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  1. Stepford WASP

    Jan 7 starters group

    Congrats to all the finishers and restarters!
  2. Stepford WASP

    Autoimmune conditions galore and my first W30

    Thanks! It wasn't as hard as I thought, but I still have much work to do. I woke up rough. Major post-nasal drip and sneezing. Basically a really bad allergy day, something I had experienced much less when I was gluten free, but which seem to be getting worse recently. I can't believe how much good I undid by going back to the SAD for a mere 6 months. Before this past July, I had been gluten free for 3+ years, and toward the end of that time, I had been experimenting with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I'd mostly eliminated dairy, ate no nuts or legumes, and even though I didn't completely abstain from sweet (I ate only raw honey from my local farm), I felt great and I lost weight very slowly and very naturally. I never felt deprived. Some bonehead idea invaded my brain in July and it all started with a lobster roll in Kennebunk. That lobster roll was Pandora's box. So now that the Whole30 is over, and I have assessed my progress, I decided to start the AIP today, eliminating nuts, seeds, nightshades, and eggs. I have been unable to find a single AIP source, but I discovered a Pinterest site that links to many awesome recipes, all of which we can use: I am guessing that some of the blog posts these images link to are riddled with AIP articles and tips, so it will be like a rabbit warren of goodness. I am working right now, so I haven't had much time to explore, but I look forward to digging around tonight. One recipe that jumped off the page was meant to be: Sauteed cabbage with capers, garlic and lemon. I have all the ingredients, PLUS a poor, neglected napa cabbage in the veggie bin. Oh! And there's a recipe for eggless bacon mayonnaise I can't wait to try. Before I foget, I found this interesting blog article related to FODMAPS, GAPS, SCD, primal, paleo, et al. I am glad you've decided to do the AIP. I've been dancing around the autoimmune issue during my entire Whole30, but I purposely decided to to a straight Whole30 and see how I felt (hoping I didn't really need to eliminate anything else, heh). It will be nice to share ideas and recipes with someone, given how egregiously restricited this diet is. But it looks like we won't have to be bored, which will help ensure compliance.
  3. Stepford WASP

    Autoimmune conditions galore and my first W30

    I agree, no eggs would be rough. While I have never been a huge egg eater (always preferred a carby breakfast), I'd feel sad about giving up mayo, and I enjoy deviled eggs. But the fact that I don't love eggs on their own gives me a hint that they might not be a problem for me. I seem to care deeply only about giving up the stuff I have/had become addicted to, like dairy and nuts and seeds, and you should hear me whine about eliminating peppers. Ideally, those of us who venture forth on the autoimmune protocol would eliminate all known problem foods for 30-90 days, give our gut a real chance to heal, and then slowly re-introduce those foods one at a time. But the reality is we've already cut out so much by eliminating gluten, dairy, and legumes, and as we grow accustomed to our new diet, we have to find a way of eating that's sustainable. I'd rather deal a little longer with eggs that might cause me to sneeze than get so bored I abandon the entire paleo lifestyle. But that's just me. If my doctor recommended a clean autoimmune protocol, I'd sigh heavily and pout, but I'd do it. The good news is that the gut heals and, unless we have a true food allergy, most of us can resume eating problem foods if we want to, at least occasionally. Since you're embarking on week 2, it will be interesting to see how you feel next week. I never had noticeable withdrawals or major energy slumps in the first couple weeks, but I noticed marked improvements starting around week 3. Onward and upward!
  4. Stepford WASP

    Autoimmune conditions galore and my first W30

    I know what you mean about skin! I was lucky enough to avoid acne, even the adult, hormonal kind, so I was pleasantly surprised by my baby-butt soft skin a week into this plan. This way of eating has also shoved my rosacea into remission, but I have to moderate carbs, which for me means around 100g/day. Don't think that equals a meat-only diet. I consume at least 2 pounds of low-starch veggies every day (~10 cups). Today is Day 30 for me, but like you, I have autoimmune issues, so I will be continuing on with another Whole30—only this time I will experiment with the autoimmune protocol. I don't want to eliminate all of it at once (though I might find the need to eventually). I'll start with eliminating nightshades and see how that goes. Good luck to you! You have probably already encountered the plethora of resources and have read It Starts With Food. If you haven't also bumped into these, I cannot recommend Well Fed highly enough for the invaluable meal prep. Also check out Nom Nom Paleo blog (she even has an app), who recently created daily recipes for the Jan 1 Whole30 group. And then there's Practical Paleo, which is so much more than a cookbook! (When you get to the poop beauty contest, you'll see what I mean.) All outstanding resources, much of it free. No need for us to ever be bored or feel restricted on a Whole30.
  5. Stepford WASP

    Jan 7 starters group

    Silly me, this is week FOUR.
  6. Stepford WASP

    Jan 7 starters group

    We're entering week 3! I hope this is an energetic turning point for everyone.
  7. Stepford WASP

    Coconut permitted on autoimmune protocol?

    I had fresh coconut and coconut milk ages ago, but I think I was far too young to appreciate it. I had no idea coconuts didn't come out of the tree brown and fuzzy though.
  8. Stepford WASP

    Jan 7 starters group

    I wonder if there is something about moving into the third week it seems physiological. Could it be we are becoming fat adapted? My energy is about the same, but I feel bored with food and with cooking, and I haven't been looking at my cookbooks as much. A week or so ago, I couldn't wait to browse food porn, looking for something new to try. I am also adapting my Whole30 to deal with leptin resistance, so my adrenals are probably not overjoyed, which is likely the cause of some of the malaise. I guess we keep marching through so we can see what's on the other side.
  9. Stepford WASP

    Coconut permitted on autoimmune protocol?

    How I know if it's enzymes? Almonds and cashews once showed up on an ELISA IgG test, so I am more inclined to think leaky gut/protein invasion.
  10. Stepford WASP

    Coconut permitted on autoimmune protocol?

    Thanks, both of you. I have not noticed any reaction from coconut milk, cream, butter, flake, or oil. I do get the gurglies from cashews, and my sinuses go into hyperdrive if I consume almonds. Walnuts don't seem to have much effect, but they will also get the boot, along with macadamia. Since my food sensitivities seen to cycle through a 4-day period, I might try eliminating all the nuts—plus coconut—for a week and then introduce coconut back in. Something is still causing inflammation and post-nasal drip, but I suspect nightshades to be the #1 culprit.
  11. I searched the forum, but there were too many coconut results to parse through. (ISFW only mentioned the big nasties to avoid.) I realize coconut isn't a NUT, and I have never heard of it being super allergenic, so is it OK to consume on a Whole30 autoimmune protocol? pleasesayyespleasesayyespleasesayyespleasesayyespleasesayyespleasesayyespleasesayyespleasesayyes Meanwhile, I wonder who first gazed high up into a tree, saw clusters of big, round, brown, fuzzy balls, and thought, "Mmmm, tasty."
  12. Stepford WASP

    Kombucha Recomendations??

    I am impressed! Like Robin, my wallet is starting to shriek when I pull it out. My kombucha habit could easily rival some peoples' Starbucks habit. I also feel bad about all that glass waste. I have 3 GTs in the fridge, so how did you do it? The other day I bought a kombucha "growler," but it just sits on the kitchen counter, looking empty and disappointed.
  13. Stepford WASP

    Do I restart and if so, why not "cheat big" before?

    Daniel. I hope you are doing well a few days past your Taste Explosion. I am no stranger to The Last Supper (e.g., The-day-before-Monday-start-date Diet. ) What I find liberating about the choices I make when I eat is that no matter how badly I head off track, I am but one meal away from putting things right. While some of us may need many months eating strict paleo/primal/Whole30 to regulate whacked hormones, it takes just one healthy/compliant meal to start the ball rolling in the opposite direction. If I am not causing a spike in blood sugar or cortisol, everything else seems to calm down internally, even though I might not feel the benefits for a day or two. Food is fascinating stuff.
  14. Stepford WASP

    Day 12 Daily30 not delivered (and still compliant)

    Thanks, all. I guess it's not just our foodies that cause withdrawals.
  15. I doubt this is the right place to ask this question, but I don't know where else to ask. I did not receive my Day 12 message this morning, and it's always waiting for me when I start work at 5AM. Sometimes I forget to click the "yay, me!" link at night, but that transgression has never affected delivery before. The stunned silence of my in box is not very reassuring. Whom can I contact to make sure I haven't fallen off the delivery list?