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  1. Struggling with the time commitment

    Thank you @SugarcubeOD ! I am so thankful for this forum and have found all you moderators SO helpful! I like the idea of cooking lots of separate veggies and protein! I definitely want to try that. One thing I learned from my Whole 30 is the importance of breakfast! I have nailed down cooking up some Turkey sausage links I get from fresh market, with diced tomatoes! I bake both in the oven at the beginning of the week, and combine in the skillet each morning for 10 minutes and the result is SO. GOOD. When I have breakfast, I feel much more focused and less frazzled at work. A no brainer, but I am seriously prioritizing this now! I definitely will look into Mel and @ladyshanny. so fun you guys are on this journey together as sisters! Can I come to your thanksgiving?
  2. Struggling with the time commitment

    Yeah I gotcha there, and am so thankful I made that investment! The nights of 3 hrs of cooking were my meal prep nights for the week like I said, crazy schedule, so weekends did not work at first. I understand that time commitment is a reality, and there is no way to "microwave" that (literally and figuratively). But I guess what I am looking for are examples of people who eat healthy every day, but do not do that as their job. More of a "real life" example for a full-time working individual. I have been pulling so much good inspiration from Melissa and others through social media. (Side note: it's funny that you mention that because I definitely spend way too much time there ) Their recipes and advice have been so beneficial, but sometimes feels unattainable for the long term. Does that make sense?
  3. I have completed the Whole 30, now reintroducing and I am SO THANKFUL for all the NSVs! However, I work full time and am also in grad school classes. While I loved every bit of my Whole 30, it pulled me away from my friends at times, and I felt that the little free time I did have was spent in the kitchen or the grocery store. I have strange work hours, and sometimes would get home at 9pm and cook until midnight. Again, I loved this. I feel that I found an appreciation for cooking for the first time in my life. But living Whole 30 for 365 days/year is NOT feasible or sustainable. I want to have a more precise plan on what I do now. I can't cook meals like I did for the past month. I wish I had all the time in the world to do that, but it just won't work for my lifestyle right now. So, how does one adjust? There needs to be more resources on this topic...maybe another book? Just a thought!
  4. Hello! I wanted to post about my reintro so far. Day 1 of Reintro, on Saturday, I had a dried chickpea snack in the afternoon and a good portion of black beans with a shrimp salad at a Mexican restaurant, as well as some peanut butter that morning. The peanut butter affected me slightly, but the other legumes seemed to be just fine! Day 2, I had a bowl of brown rice and tuna for lunch. I saw on these boards that the brown rice can be harder to digest than white rice, but I seemed to be okay in digesting it. The one difference is how tired I felt afterward. I guess it was the carb load! I ended my day with some organic corn tortilla chips and salsa with friends...and I ate almost the whole bag! Yeah bad decision. But even when I first started I could tell the corn was hard to digest. I think I am going to try again with another round of gluten-free grains with real corn on Friday. We shall see how things go. So Far, corn has been the only issue. Before Whole 30, I had some digestive issues, so I am surprised to not have as strong of affects with the other foods I have tried thus far. The way everyone talks on this board and in general is that you have MAJOR affects, but I'm just not seeing it. I have LOVED doing the whole 30, and have seen all kinds of NSVs, but as I reintroduce, I am not seeing much of a difference. Thoughts? Finally, in a separate issue, I am starting my period soon. Would any moderators recommend doing reintro after menstruation? Would this be significant in detecting how different food groups affect me?
  5. bacon - protein or healthy fat

    I have this same question about prosciutto -- fat or protein?
  6. May 1 Start - Support

    Thanks friends, for the help, and @CCLaymon for putting a positive spin on it! I don't really feel any different from eating a half a can of tuna that has a minor amount of soy in it. I will think about continuing, but what they don't tell you is that you basically eat Whole 30 in the reintroduction phase anyways, so I'm not sure whether I'll "restart" or not. My main concern though is the constipation and diarrhea that I have been having. I know the forums say that it may last for a while, and to eat cooked vegetables, not just those that are hard to digest. I feel like I have been doing that, even removing FODMAP foods (some are high in fiber, by the way) and still, no luck! Is anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone have any advice? Here's what my days have been looking like: B: 2 eggs, homemade turkey burger, cooked sweet potato, zucchini, squash, parsnip L: 2 coconut chicken strips, cooked in EVOO, lots of carrots, snap peas D: same veggie mix as above, turkey sausage, 1-2 eggs I have also mixed in salads in there as well, following the meal template as close as I can. HELP!
  7. May 1 Start - Support

    Hello everyone, I have to confess, I ate a can of Bumble Bee Tuna with Jalepenos today...and then realized it had SOY in it! I am not starting half of a can of tuna can't affect me that much, and this was not like I "caved" into sugar and gotta start over, but an honest mistake. I will be clean from here on out. (But ugh, I hate soy! Hated it since before whole 30) Anyways, I have really enjoyed the energy and having all of my meals prepped for the day! I love the consistency and schedule the meal template helps to provide. My one complaint is that I still have intermittent constipation or or the other, it's always 0 to 60! When I do poop, which is only once every couple days, it is straight liquid. sorry if this is TMI but wondering if anyone else has this issue? I've been reading things should even out, so that's what I'm hoping for. But now that I got soy in my system, who knows!
  8. May 1 Start - Support Try the coconut chicken tenders on here! They are AMAZING! I just made them and YUM. Could be fun to do with another person, too, since you will dip the tenders in all the different ingredients!
  9. Fresh Market Sausage

    Thank you! Looks like this confirms that it is compliant.
  10. Fresh Market Sausage

    Fresh Market Peppers & Onion Turkey Sausage from meat/deli section: "Turkey, Peppers, Onions, water, salt, spices, in pork casing" This looks compliant! Am I right?
  11. May 1 Start - Support

    @sweetz149 That breakfast picture looks BOMB! I may have to do that spaghetti squash next week! Planning on cooking tomorrow evening. This week involves a lot of chicken, with my favorite jalepeno burger: chicken lettuce wraps chicken salad coconut chicken tenders salmon (haha!) Also going to roast up so veggies to have with eggs, and sides for everything else. Salads involved, too.
  12. May 1 Start - Support

    Sounds like you are doing great! What kind of breakfast are you making? I've discovered my favorite is a jalepeño Turkey Burger with a yolky egg on top. It is AMAZING. I try to then eat some veggies with that, too, like some carrots, or this morning I did it all on top of compliant mashed potatoes
  13. May 1 Start - Support

    Oh good to know! Thankful when I find a product that is widely shopped that is compliant. Takes less hassle out of the hunt! (pun intended)
  14. May 1 Start - Support

    Hunt's diced tomatoes have no added sugar, and minimal ingredients that I found to be compliant.
  15. May 1 Start - Support

    I hope your trip went well! I found that traveling is hard, too. Took a short day trip to visit my friend today, and made some food ahead of time to be prepared. I knew we were getting coffee, and brought canned coconut milk to try it in the coffee (delicious! it's naturally soo sweet!). Also, whipped up some egg salad with HB eggs and Primal Kitchen Mayo, Kroger brand mustard. SUPER easy and great protein + fat combo. Would be great on bed of lettuce for full meal, too.