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    ldmcniel got a reaction from SugarcubeOD in Starting Whole30 5/14/2018   
    I'm still here. Technically I've started over though because we were travelling this weekend, and it honestly wasn't worth the stress of trying to make sure I had every single food item be compliant. I followed the program as much as I could, and I started over yesterday. I'm 100% okay with it though because it made for an easier weekend, and I'm showing myself that I can maintain this lifestyle. So, I'm on day 2 again and will wait at least the full 30 days to do a reintroduction. Right now I'm just a little drained. I'm not sure if that's related to this weekend or just not getting enough sleep. I'm still sleeping great, much better than I was. Some of my stiffness and swelling came back this weekend but was gone by the end of the day yesterday. I'm really looking forward to getting more and more out of this by the end of June.  
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    ldmcniel got a reaction from CaseyP in Starting Whole30 5/14/2018   
    I felt great at the end of mine, so I'm hoping it's just my body needs some time to adjust. We'll see.
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    ldmcniel got a reaction from TheJustinB in Starting Whole30 5/14/2018   
    This is my second official whole30. I started today as well. My first day hasn't been quite as simple as I was hoping because I'm trying to figure out meal timing with my work and commuting schedule, but I'll get there. Also, my avocado was PAINFULLY unripe at lunch so i wasn't able to eat all of it. I tried though... haha.
    I already have a headache because I don't like coffee without all the sweet stuff, so no coffee for me, and no diet coke. So...I'm just gonna be dying all week, but I know it gets better!