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  1. Start date Tuesday September 5th

    Day 10 (today) and Day 11 (tomorrow) are usually the hardest days on the Whole30. I'm definitely feeling a little weary today. Hang in there y'all. We got this
  2. Start date Tuesday September 5th

    Is anyone else dreaming about food? I dreamt about chocolate caramel cookies last night. I didn't eat any in the dream, but they seemed like they'd be really good!!!!!
  3. Start date Tuesday September 5th

    @EmilyB456 I hope you get better and feel better soon! Thank you for sharing with us. <3
  4. Start date Tuesday September 5th

    I really experienced the KILL ALL THE THINGS phase! I didn't remember that from my previous Whole30, but it was so long ago -- who knows?! This weekend I slept A LOT! Yesterday (day 6), my body was feeling happier, I'm glad to have made it through the grouchy phase. Here's the calendar, for all those that haven't seen it, I enjoy looking at it -- Whole30 Timeline / Calendar
  5. Start date Tuesday September 5th

    @GRiv @mvonhoff @BadWolf47 @LauraW13 @mtex1985 <-- I think you're all 1st timers. I hope your first Whole30 is going well so far. Please post if you're having any challenges you want to talk about! Or when you have successes! And, all you 2nd, 3+ timers, how's it going for YOU?
  6. Whole 30 Newbie

    @BadWolf47 Congrats on your decision to do a Whole 30 and making it to the end of Day 2! Several other folks started yesterday too - see the thread below. [I'm on day 2, of whole30 #2.] Good for you for giving up caffeine too! I am cutting down on my caffeine this go round, but not ready to give it up completely. Tea only, no coffee for me.
  7. Start date Tuesday September 5th

    RECIPES! @frogtox I'm glad you asked about recipes, I was just thinking I'd love to hear what other people's are. Here's one of my favorite easy ones for adding a veggie I love to a meal. Plus it reheats well for days to come. Easy / Yummy Collard Greens Ingredients: 1/2 onion chopped 5 pieces bacon chopped (whole30 approved or if you don't have that you could do some pork or dark meat turkey) 2 cups bone broth (home made preferably or some other whole30 approved) 1 bag frozen chopped collard greens (another bag is fine too) Spices (salt, pepper, some kind of cayenne or other spice if you like) Apple Juice (optional if you want a dash of sweet to mellow it out, of course 100% juice only) Directions: Saute onions and bacon in heavy pan Add bone broth, spices and collards Simmer for 45 mins or so - OR put it all in a crock pot.
  8. Start date Tuesday September 5th

    DAY 2!!!! I hope first day went well for everyone! So far, I'm pretty tired on day 2. But so far so good.
  9. Start date Tuesday September 5th

    I'm starting today too! And I'm glad all of you are here doing the same. And many veterans... So, I did one Whole30 before (about 2 years ago) and it was transformational. It definitely improved my eating and lifestyle overall, but I've slowly slid to less awesome eating and living. I started a Whole about 6 months ago wanting to remedy this, but I had a hard time sticking to it, and only made it about two weeks—mostly because of poor planning. Looking back, I wasn't fully prepared to do the second one and should have done it more intentionally and consciously. This time in doing this Whole30, I am more prepared. I think and hope the biggest differences will be (a) I wrote some things down about my reasons, my goals and my outcomes (b) I'm committing to it here with all of you (c) I signed up for the email of 30 days from Whole30 Daily (d) I have a public calendar in my house to track progress. (Even though, I'm the only one in the house doing it, my husband is supportive and is doing his own self-improvement regimen.) I'm excited. Let's do this! ----- @MMF - I'm in Denver. Where are you?