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  1. I'm restarting my whole30. sometimes work is so crazy, I just want to grab a can of soup from my desk & heat it up, especially those days when I didn't get to cook & bring nice leftovers in. But I'm having a lot of trouble trying to find a soup that is Whole 30 (for this month) or Paleo (when I finish this Whole30) compliant. I live in Houston, so have a lot of supermarket choices or can order from Amazon. thanks!
  2. craftygrrl

    Reintroduction- want to throw in the towel!!!!

    I just thought I'd through in that there was a new study out that said stress worsens allergy symptoms. Interesting, no?
  3. craftygrrl

    Lenten Whole40 support thread

    So sorry for your loss lujo. They are a family member and it takes time to grieve their absence, especially when you are feeling guilty that you should have done something more... Tessturbo, I just found mini romaine lettuce heads at Costco- perfect for making little sandwiches. we wrapped hot dogs in them last night. TDC- keep up the good work! you've had a lot on your plate too. has anyone started a reintro thread for this group yet?( since the moderators suggested that we do that once we reintro)
  4. craftygrrl

    Lenten Whole40 support thread

    HI all! glad to hear the talk about reintro. Last whole30 I did, totally blew the reintro cause had a major family thing. Which come to think of it is why I had to restart partway through this one.... this time I'm trying to plan my reintro. so that I'm done BEFORE Easter and can plan dinner in advance (or at least what I'm going to eat at the inlaws). So I plan to start with gluten containing flour first- ie bread. I plan pizza without cheese for dinner, and whatever else breadlike I can find during the day. Just to make sure that I'm actually doing it right this time- day one is your reintro to that food group, eat that one food group all day, keeping the rest of your diet whole 30 compliant. Days 2&3, back to whole 30 compliant, no bread for example. day 4, reintro a different good group, dairy, for example, have cheese in my eggs for breakfast, yogurt which I've found I really missed, more so than the milk and the coconut milk yogurt is just not the same....cheese on something for lunch and milk with dinner. then days 5 & 6, back to whole 30 compliant... have I got that right? Tess, that rash does sound suspicious for an allergy to wheat peahen, the nomnompaleo mexican cremes de chocolate have looked really good ever since I got the cookbook, just have been too lazy to make them. deliciously organic has a couple of really cool desserts that I'm planning on for after the whole 30 lujo, my favorite blender is actually a Vitamix, which I love dearly and have had one for years. but they are expensive. you can get one a little cheaper if you order the certified reconditioned, which is what I did this last time
  5. craftygrrl

    Lenten Whole40 support thread

    I definitely love the Italian red sauce. You can make "noodles" out of zucchini and use those; either use a julienne tool or New and Essential Spiralizer Tri-Blade Spiral Vegetable Slicer by ClearMax to make zucchini noodles. is the cool toy I bought on Amazon (can't get the picture to load here, sorry). I used my Vitamix to make mayonnaise, but had to follow their recipe (3 eggs & 1 3/4 c. oil, 1/4 c. lemon juice or vinegar, dry mustard & salt.) I had epic fails with the Wellfed recipe in the Vitamix, because I mixed it too long, for 3 eggs it only takes less than 60 seconds. I used to have a blender and just wasn't thinking. I think I want to try the immersion blender method I've seen. Has anybody had any luck with that? I have been really proud of myself. I have been really really stressed and all the food ads are calling me. didn't help that I had to go into work early & forgot my lunch at home. finding compliant food at work has been an issue (which is why I usually bring lunch). tomorrow is fish day. ugh. I normally like fish, but I think I like breaded fish more. or pickled herring, but I need bread or crackers to eat that....tired of cold tuna or smoked salmon for lunches. hope work has some grilled fish available. tired of salad too. only 1 more week- Yeah!
  6. craftygrrl

    Lenten Whole40 support thread

    Hi Organic Mom, Hi peahen chocolate cravings. ugh. one of my really really hard things. I have found one chocolate tea that was compliant, (but I just ran out of it, and of course hubby, being the sweetheart he is, threw the empty container out, and took the trash out, so I'm going to have to search all the teas at the store to see which one it was that didn't have noncompliant stuff. If you are a real cardcarrying (can do without the sugar part), I make a hot cocoa at night sometimes, that is hot water plus cocoa powder mixed to a paste, then almond milk, maybe a little cinnamon. heat. then top with chocolate coconut milk (blend coconut milk, cocoa & vanilla, refrigerate, thats one of my coffee creamers). not sweet, but I'm not sure if it counts as SWPO? I don't add any sugar to it. Just sometimes I get sick of tea, and part of my evening wind down ritual is a warm cup of tea or cocoa. Moderators? is that SWPO? or compliant? Yeah- 46 days to Lent? maybe could do reintroduction BEFORE Easter? then wouldn't blow it so badly on Easter. Except I think I can't, cause I blew it at that family dinner. Oh well, it was a nice thought while it lasted. I'll count days just to make sure. Lujo, here's the link to Veg Out: well, it didn't save as a link, but you can copy & paste it into your browser. Not all of their recipes are Whole30 compliant, but at least they are ideas to try new things. For a while there, I used to buy one new fruit or veggie that I had never tried before each grocery trip. Problem with that idea is that a lot of the new stuff was expensive- especially the new or different fruits- $5 for one piece? Yikes. So I fell away from that. Have a good week!
  7. craftygrrl

    Lenten Whole40 support thread

    mcjule, lujo, TDC I hadn't even started thinking about reintro yet. I blew it last time as we ended our whole30 just in time for a major family gathering, with all the attendant non-whole30 compliant foods, so I didn't slowly reintroduce as I'd planned. And, with it being Easter, will need definitely to plan this time. Have to decide which area I want to reintroduce first. If you have a specific plan with food choices, please post. McJule, hope you feel better soon. I'm not sure if the Yogi teas for cold comfort are compliant or not, some of their teas are, some aren't but my eldest daughter (who is not doing this with us) is drinking them now for her miserable cold. the other thing that I found that helps is a neti pot (but use sterile water to make your saline because of the risk of infection). That said, has anybody seen the Veg Out Recipe for Success? 30 different veggies in 30 days? Anybody else trying it? We've kinda gotten into a rut with our veggies (even before we started this whole 30), so I thought that it might be a good idea.
  8. craftygrrl

    Lenten Whole40 support thread

    The light alarm clocks are the best! I wake up much more nicely to the gradual increase of light, than being blasted out of bed by the alarm (altho I admit, I have 3 alarms, one light, one birdsong (on the light alarm) and the backup on the Blackberry.)
  9. craftygrrl

    Lenten Whole40 support thread

    I'll defer to the moderators, but I read that occasional canola oil isn't a whole 30 killer, otherwise no one would be able to eat out in restaurants and many people have to travel/eat out. (but its not something you should keep at home). So you should still be able to get your veg sauteed. I really like the "elimination diet to determine food sensitivies" wish I'd thought of that. Just realized when you wrote this and when I'm responding. Hope your day went well.
  10. craftygrrl

    Lenten Whole40 support thread

    Thanks peahen! Sorry I haven't been posting, I just realized that if I respond to the emails its doesn't post. (I was hoping it would work) I have been participating in communion, both bread and wine, because I'm a Eucharistic minister and often up being up a cup minister. I finally got my mayo to work. figured out what I was doing wrong. I have a Vitamix and I was following the WellFed directions, which is too long to let it run in the Vitamix. If I had a regular blender, it would work. Wasted a lot of oil and eggs (3rd batch was a charm though.) And for the first time, I made almond milk. It was a lot of work. Soaked the almonds for 24 hours. (no, they didn't peel either, I tried). There has got to be an easier way. I had to have my husband squeeze the puree, cause my hands gave out. And what do you do with all the pureed almonds after? I read you can dry it in the oven. and use it for what? its not fine enough for flour. Suggestions please. (And is the milk only good for 2 -3 days)? A lot of work for that. But it tastes good. And after blowing it at the family birthday party on Saturday, I'm back on track (on the wagon, back on the horse, whatever). I had planned Saturday, did well at my morning meeting and my volunteer gig in the afternoon. But then went to in-laws for a birthday party (it was a reconciliation thing so I didn't feel I could bring separate food). There was a lot of grilled meat, but no veggies, no salad, no fruit. Ok, I lied. there was salad. potato salad. macaroni salad. 7 layer salad. and beans. and red beans and rice. I found the guacamole. but blew it with the red beans and rice. But at least I skipped the tortilla chips and beer. So I have started over. And I am proud of me. Work has been full of cookies, and donuts, and candy. and more candy. and more candy. And I have NOT SUCCUMBED! (even tho some of it was my favorite). And as Scarlett said, tomorrow is another day.
  11. craftygrrl

    Lenten Whole40 support thread

    Support is good with meal suggestions. Especially since Fridays during Lent will be a challenge for us. Previous years, we had a routine on Fridays, either (fried) fish or veggie pizza Friday night. We volunteer at our church's Lenten fish fry, so that will be a problem. Breakfast should be ok, just eggs (but no bacon or sausage with it); or a pumpkin "souffle" that I make (canned pumpkin, eggs, coconut milk, whipped in blender and baked, served with coconut milk and blueberries). Lunch will be tuna or smoked salmon most likely. Looking forward to supporting each other through Lent.
  12. craftygrrl

    Homemade Mayo Recipe?

    my easy recipe is one room temp egg, 1 tbsp white vinegar, 1/2-1 tsp dry mustard (powder), 1 cup light olive oil. I use a vitamix, only on variable low speeds #1, then up to #6 (they have a video on their site also or its in their cookbook), then you can add what you want to it. Put the egg, vinegar, mustard powder and about 1/4 c. of the oil in the container. Turn it on, then increase the speed, and drizzle in the oil slowly, until the sound changes and the mayo has solidified, it only takes 30 seconds. It should not heat up or smoke while blending; it shouldn't even really get warm. Remember its a raw egg, so organic is best.... in our house, it doesn't last more than a week, (ranch dressing is best with homemade mayo) the book says you can keep it for two... good luck!
  13. craftygrrl

    What kind of coconut milk do I get?

    another way to make coconut milk yogurt- I think it was on Nom Nom Paleos site- 1 can of coconut milk and 1 tbsp probiotic coconut water or probiotic capsule I blend my Native Forest milk after I open it, cause otherwise its a thick glob in water, mix in the probiotic coconut water, pour into sterilized glass jar with a lid. Place in your oven with the oven light on. Leave for 24 hours. Then its ready. It was really easy, the only hard part was reminding everyone to leave the oven light on. If you use the whole can, including the water, its a little thinner. (I was a big Greek yogurt eater before).
  14. craftygrrl

    substitute for milk in coffee?

    I know some people have said they changed how they made their coffee, to make it smoother, but I still like cream of some sort in my coffee. I use Native Forest organic coconut milk (canned) , I blend it and put it in the fridge, it thickens up nicely and goes well in coffee with a little cinnamon. Amazon carries it if you don't have a Whole Foods nearby. Colleen is right- if I drink two cups then I don't want breakfast. hope this helps! good luck!
  15. craftygrrl

    Travel snacks

    also as a thought, although you can't usually bring an ice pack through, you can freeze some of your food (Ie meat) for later, then by the time you are ready to eat, it should be defrosted enough to eat; and it helps keep the other things cold as well. my example is one I have done since college; I grilled hamburgers (actually my dad grilled), then I took them with me frozen, by lunch time they were defrosted enough to eat. hope this helps