end of mine, so I'm hoping it's just my body needs some time to adjust. We'll see.
  3. ldmcniel

    Starting Whole30 5/14/2018

    I'm eating more in one sitting but most likely less overall. I made a new rule for myself - no cashews (+larabars, but the ones I like have cashews in them). I made this rule because I can't just eat a small handful. And Larabars are a whole different issue. I straight up binged on them the other night and my inflammation was back all day yesterday. But it's gone today, soooo no more! I love water, so that isn't an issue for me. My husband likes the flavored carbonated water so he can get the carbonation. You just have to sure to check the ingredients, obviously. I'm going to wait a few days to do my reintroduction because my husband wants me to do it with him. I also have decided if my gut issues haven't corrected themselves I'm not going to reintroduce until I get that figured out.
  4. ldmcniel

    Starting Whole30 5/14/2018

    I think that my mid day crash was because I was having starchy vegetables at lunch. Now that I'm having them at dinner instead, I feel much better!
  5. ldmcniel

    Starting Whole30 5/14/2018

    So I'm still working through the Kill All The Things phase haha. Yesterday I was so grumpy. At everything. BUT I woke up just fine yesterday, had energy and felt mostly good, until about 3pm when I crashed and ended up with a migraine on my way home from work. Anyone else having like a half day of energy? I can't remember if this happened to me last time, and if it did, I'm not sure I would have noticed, as I wasn't working outside our home at the time. This morning I woke up just fine too, even though it was super early, and I definitely didn't sleep long enough...because toddler. So being able to get out of bed and just function immediately is a HUGE nsv for me. I do remember that being a benefit last time.
  6. ldmcniel

    Starting Whole30 5/14/2018

    Hey friends, just wanted to check in with everyone. My current NSVs: inflammation & stiffness in hands and ankles almost gone! ring fitting better energy slowly picking up from last week (which kicked my butt by the way) I feel more in control of my food choices I've meal planned and gone grocery shopping two weeks in a row! I'm not hating cooking My husband started Sunday, and I am so proud of him for doing this. He's definitely not convinced that he's going to see a difference, but he's willing to try it, which is awesome. Our first big challenge: FAMILY REUNION. It's this coming weekend, and apparently there's a tonnnnn of amazing food there. My husband and I basically said if it comes down to it, and we can't get to compliant food, we can start over together, but I think we're going to coordinate with his mom and see if we can do some grocery shopping while we're there so we can have some easy, ready to go plates.
  7. ldmcniel

    Starting Whole30 5/14/2018

    I was reeeeeally thirsty the first time I did the whole30 and was told to make sure I'm putting enough salt on my food. If you're coming from a mostly processed diet, which I was and am, then your sodium intake is going to drastically decrease with this new diet. Adding salt to your food when you cook and before you eat it, helps your body adjust a little easier.
  8. ldmcniel

    Starting Whole30 5/14/2018

    @Noémi Gut issues are one of the reasons I am doing the whole30, but my body seems to be having issues clearing up too, so I'm right there with you. It's no fun. I'll most likely test out ruling out nightshades eventually as well just to see if there's something else I'm sensitive to. My caffeine headache turned into a full blown migraine pretty quickly and lingered all day yesterday. Now I'm just sooooo sleepy. Like I feel like I could fall asleep while walking. This is when I really start wanting to force coffee on myself, but I really do hate the taste haha. I feel like I'm more prepared for my meals today. My work schedule makes my eating times weird so I'm just having to adjust.
  9. ldmcniel

    Starting Whole30 5/14/2018

    This is my second official whole30. I started today as well. My first day hasn't been quite as simple as I was hoping because I'm trying to figure out meal timing with my work and commuting schedule, but I'll get there. Also, my avocado was PAINFULLY unripe at lunch so i wasn't able to eat all of it. I tried though... haha. I already have a headache because I don't like coffee without all the sweet stuff, so no coffee for me, and no diet coke. So...I'm just gonna be dying all week, but I know it gets better!
  10. ldmcniel

    The crazy things people say

    I just started my whole30, and I was going over to a friend's house. Her husband asked if I could stop and get a Coke for him. I said I'd love to but I just can't go anywhere near Diet Coke right now. They said it was fine. When I was at their house, he was like 'just have one, one won't hurt anything.' Dude. I'm trying to break my physical and emotional addiction to Diet Coke and so many other things. Just one absolutely WILL hurt.