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  1. I have almost an identical breakfast every morning, and I know it's been mentioned before but I thought I would second the add some fat suggestion. During my last whole 30 I really dialed in and noticed that I feel so much better if I add a little more fat than I think I need, especially in my morning meal. My energy levels are much better and I can make it much farther into the day before I need lunch. I make a frittata every morning with some combination of onion, zucchini, bell pepper, mushroom, sweet potato, and arugula (I really try to pack as many veggies as will fit in the pan and still fit enough eggs for a serving - usually 4 for me) and put a healthy dollop of home made mayo mixed with hot sauce on top. Gets me from 8:00am right through until 1:00 lunch time. Another breakfast I like to make if I have a little more time is a sweet potato and bell pepper hash with fried eggs on top and a couple of slices of compliant bacon - it's a good one for weekend mornings and helps keep the food boredom at bay. Happy Whole30-ing! Keep up the great work!
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    Drinking Salt Water?

    The last time I saw my doctor she told me that my sodium levels were a little low, and add to that regular exercise and being on the W30 (I tend not to salt my food much more than the recipe calls for) as well as the fact that I drink 3-4 litres of water every day - I definitely have to pay attention to my sodium intake. I can tell when I haven't had enough salt when my brain gets foggy and I start to feel a little nauseated. I usually sprinkle one of those little single serve packets of Real Salt to my water bottle and I'm feeling better before it's halfway gone.
  3. Yes, usually about three hours between waking and eating. I usually make a big batch of egg salad at the beginning of the week for preWO and was thinking of a small scoop of this and some carrots or bell pepper right when I get up so I wouldn't need to do any extra prep or cooking. As for pre-made breakfasts I have one of those tiny little euro fridges so real estate is already limited with all my good whole30 groceries taking up my fridge/freezer space so it's easier to cook as I go breakfast-wise. I really enjoy full hot breakfast, and I've been loving the breakfast recipes for frittatas and breakfast tacos and hash, but with the chopping and cooking and everything taking up so much time, I may have to sacrifice for something simpler - scrambled eggs and some quick steamed veggies or something. Or get up even earlier
  4. Hi all, First time poster here (does anyone know why this is so intimidating?) I know there are other posts on this topic but this is the most recent one I could find, I'm not sure if posting on a more recent thread is more likely to get a reply? Like many others I have a busy morning routine. I get up between 5 and 5:30 and between showering and blow drying and actually cooking a full breakfast I don't usually end up with enough time to eat it before heading to work, so I usually end up tossing it in a to-go container and taking it with me and eating at my desk around 8/8:30 My question is - would it be better to eat a mini meal/snack with 2/3 macros immediately when I wake up in addition to M1, M2, M3, and any pre/post WO? I don't want to add in any unnecessary meals, I'd like to stick as close to the template as possible. (Hi I'm quinnmj, and I'm a rule follower) Thanks in advance!