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    Cashew Cream Veggie Lasaga?

    Ok, I'm new here so take this with a grain of salt (that's Whole30 approved, haha). I think this boils down to this. The ingredients are allowed but this plan seems to want to break you of old eating habits and open up a new thought pattern that you don't "need" those old foods, you can be satisfied, feel better, and look better if you change the way you think about food. And by doing so you can look at food differently in the future and make better choices. So, I'm not sure that by eating this lasagna you wouldn't feel good that day, everything is an allowed ingredient, but you wouldn't be helping yourself to break those old desires for food. So when you're off Whole30, you'll still be craving that lasagna instead of finding other better things to feed your body and your mind. So, for 30 days at least, let it go and set yourself free. I think this one is more mind than matter.