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    Terez got a reaction from ArtFossil in Where is the guidance on reintroducing Alcohol?   
    I don't have any input on the alcohol question but I do have a suggestion on the reintroduction schedule.
    It turns out that we should be prepared to allow 2 days for each reintroduction and then three days of clean eating to see if we react to it. (If we react the first day then no need to add the second day. But if we don't react the first day, we might not have enough of the food in our system yet and we should eat it a second day.)
    So your schedule above (if allowing 2 days per food test) would be:
    Days 1 & 2: dairy.
    Days 6 & 7: gluten grains.
    Days 11-12: non-gluten grains.
    Days 16-17: legumes.
    I'm whining that they should call this a Whole60 and not a Whole30 because we're really not off it until after we've tested all the foods that we're going to test.
    I look forward to hearing the replies to your alcohol question.
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    Terez got a reaction from corgicoconut in Why are my lips chapped!?!   
    Amanda, I see this is your first post so you don't have a food log on the forum. Do you keep a private food log? If so, that can be very helpful to refer back to and see if there's something you're eating a lot of on the W30 that you don't normally eat.
    I mention that because swollen, chapped lips are a symptom I get when I encounter a very mild food allergy.
    Another thing I've had to be careful of is the skin of some fruit. For example, the skin of mango is an allergen for me so after I peel a mango, I go wash my hands (and I wash the knife if I'm going to cut the mango meat up).
    With citrus, after I've (say) peeled a clementine, I'll go wash my hands (to wash the oils from the peel off) and then I'll eat the fruit. If I'm going to chop the fruit up (I happen to like it mixed into salads), then I wash the knife that I used to score the peel (to wash the oils off the blade before slicing up the fruit).
    Until I figured out it was the peel, I had tossed out some fruit when I reacted to it. With citrus, I suspect it's actually something that's on the peel (a preservative or something).
    Anyhow, that's my two cents' worth.
    Oh, I did wonder about the water. I've noticed on the W30 that I've been more parched than I used to be. Someone described waking up during the night with "cat tongue" and I've experienced that. So I did think of water. But it doesn't make my lips chapped.
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    Terez got a reaction from Mommyof2 in Primal Ballerina W30 Log   
    I love your screen name, Primal Ballerina!
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    Terez got a reaction from puppypower in Day 22...seeing results but feeling tired and fed up...I don't want to quit!!!   
    Ruth, this is my first W30 and I'm on Day 23. I am having mealtimes where I'm feeling so fed up with all this cooking from scratch and cleaning the kitchen up after. Like you, I've powered through it and been glad I did.
    What I'm recognizing is that I'm not doing the weekly food prep / partial cook-up. So when I go to make something, I don't have my veggies already washed, chopped and waiting for me. I've got to get the cutting board and spend the prep time. I am now prepping all of that vegetable (cleaning and chopping all the bell peppers, not just the ones I'll be using for that meal). But I'm not doing the whole week's worth at one go. So it's like I'm never done with prep work.
    Anyway, I'm finding that 30 days is not long enough to establish my good meal prep habits. My commitment is to get as many of my vitamins and minerals from my food as is humanly possible. I've signed up for a CSA* that runs from mid-March until December, which means I'm going to start getting weekly deliveries of produce from a local farmer during that time. My current meal prep habits are not going to see me through the CSA deliveries.
    When I find myself snacking, I increase the amount of food in my meals. My clothes are not getting looser so "increasing the amount of food in the meals" may be an issue for someone who's doing this for weight loss. I'm doing the program for increased energy and for my nutritional goal (vitamins and minerals from my food).
    My energy has noticeably improved. While I'm not bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning, I'm no longer dragging when I get up. My energy stays steady until around 10pm. I'm not getting to bed early enough; that's a work in progress.
    I did get a sleep mask for $4 on amazon (sounds like you're not in the U.S. so don't know what it would cost you). That has made my sleep feel more restful, especially in the morning hours. I wear it to bed at night and it stays in place.
    I'm also transitioning to being a back sleeper. I'm pretty much transitioned to that by now. And I got an iphone app called Sleep Cycle that is tracking when I'm in deep sleep. As I say, a work in progress with sleep.
    Anyhow, my two cents' worth. Overall I think the meal prep is a habit that's going to take me longer than 30 days to develop.
    *CSA = Community Supported Agriculture
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    Terez got a reaction from Shelda17 in Cauliflower   
    Cauliflower steaks! Johnny, that's brilliant!
    DellaNova, I made it a goal to have at least one large serving (2 to 3 cups) of three different nutritional "varieties" of vegetables every day. The varieties are:
    Greens (nutrient-dense such as Kale or Collard; not lettuce)
    Cruciferous (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, etc)
    Deeply Colored (where the color goes all the way through, such as sweet peppers, carrots, beets, etc)

    No double duty (if broccoli counts as a cruciferous, then it can't also be my "deeply colored" for the day). Generally I'm having large servings of four different vegetables every day.
    My bigger goal is to obtain all my nutrients (except Vitamin D-3) from natural food sources. I took the three categories of vegetables from
    (on youtube).Terez
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    Terez got a reaction from Suzy in My Frisky Hubby   
    Cate Shanahan talks about this in the book "Deep Nutrition" and she explains the science behind it.
    (That book changed my life. It's fun to read real-life testimonials of things I had read about there.)
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    Terez got a reaction from Annette Louise Alvidres Grable in Is ghee worth it?   
    Put a pound of butter in an oven-safe pot (I use a Le Crueset Dutch oven or a heavy Cuisinart stock pot). Leave the pot uncovered.
    Turn the heat to 250 Fahrenheit. I leave mine in there for 75 minutes but the first time try setting the timer for 1 hour. Then take a look. and see if you want to let it go longer. There'll be stuff floating on top and stuff on the bottom. If you let the stuff on the bottom get brown, you'll have a nuttier flavor to the ghee.
    Remove from the oven and let it sit on the stovetop for 10 or 15 mins, just so it's not boiling hot. Put a doubled cheesecloth (or other clean cotton fabric, such as an old white T-shirt) in a heat-safe jar (a mason jar). So the cloth is basically lining the jar with excess out the top and over the sides.
    Put the jar+cloth set-up on a paper towel or on top of newspaper (to make clean-up easier if there's a spill). Pour the contents of the pot into the jar. If you can manage it, use a silicone or rubber scraper to get the last bits out but I can't manage that with the heavy Le Crueset.
    Pull the cheesecloth up out of the jar, trapping the solids. Hold the cheesecloth above the jar to allow the last of the ghee to drain out. (Do not squeeze it or you'll squeeze the solids back into the oil.)
    Discard the cloth and solids.
    For the first few times, I would suggest using just a quarter-pound and playing with how dark you let it get. My first batch seemed to be too light so I let my second batch go darker and now I find I prefer it lighter. Meanwhile I now have a pound of dark ghee that I'm making my way through! I'd rather be making my way through a quarter-pound of it. (I made another batch of lighter-tasting ghee and I use it when I don't want the nuttier flavor.)
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    Terez got a reaction from Lauren Raven in Cream in coffee   
    You may want to try a compliant version of "bulletproof coffee." It results in a surprisingly creamy beverage. Put a cup of hot, freshly brewed coffee in a blender with a generous tablespoon of ghee (or clarified butter) and a half a teaspoon of coconut oil. (Those proportions are open to interpretation!)
    Blend the concoction. I run mine on high for 10 seconds. It emulsifies into a beautiful "coffee with cream" color. The taste is rich and delicious. Not exactly like cream but it's satisfying. (If your ghee is on the dark side, there'll be a butterscotch note in the taste.)
    I can clean my blender in about 90 seconds so I just do my clean-up real quick before drinking the coffee. Some folks use a frother and some use an immersion blender. I found it messy with an immersion blender, and I prefer the result from the big blender.
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    Terez got a reaction from Eugenia Allen in my coconut milk has carreegeenan...   
    Kelly, you may want to try a version of "bulletproof coffee" using ghee. I use a heaping tablespoon of ghee, a small chunk of coconut oil, and hot coffee in the blender for about 10 seconds.
    It emulsifies the ghee into the coffee and gives it a "coffee with cream" appearance. The ghee gives it a caramel flavor. I like it a lot.
    Also, just having coconut oil in the coffee is good. It is slick on top of the coffee, and as you drink it the black coffee comes "through" the oil. Interesting sensation and it does smooth the bitterness.
    Personally I like the bitter note in the flavor of coffee. I would be using stevia if not for the W30 (I do like a sweet note as well) but I'm enjoying these other options (coconut milk; bulletproof with ghee; plain ol' coconut oil). But the "bulletproof" in the blender is the best.
    Ghee is easy to make. Unsalted pastured butter in an uncovered dutch oven. Put in the oven at 250 Fahrenheit for 75 minutes. Strain through doubled cheesecloth (or through a single layer of a clean old cotton fabric, like a discarded shirt).
    Ghee keeps for 6 months on the shelf or one year in the fridge. Theoretically. I go through it way faster than that!
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    Terez got a reaction from Cori Fraser in Irony and Karma   
    Just clicked on the link in your footer, YahMoorah. CONGRATULATIONS on your success at the one-year mark!!!!!!!!!!
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    Terez reacted to Nadia B in Terez: Riding My Bike Post W30   
    Just saying hellooooo liver buddy
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    Terez reacted to Susan W in Terez: Riding My Bike Post W30   
    You guys are cracking me up with your livers. I am so not one of the cool kids when it comes to liver. Unless it's chopped liver. That I love.
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    Terez reacted to Nadia B in Terez: Riding My Bike Post W30   
    Hahah yep, liver gang. I made liver meatballs with raisins and parsley in heart shaped muffin thing (tr only item for baking I have), but seriosly, how tacky is that?
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    Terez reacted to nshepardson in Terez: Riding My Bike Post W30   
    All a body has to do around here is love liver to make friends ;D!
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    Terez reacted to Xandra in Riding my own bike is harder than I thought...   
    I'm on Day 5 of recovering from a sugar bender. Like you, I eat completely compliant food otherwise (including giving up fruit and nuts entirely for Lent), but I was "supplementing" with some of the worst foods you could put into your mouth.
    My problem was I hadn't addressed a very old issue of associating high-pressure work deadlines with eating junk food. So when I saw what I was doing, I had to try again and start reaching for food that I could eat while I work. (I know, you're supposed to slowly savor your meals, but this is a disaster recovery effort and I will deal with the method after curing some of the madness).
    What I'm eating a lot of are winter squashes: butternut, acorn, spaghetti... with either meat sauce or just plain with some spices. Also sweet potato slices and carrot/sweet potato soup. These are all high-carb foods, but they get me off the chocolate/junk merry-go-round.
    The first 2 days of this were difficult, with my brain screaming for all the things I was not feeding it. After 5 days now, the junk food cravings are diminishing and I'm able to dial back the squash overload and make some more balanced meals. I even planned an off-road for myself last night and did not use it. So that's how I know it's getting better.
    It really does take days and weeks to slay this thing, but you have to get back to the mindset that if it's not on the list, then it's not on your plate. And then plan your own bike-riding so you set your limits ahead of time, if you even want to try tasting some of those trigger foods again.
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    Terez reacted to Nadia B in The crazy things people say   
    I am trying to pick a new gym and sending inquiries to various clubs around my area. I've just received gym description and membership file from one of them. "Gym Etiquette" part says - "Please avoid grunting and groaning during exercise"
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    Terez reacted to gatork in The crazy things people say   
    people keep saying "wait...you can eat carbs??"
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    Terez got a reaction from Kirsteen in It seemed easy...At first :(   
    It is better to use organic and grass-fed but my understanding is that you can use regular butter if the grassfed/organic is out of your price range or not available where you live. [if I'm mistaken, I'm sure a moderator will correct this.]
    If you have a Costco near you, many of them carry Kerrygold butter (grass-fed) at an excellent price. It's sold by the fancy cheeses, not with the regular butter. (Some folks don't like ghee from salted butter but it tastes fine to me.)
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    Terez reacted to Susan W in Any reformed turnip-haters out there?   
    Your dog's face so goes with this post. :0)
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    Terez reacted to Nadia B in Any reformed turnip-haters out there?   
    Too funny. I have this at my asian supermarket. How about this for dessert? Qualifies as blood whatever I guess.

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    Terez reacted to Fenderbender in Any reformed turnip-haters out there?   
    You all can keep your turnips!!! If it was a choice between eating only turnips and rutabagas , or slow painful agonizing death, I would choose the latter!!!
    I eat all kinds of Ofal, blood whatever, bugs,sea creatures, innards, just about anything wild from a subarctic rainforest, fungi, you name it..... But to me the lowly turnip is nothing but a vegetablized fart!
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    Terez reacted to Susan W in Any reformed turnip-haters out there?   
    Lol..then add bacon.
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    Terez reacted to nshepardson in Finally, Nanette's Post Whole60   
    Day 5
    Trying something new today, red skin potatoes. I know, starch OMG! I fixed them in the crockpot overnight with a drizzle of MacNut oil and some sea salt. Thought I'd try the pulled pork over them for lunch today.

    Eating my veggies - thank you Terez!

    It's a full 8 hour day today at work. The fridge is stocked - the really cool thing - dh is dippin' into my stash. He actually likes the food I'm fixing these days.
    We have some leftover liver & onions from last night, think I may have enough to make some pate. I have a recipe I'd like to try via Nadia, it calls for chicken livers though - yet, it just sounds too good to pass up and I am definitely not wild about reheated liver.
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    Terez got a reaction from martihana60 in Terez: Riding My Bike Post W30   
    Nadia pm'ed me chicken liver pate recipe, from Mark's Daily Apple and adapted from Jacques Pepin. Awesome!
    That in turn prompted me to remember that the recipe I was looking for was Susan's mother-in-law's -- and then I remembered that I copied it into a Word document.
    Fingers crossed that my chicken livers are still good because I have one pound of them and each of these recipes is for half a pound. It's-a going to be a chicken liver weekend at my house...
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    Terez got a reaction from Kirsteen in It seemed easy...At first :(   
    It is better to use organic and grass-fed but my understanding is that you can use regular butter if the grassfed/organic is out of your price range or not available where you live. [if I'm mistaken, I'm sure a moderator will correct this.]
    If you have a Costco near you, many of them carry Kerrygold butter (grass-fed) at an excellent price. It's sold by the fancy cheeses, not with the regular butter. (Some folks don't like ghee from salted butter but it tastes fine to me.)