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  1. Today is day 14, and I have been struggling. My husband was gone for a week, and I didn't realize how much I rely on him to help me stay on track and just to vent if I'm having a bad day, even though he's not even doing the w30! I hate cooking, so when I don't have the energy to do it, he does it for me. Not having him around has made it very difficult to keep up my motivation. I have stayed compliant with the rules, but not necessarily the recommendations, so I'm not feeling super great (achy, tired, grumpy). But today or tomorrow I'm going to the store to make sure I have GOOD food in the house that I can easily prep. I want to feel better, I want more energy, and I want to be free from this nonsense. I think I just lost sight of that...
  2. Thanks @SugarcubeOD for all the suggestions! I'll take a look at those tonight! I went to the store and got some ready to go fats...cashews, almond butter, cashew butter, avocados, primal kitchen ranch. I also picked up some Lara bars just for emergencies (which unfortunately tend to happen more than they should because mom brain). Now I just need to make some sauces. I also divided my cashews into closed fist sized snack bags because I have ZERO self control with cashews in an open container. Now they're divided into single portions! I think my goal this week is to just be more prepared. Have some back up lunch items ready to go. Have some dinners already made that can be used in a pinch. Prep my breakfast casserole (seriously a life saver). I've been having too many "emergencies" lately because I haven't been prepared because I didn't think ahead...like I said above - mom brain. It's the worst.
  3. Today is day 8 for me...I think? I don't know. I haven't really been counting because I'm doing it for 60 days so... So, currently, my husband is back in Alaska for a week, and I am in Georgia with my wonderful toddler monster and two dog monsters...and I'm trying to get us settled into our apartment. Our apartment is above my husband's grandparents' barn, and it's completely (overly) furnished, so I'm having to work on making it ours. My husband's aunt is helping me, but it's SO much work, and I feel like my brain is just in over drive trying to get everything done and applying for jobs AND focusing so much on food. I am completely out of ready to go fat today. So, when my daughter wakes up we are going to the store! But I really, really, really need to do some prep for next week this weekend. What are your favorite resources for EASY meals (either crockpot or 30min meals!)?? Because I truly hate cooking, and I often have to wear my daughter on my back while I'm cooking... I'm also game for any favorite sauces with relatively cheap ingredients (no income currently!) that I can prep this weekend and have throughout the week!
  4. Woah. I love this. I absolutely love analogies, and this one is PERFECT. Thanks @SugarcubeOD!!
  5. Wow, I love this conversation. I used to feel like I was a really positive person, but as I've gotten older I've isolated myself a lot. Part of that was going from college to working to being a mom...part of it was self esteem and probably a bit of social anxiety. As I've isolated myself, I've gotten very caught up in my own thoughts, my own doubts. On top of that, before I became a mom, the people I saw were co-workers, many of whom were stressed about work and pretty negative about it --> so I became very negative about it and stressed about it (on top of my natural state of being - a people (boss) pleaser). Becoming a mom has brought me out of my shell again and forced me to find positive people to be around (thanks postpartum depression). In reality, being diagnosed with postpartum depression was a huge blessing on my life. I ended up in counseling and around people that I ENJOYED. So, I've become more positive and more willing to work on myself and to look at myself and at God for my value, rather than a scale or other people or my jobs status or, or, or... ANYWAY, that was a huge tangent. But this idea that we need to constantly remind ourselves of the positive messages is so good and so accurate. There is so much negative in the world. From keyboard warriors to those "perfect" snapshots of people's very messy lives...it's hard to know what is reality and what is true about yourself. The ONLY reason I am on this journey to Food Freedom is because I realized that I matter. That I need to take care of myself. That I DESERVE to feel better on a daily basis. That my family deserves to see me happy and thriving. Just my two cents. I'm really enjoying everyone's perspectives here.
  6. @SugarcubeOD thanks for the tips! I was planning on printing the template and putting it on my fridge and never did, so I'll do that today. I've also been planning on making pesto so maybe I'll do that today. I'm unfortunately not a huge fan of extra oils on anything, but I do have access to some salad dressings I can get soon.
  7. I've been skimming through posts, but I just wanted to jump in with an update on me. I'm on day 5. The first few days I REALLY struggled with energy. I had a massive migraine on day 1, most likely from cutting out caffeine on top of everything else (I get headaches really easily too...). The next couple days, I just had NO energy. It sucked. I think I figured out why though. Aside from it just being the beginning, I wasn't adding enough fat into my meals. My go to fat is usually avocado (so if anyone has suggestions on others, please let me know!), and none of my avocados were ripe. Now that I have ripe avocados, I'm feeling much better! I think yesterday was the first day I didn't get a headache, but I got one today. I think that was more from a stressful drive than food though. I also was having some pretty severe aches in my hips on day 3 & 4, which I wasn't expecting since most of my aches and pains went away almost immediately with my first round. I THINK that was happening because I was having too many natural sugars (mainly lara bars...because I've sucked at making sure I have food ready to go this week). Today I've made sure I didn't have any fruit at all, and I feel much better. So now I know to limit even the natural sugars. My mood has been pretty crappy. I need to look at the timeline again because my first round I followed it pretty much to a T. I've been very moody and snippy with my husband...which I hate, and my primary motivation for doing the whole30 (and maintaining it) is my mental health and emotional status. So, hopefully that gets better. It has been great having breakfast prepped already. I made a breakfast casserole the night before day 1, so I think I'll do that again. It makes it so much easier to feed my toddler monster too.
  8. @emilyelowe & @SugarcubeOD, you guys inspired me to make a list of goals... so I hope you don't mind getting to know me pretty well too! 1. stop HURTING - I'm 25, and I hurt all over. My hips, back, neck, hands, feet... It has gotten better since doing my first whole30, but it all came back pretty much as soon as we started our road trip. 2. feel better in my body - I know I'm overweight, but honestly I'm more concerned about how I feel. I don't own a scale, and I'm fine with that. Right now I feel bloated and weighed down all the time. I'm ready to be happy in my skin, and I saw a glimpse of that with my first round. 3. more energy! - I had soooo much more energy & motivation (which really was a testament to my mental status) starting about two weeks into my first round. I'm ready to feel like that again and have it stick! 4. mental/emotional stability - I was diagnosed with postpartum depression at 6 months postpartum because my daughter and I were getting NO sleep, and I ended up in counseling and have realized that I have probably dealt with depression/anxiety type stuff most of my life. When I did my first round though, I was so much happier and stable, really for the first time in my life. It was amazing. I'm ready for that to be my everyday norm. 5. FREEDOM - We just relocated to GA where our families live, and I know part of our experience here needs to involve me resolving internal conflicts that I have with my family. I know that God has called me to live differently from them, and a small part of that is how I eat and care for my body. I think this is the first step to show that I am setting myself apart from them, that I am going to raise my daughter differently, that I still love them even if I do things differently than they did. 6. other things - better digestion, no more restless legs, no more headaches, improved sinus issues
  9. I haven't read through all the posts yet, but I'm starting tomorrow and hope you don't mind if I join! I did my first round on May 1, and I LOVED it. About halfway through, we found out we were going to be moving across the country about a month from then. We literally left the last day of my reintroduction, and we took a month long road trip from Anchorage, Alaska to Georgia. Well, as you might imagine, my plan to stay with my personalized diet plan flew out the window (and was trampled on by all the bison we saw). So I'm here to reset, and I'm doing a whole60 so that I'm not just resetting my body, but also my habits. I feel like poop right now, and I am sooooo looking forward to the energy I had about two weeks into my first round.
  10. May 1 Start - Support

    So I had an extremely hard day today, and I am so happy to say that not once did it occur to me to turn to food or drinks for comfort. That is a HUGE NSV for me!!
  11. May 1 Start - Support

    I cannot believe it's already day 28. Insane! I'm excited for reintroduction. I'm starting with natural sweeteners. I'm planning on avoiding sugar as much as I can. I'm also going to be dividing up the different types of dairy. We are driving across the country very shortly after my reintroduction, and I'm going to do everything I can to make conscious food choices and stay on my diet plan, but I'm also going to stay away from beating myself up if I'm not able to.
  12. May 1 Start - Support

    Question for the veterans doing this round - have you tried different ways of doing the reintroduction? How do you prefer to do it? Right now I'm thinking that I'm going to split up different kinds of dairy because I'm almost positive I'm sensitive to it, but I want to know if it's all of it. I also think I'm not going to reintroduce sugar until it's really, really worth it. I think I am going to reintroduce natural sweeteners though to see how those affect me. I guess I'm just weighing my options and trying to process so I know exactly what my plan is next week.
  13. May 1 Start - Support

    We have a cross country move coming up in less than a month that was just confirmed last week. I am thankful I'm on the whole30 because I actually have the energy and motivation to do what I need to do! I am nervous about reintroduction, but I'm excited for some flavor change. I'm getting bored with my food, but a lot of that is I just don't have a ton of time right now to prep with the move coming up and a toddler running around.
  14. May 1 Start - Support

    So my days can be a little unpredictable because I stay home with my toddler, and while nap time is the same each day, our play groups and appointments and such are not. I need ideas for cold lunches that I can quickly prep in the morning. I'm kind of tired of tuna salad, so something other than that. I've been struggling with getting enough fat in to keep me full too so I'm looking for any creative ways to get that.
  15. Intestinal issues...day 16

    Lara bars haven't been super frequent, but I did have quite a few cashews on Sunday and Monday. That (obviously) didn't occur to me! Why are nuts so difficult to digest?