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    @Susabella627 Hi! Glad to hear from you again! Sounds like you had a busy and fun August. Hope your surgeries go well. I'll be thinking of you. I'm so grateful to have met you and @emilyelowe on here. 
    My new Whole30 is going well, but it's kind of a kick in the pants to realize that I hadn't quite squashed that sugar dragon as thoroughly as I thought. I had a strange KILL ALL THE THINGS day related to not being able to use food to comfort myself when I was going in for a hard day of lab work. Definitely need to work on some new coping strategies!  
    In much more fun news, I "had" to buy an entire new fall wardrobe seeing as how my all my clothes were completely baggy on me. Seriously. I'm wearing a t-shirt right now that used to be very form fitting and is now more of a loosely fitted t-shirt.
    Hope you ladies are doing well! I'm loving the September Whole30 group, but I do miss you two! 
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    Congrats, @alw289! Sounds like you are well on your way.
    @NoneOtherThanAmy I introduced wine on Friday but didn’t really get the joy I recalled, so am backing off that. I also am going to keep going Whole30 as much as possible because I still need to get in better shape for Nordic ski season here in VT. I have started to slowly ramp up my exercise, so hope to get a little more fit too.
    The other things I learned is:
    1) I love ghee so made a new batch with grass fed butter. It really is amazing with free range scrambled eggs. Yes, those eggs cost more, but they really taste better and I like knowing there are more nutrients and omega 3 fats in this version. I have a crush on ghee for my favorite cooking fat.
    2) Because I already had them, I used ketone strips to see my ketone state pre- and post- wine evening. The Friday morning measurement showed I was halfway up on the strip legend, the Saturday morning after consuming two glasses of white wine in the evening reading said “no trace.” My conclusion is, if I drink wine, my fat burning stops. Since I prefer to be a little leaner,I will choose to delay wine in the evening for a while longer. 
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    Just checking in to say I finished on Tuesday!  I'm eating mostly compliant meals (but normal butter and not worrying about added sugar).  I've decided that moving forward I'm going to allow myself 4 out of 21 meals a week that are not paleo/whole30.  At those meals though, I still need to have protein, fat and veg.  I'm going to try this for a few weeks/months and see if it helps with my FFF.  I think a little more structure for the first few weeks will hopefully help.
    I'm happy to say I lost 7 lbs which is just unbelievable to me.  I ate four template meals a day and snacked as needed and STILL lost weight. I fall asleep faster and sleep deeper, which after 9 months of pregnancy and then 6 months of having a baby were WONDERFUL NSVs.  My energy is more consistent and when I do get hungry, it's something I can manage and I don't feel light headed and nauseous.  I'm very pleased with how this round went! 
     I restarted the couch to 5k to keep this fitness/health journey going.  I'm excited to slowly build up my strength and endurance!
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    NoneOtherThanAmy got a reaction from ChristyJ in Empty Nest, so many feels "comforted" by food   
    @ChristyJ Why not start a whole7, 14, etc. whatever you have time to do now, and then do a full whole30 when you have the time to complete the entire thing? I guess I'm trying to say, "Why wait? Start now." You know your health is worth it. There's a "Riding Your Own Bike" article on this site somewhere that might help put things into perspective. My favorite part of that article is that it reminds me to be gentle with myself for slips and backtracks. They're going to happen. Life happens. We aren't going to be perfect at this food freedom thing right out of the gate. Once you recognize that you're no longer making healthy choices about food, go back to the reset. It doesn't even necessarily need to be a whole30, maybe you just need 10 days to get back on track. Whatever it takes so food becomes about nourishment again and not comfort.
    As for the fitness part, what about joining a running group or something? Maybe choose something easy, like a 5k or 10k training group (if you've signed up for a marathon, I'd assume 10k would be easy?). The group aspect would give you extra motivation as well as some socialization, and then once you've gotten your confidence in your fitness back it might be easier to go to the bootcamp. 
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    I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but why did you choose to do a Whole30 in the first place? What attracted you to the program? You said it was to lose weight and address some other issues, but it just sounds like you aren't super excited about the program or following the rules...of course that is fine, you're an adult no one is forcing you to do this, just maybe it's not right for you.
    I totally understand getting frustrated at the rules, but they're the rules of the program - if you don't like them, don't do the program! It's not a cure-all for everything for every single person - it's very clear that the purpose is to eliminate certain things for just 30 days and then re-introduce them. You're not meant to eat this way (following the whole30 rules) forever, the point is to eventually figure out the perfect diet for you. Maybe you think sulphites don't affect you, but for example what if you eliminated them and found that your mid afternoon headaches were gone. Then, you re-introduced the sun dried tomatoes with added sulphites and the headaches returned? You might decide to keep eating them, but maybe it wouldn't be worth it to you and you'd find another brand without the added sulphites (or make them yourself!).
    Also, there are TONS of recipes and meal ideas out there, so saying there is nothing to eat just isn't the case. I found a lot of new foods/ingredients that I hadn't considered before, you just have to be willing to try new things. Again, if you simply don't want to that it's completely fine for you and your context, but making such a general statement that there is nothing to eat isn't true.
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    NoneOtherThanAmy reacted to littleg in It didn't work for me   
    It sounds like the past 30 days were tough for you.  Sorry that was the case!  I just am going to throw out a few ideas that you can take or leave
    1. Family food - in our house hubs eats what I make or he makes his own thing.  I don't know how things work in your house but is your daughter old enough that if she doesn't want what you make she can make her own meal?  Hubs often eats what I call "paleo plus" - if I make burgers he may have a bun, if I make sauce he may have noodles, things like that but the "main" meal is the same.  If I make spaghetti sauce I'm not making garlic bread, pasta, etc to go with it - I'm making my sauce and zucchini/sweet potato noodles and that is it.  If hubs wants extras that is up to him.  
    2.  It sounds like you didn't like a lot of the food you made because you were trying to adapt your usual recipes.  I totally get this!  Mom's sauce isn't going to be mom's sauce without the red wine... but there are lots of other sauces out there that may be worth a shot!  W30 is always a time for us to try *new* recipes - you might have found some you really liked.
    3.  "Lots of nuts" is often an indication things were not as well rounded for meals as they could have been.  Snacks should be template based and ideally you don't need them.  Maybe more fat/protein/volume at meals would have helped you "need" fewer nuts?  I'm 5'2" ~130 lbs... meal 1 for me today was 3 jumbo eggs cooked in duck fat (maybe 1/2 tbsp), 1/2 bag frozen spinach (so 8 oz), and 2 big handfuls of some onions and peppers I pan fried in coconut oil a few days ago with a side of mayo (1-2 tbsp).  Point being: a decent amount of food.  Kept me full for about 5 hrs.  
    4.  You said you aren't going to continue.  Which is fine.  You are an adult and can totally make that choice.  But as you go forward - especially with a goal of normalizing blood sugar and liver function... think about why your "go to" chicken chunks have sugar in them... and if maybe you could make your own chicken soup on a rainy day and freeze some for the next time you are sick so you don't need to eat canned food.  In my opinion so much of one's success about the W30 is "buying in" to the idea that "food is medicine".  And if you don't just feel that... well than W30 is tough because, gosh, it is restrictive and  BUT if you truly believe that you can heal yourself with food I think there is a mind shift that suddenly makes the effort worthwhile.  At least that is why I make the effort to eat paleo most of the time because I truly believe eating food - from the ground, trees, animals, ocean, etc and not food that has to make its way through a factory first is truly the best thing I can do for myself and my family.
    Anyway, however you decide to go forward I hope you have some success with the biomarkers you are hoping to change!
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    Great ideas, thanks again SugarcubeOD! I did enjoy the ranch I made out of my mayo the other week and that seems like it would go better with my breakfast than mayo. Sundried tomatoes in oil and avocado would be good too! I keep thinking avocados are crazy expensive right now, but they're really only $0.25 more than they were when they were on sale during the summer. 
    Hope everyone else is getting on well! I had a weird day yesterday and only ate 2 meals. Then today I forgot to pack lunch, so of course I'm starving at noon and I've got to be here until 3 PM or so.  Last night I had my first food dream of this Whole30 and now I'm wondering if that's connected to not eating enough yesterday. In my dream I ran a race and then ate something like 5 bagels afterwards. Apparently I needed some extra carbs or something. LOL.  Hmm, I also didn't have any starchy carbs yesterday...maybe there is something to the dream being connected to reality. 
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    NoneOtherThanAmy got a reaction from Yolanda C. in Advice on Delaying Reintroduction Foods   
    Congrats on finishing a Whole30! That's a pretty big accomplishment. It sounds like this writer's retreat is also a pretty big deal, I mean you won your spot! That's also an amazing accomplishment, so I definitely wouldn't think you'd want to cancel.
    I think there may be a few things you could do: call ahead of time and ask about the meal options and see if they can accommodate paleo or a gluten-free/dairy-free diet.  
    You have a few days to do reintroductions, so perhaps take one of those days to try something that will likely show up at the retreat. I had a very similar experience at the end of my first Whole30, so I reintroduced gluten and found that I didn't have many consequences from that, but I really needed to stay away from dairy if I wanted to enjoy my conference. That gave me very valuable information and opened up my food choices considerably. 
    I also ended up doing the 3rd option on your list as well, so I just finished my 2nd Whole30 and am now going to reintroduce the things that I didn't have time to properly reintroduce at the end of my first one. I've enjoyed my 2nd Whole30 and learned some new things that I didn't learn the first time. 
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    Since it's the last day of this Whole30 for me, I thought I'd check in one last time. Thank you everyone for your motivation, experiences, recipes and just being there. I wish all of you the best.  I'm going to reintroduce foods with the Fast Track option...very excited about my glass (or two) of red wine that's chilling in the fridge. Which option are you going to try?
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    @ShellyM & @alw289 I'm feeling similar to both of you, somehow. It's almost the end! So I'm excited and kind of "blah" at the same time. I spent Sunday making up veggies for the week and didn't do much meat prep, so I had to do it on Monday. I've just sort of felt out of sync ever since then. The food has been fine, but I didn't really have a good plan for the week, so things were just sort of made on the fly with whatever I had on hand. I also had a mayo disaster (olive oil and raw egg all over the counter and floor) on Monday. It just hasn't been the week I was hoping for. 
    @ShellyM I've never seen that vegetable before. It looks interesting. What did you end up doing with it? Hope the rest of the week has gone better. I only cook for myself and I kind of enjoy it.  I can make whatever I want, I can make recipes the way I want, and I have leftovers for most of the week! I had a bf once who was a super picky eater and I hated it (like no onions...just, WHAT???? ). It's not why we broke up, but I am now completely grateful to be able to make food according to my preferences.  I've also been thinking about extending my Whole30. I'm not sure if I will or not, but it might be nice to try for a Whole45. 
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    NoneOtherThanAmy reacted to laura_juggles in Is it really that difficult?   
    There is, like, one thing you can order at In n Out and one thing you can order at Chipotle. Doesn't really scream to me that there are so many options for eating out at those places...
    Folks in a forum such as this also are primarily coming here when they need help, so it's going to be a lot of questions and struggles. Sure, there's a fair amount of tough love from some members and the mods (especially re: pancakes) but most of the time it's just people trying to do the best they can and preferring to double check instead of accidentally screwing up and starting over. 
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    NoneOtherThanAmy reacted to racheleats in Is it really that difficult?   
    Honestly I think it depends a lot on your perspective and how convenient you want it to be for yourself. It's a lot easier now than a few years ago with a lot of whole30approved products and meal planning/delivery service. But, I don't think it's so easy to be dismissive of the challenges people face. Lots of people who try the whole30 are coming from a really bad dieting place, and changing YEARS of engrained habits and your emotional relationship to food IS hard.
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    I can't believe its September 27!  The last week has been the most difficult for me, I am so tired of all the time in the kitchen..... and I like to cook!  I have been trying to plan or find simple quick meals.  My husband is out of town this week, which is good and bad.  I only have to think about feeding 1 person, but it is also easier to be lazy.  I did go food shopping today including the farmers market, so I am planning on a bit more kitchen time. Chicken Tinga in the Instant Pot!  I also found this beautiful romanesco.  Anybody have any suggestions?  I'm thinking of roasting it.  
    I am going to extend my W30 at least another 2 weeks.  I am scheduled for minor (arthroscopic) knee surgery on Oct 13. My biggest NSV is how much better my knee feels.  I even considered not having the surgery.  The anti-inflammatory nature of W30 has really helped and I need to stay with it.   Anybody that started later in the month?  are you still here? 
    I am on FB-- Shelly Mozlin. Lots of people in bike helmets
    I am on Insta too-- vergenceranges. That's where I put more food/w30 things.  

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    @WholeCourtney Thanks! I'm sure you'll have an excellent race!  You've got the right's so important to be proud of any progress.
    I was a little disappointed that I wasn't able to run the whole 5k after 6 months of trying to get there, but I looked back at where I started and realized I had made a ton of progress and could be proud of that. In April, I could *barely* run for 5 mins straight, I couldn't do it if it involved any hill, and I definitely couldn't do it a 2nd time even if I walked for 10 mins before trying again. Now in September, I can run an entire 5k on 5 min running/1 min walking intervals. I've even managed to run 3 miles straight since the race, but at a slower speed (closer to 13 min/mile). 
    I feel like I keep making this thread about me, but all I'm trying to say is that you can do it! I've been where you are and I made it through, so you can too! 
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    @stacie66 I had a lot of the same worries around reintroduction during my last Whole30 as well. There are a few very good articles around this site on life after the Whole30 (moderator @ShannonM816 has a bunch the links her signature) that helped me gain a good perspective about reintros. Specifically, one called "Riding your own bike" was very helpful to me. The thing I needed to hear is that I won't be perfect as soon as I complete my first Whole30 and that's OK. I'll try my best and when I get way off track, I can come back to the Whole30 to get back to where I want to be. This 2nd Whole30 has been amazing for me in terms of learning things that I didn't learn during the first round. I think I've mostly conquered my sugar dragon, but I still definitely have a 'convenience/celebration' dragon that demands junk foods Friday nights and after a hard day of work. I'm getting better about working through that, but it's so much easier on a Whole30 when those things are just completely off the table.
    We can make a group thread over in the reintroduction section when that time comes. We did that with my last group and it was a great space to work through some of my stumbles and figure out my sugar triggers. As for other social media, I'd love to keep up with everyone else too! I really only use Instagram right now and I'm the same user name there - NoneOtherThanAmy - but, I will warn you ahead of time that about 1/2 of my posts or so are about my other hobbies, knitting and spinning yarn, with a few random science-y posts thrown in here or there.  I do post some whole30-related things too, of course! 
    @alw289 Your plan sounds great to me! It's great to hear that you'll be putting your hard work to good use this time by doing reintroductions. I'm also glad you're focusing on your NSVs. It can be very difficult to maintain positivity when you're not feeling like you're getting to a goal that you were hoping to make even if that wasn't the main focus. I've been having some great NSVs lately too. I'm much happier and more confident than before and those NSVs are much more important to me than any of the other changes. To put my body changes into perspective, it's not as if the clothes I bought at the beginning of September are falling off. I don't think it's been a big change in body composition, but I wasn't expecting much change at all, so any small change is kind of exciting.
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    @stacie66 I'm also not necessarily feeling many body changes and am a bit disappointed.  I know I still have a few days to go  (today is day 22 for me) but I just don't think the weight loss will be there this time.  So, I'm trying to focus on my NSVs and remember that I didn't really go into this for weight loss, I went into it to get my eating back on track.  I may be in the lucky group of women who holds onto an extra few lbs while breastfeeding and that's ok!  My body is sustaining a tiny human and that is amazing.
    @NoneOtherThanAmy I'm also thinking about reintroduction.  I'm always better with a concrete plan so here's how I'm going to handle the reintro: day 31- non gluten grains, day 34- wine/alcohol, day 37- dairy, day 40- gluten.  I'm not really tempted by legumes, so I'll probably slow roll that or tag it on after the gluten experiment.  I'm going to stick to it this time.  The other two times I was only thinking of it as a 30 day reset and faceplanted into cheesy, gluteny wonderfulness so did NOT take advantage of all the hardwork.  This time, with a plan in place, I fell confident that I can handle the reintroduction.  
    I'm also looking forward to setting another "health" goal which will be fitness related. Once again, I'm better with a concrete plan, so I'm going to start on October 9th and I need to figure out what that fitness challenge is going to be!  
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    Glad you're feeling good about your progress again @stacie66! It does become easier as time goes on, but eating this way takes a lot of time and effort. I'm in the middle of a big cook up for the week and halfway dreaming about the days when I could lay around and watch football all Sunday long!  I'm also curious about the cholesterol thing. I know the science is explained in "It Starts with Food" but it's just so against the grain of everything I've heard all my life. 
    Thanks for the sauce recommendation @ShellyM! I'll have to give it a try! Thinking of that...I ran out of mayo yesterday and didn't have any fat with my breakfast this morning.  Oops. 
    Things are going well for me on day 24! I'm surprised at how much it feels like my body has changed. I'm going to have to start buying new running leggings and shorts pretty soon. I was pulling up my shorts every few strides for the first bit of my Saturday AM run (luckily, they stuck in place after I started sweating ) and I hadn't had to do that with those shorts before. It's getting a little expensive to keep replacing all these clothes.  Other than the clothing, I felt pretty good on my run. I'm doing the No Boundaries 2 group with the Fleet Feet here and we moved from intervals in No Boundaries 1 to running the entire distance plus adding in some speed bursts or hill workouts. It's a little intimidating, but I'm enjoying it. I joined these groups to RUN!!! I *should* be exhausted by the end. 
    How's everyone feeling about reintroductions starting next weekend? I have a few food groups I want to try such as legumes and non-gluten grains. I screwed up my reintroduction with NGGs last time, so I want to see if they really make me extra exhausted or if it was trying to go for a run before work! As a scientist I should have known better than to change another variable on a reintroduction day. After that, I'll probably go into slow-roll mode and do my best  to stay as Whole30 as I can until the end of the semester and the holidays. 
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    Hello, All!
    Day 24 and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! The past week was a little discouraging as I wasn't noticing any substantial changes in my body. I know it's not a weight loss program, but a girl can dream   Anyway, the last couple of days has definitely brought on some more changes. I had some cellulite that I've noticed is visibly less, so of course, I'm thrilled about that.
    I've also been able to concentrate on those projects that have taken a back seat these past few weeks. I've spent so much time prepping, shopping and looking for new recipes, that I feel I've put everything else aside. It's all for a good reason, but ready to get back into my normal routine as these changes have started to become much easier.  Sitting here making a list of projects to begin this week. I like to repurpose furniture, and now I feel like I have the energy to tackle the bigger projects that have been sitting there for months.
    Also, I've moved here just a few months ago and still haven't found a primary doctor, so that's on the list this week.  Going to have an annual physical and blood work done. I'm very interested to see where my cholesterol numbers are. I was borderline high last year, so hopefully this clean eating has lowered all of that. I am a little concerned, since I'm eating much more meat, but we'll see.
    Hope everyone else has a great final week.  Stay strong W30ers!
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    @LauraOC From my perspective as a Whole30 participant, the recipe in the book does use apple cider as a sweetener, so I had no issues with using dates to sweeten the ketchup when I made my own. To keep more in line with the Whole30 feel, I only used 2 dates to sweeten the ketchup rather than the 1/2 cup called for in the recipe I was following. I do remember that I used much less vinegar than the recipe in the book, but I think I added more at the end to come up with a flavor that I thought would be similar to the recipe in the book. I'm pretty happy with my ketchup; it is not overly sweet or vinegary, but has hints of both flavors and goes well with burgers and baked "fries".
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    Try souping up your mayo?  I like a version of the secret sauce Mel Joulwan has with her Egg Foo Young... mayo, sesame oil, a bit of ginger, a dash of coconut amino... or try making a pesto?  Or putting a heaping few spoons of sundried tomato in oil (costco has one that is olive oi) or avocado?  Sunshine sauce would be a good one too...
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    NoneOtherThanAmy reacted to ShellyM in #SeptemberWhole30   
    @NoneOtherThanAmy my favorite sauce on almost anything is chimichurri
    Tonight on Day 22 I cooked Pork Braised in Coconut Water from Michele Tam's (Nomnom Paleo) new cookbook Ready or Not.  The prep wasn't very complicated, but it did take a few extra minutes to brown the pork chunks.  Then it just simmers on the stove for 90 minutes (she includes directions for cooking it in the crockpot or Instant Pot). It is very good!!!  My husband really enjoyed it.  The flavors are more subtle, especially compared to most of the sauces and marinades I've been cooking with lately (like chimichurri!).  There was a lot of broth left in the bottom off the pot, which I poured into a jar.  I'm thinking I can use it to make a serving or two of soup.  
    I also made my go-to kale salad which is raw kale, a vinaigrette dressing, some sliced dates and and some sliced almonds.  The trick to making the raw kale salad-worthy is to massage it!  Sprinkle a tablespoon each of olive oil and whatever kind of vinegar you are using on the kale, and massage it for a minute or two.  This really softens it and makes it much easier to eat raw.  
    Like @alw289 and @NoneOtherThanAmy I am working on the food part of the equation before ramping up my exercise.  The good news is my knee feels significantly better, so I can handle more activity. I also have more energy so I am hoping to get into a more productive routine that includes getting to the gym more regularly.  
    @Bookgrrl You are a warrior!  hope things get better very soon.
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    Great ideas, thanks again SugarcubeOD! I did enjoy the ranch I made out of my mayo the other week and that seems like it would go better with my breakfast than mayo. Sundried tomatoes in oil and avocado would be good too! I keep thinking avocados are crazy expensive right now, but they're really only $0.25 more than they were when they were on sale during the summer. 
    Hope everyone else is getting on well! I had a weird day yesterday and only ate 2 meals. Then today I forgot to pack lunch, so of course I'm starving at noon and I've got to be here until 3 PM or so.  Last night I had my first food dream of this Whole30 and now I'm wondering if that's connected to not eating enough yesterday. In my dream I ran a race and then ate something like 5 bagels afterwards. Apparently I needed some extra carbs or something. LOL.  Hmm, I also didn't have any starchy carbs yesterday...maybe there is something to the dream being connected to reality. 
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    D'oh! Of course, you're right. I'd probably have to drink an entire carton for it to count as my fat for the meal. I'll skip it then, thanks! I actually love black coffee.  I was just getting sick of adding mayo to my breakfast veggie saute every morning.  I bought some coconut flakes a while back, maybe I'll have to see if I can figure out a breakfast hash that incorporates coconut...
    (No worries on the book...there's no rush!)
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    NoneOtherThanAmy got a reaction from stacie66 in #SeptemberWhole30   
    Ugh! That sucks. Glad you've got a plan moving forward and I hope things get better. Let us know how things work out. 
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    NoneOtherThanAmy got a reaction from Leighdarilek in #SeptemberWhole30   
    @nahannilove Welcome! I agree, I am surprised that there isn't more momentum here for the September Whole30. I guess most people who are active on Whole30 social media are getting their support there rather than here. And that's OK, of course.  I'm pretty excited to follow along with the mass Whole30 and see how everyone does.