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  1. 5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    Congrats @msois that's a great accomplishment!! Social gatherings are the biggest challenge! Look how strong you are!
  2. 5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    I am having the same problem with overspending on groceries ....I'm trying to figure out how to budget better going forward. Eating healthy is expensive! I love Qalo rings @emilyelowe ! That's a great idea for a treat. Glad you are feeling better @NoneOtherThanAmy! I may have a move coming up eventually and I need to figure out how to start saving. Extra money would definitely help! On the up side today, all of a sudden, I had a great amount of energy! Got through 2 workouts and still felt like I had a lot of energy! Not sure what I did right but I hope It continues!!
  3. 5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    @emilyelowe your dog is too cute!! @NoneOtherThanAmy I'm sorry you are sick - hope you feel better soon! I have to agree with you all about the bakery at Whole Foods...the closest one to me is an hour away so I'm safe there for now lol. Though over the weekend I was offered ice cream and brought to a gourmet donut shop by friends and managed to say 'no thanks' though I have definitely still been craving sweets! Outings with friends and gathering with family or at work make just 30 days challenging for sure! I did my grocery shopping this weekend and hope I will have a strong week and get my energy back and workouts in to reduce some stress. Good luck to everyone starting out a new week!
  4. 5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    Thanks @emilyelowe I really love that perspective! I am going to incorporate that to my mindset I was struggling today with some food boredom today myself, ran out of prepped food since it's the end of the week. Had company so we did take out but was able to find a restaurant that didn't mind grilling me salmon with some veggies. @AB_MN I have been feeling pretty tired overall lately, it's definitely made it hard to feel motivated to workout like I usually do. I am hoping my energy level will get better if I hang in there and force myself to push through it. I forced myself to workout today and yesterday and I felt tired so it was challenging...but i did feel better afterwards.
  5. 5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    Thanks @NoneOtherThanAmy I am still tired but feeling a little better today. I did try to add in some more healthy fats to my meals today, and at least I did finally sleep pretty well last night! I am not hungry but I wish the cravings would go away. Like you said @emilyelowe the cravings are less regular, and I do think my willpower is better, but it would be great to have my body crave the healthier foods in the same manner and forget about the not-so-healthy. I'm sure it's hard since the memory of those foods doesn't go away. I think once I start feeling more energetic I won't miss off plan foods as much. I also bought Food Freedom forever, and look forward to reading it for direction and motivation after the whole 30.
  6. 5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    Glad you all are feeling better today! I am a little disappointed, I really am struggling today. I was so tired and really had a lot of cravings today. But I have been having trouble sleeping and work has been stressing me out, so that may be the culprit. I am hoping for a better night of sleep tonight and more energy tomorrow. I was really having a hard time getting motivated to do anything today. The only thing I noticed is since I was in a rush with work today, I may have had a little more fruit where as I usually have more veggies, so I will try to be stricter with my fruit intake tomorrow. Have a great night everyone!
  7. 5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    Thank you ladies for sharing your recipes, looking forward to trying these!
  8. 5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    Happy Monday everyone, sounds like everyone is doing great! I participated in 2 Spartan obstacle runs this weekend which kept me busy, I did feel lower energy on Saturday and then very hungry during the run, so it was a struggle, but I made it through! I joined friends at an Italian restaurant afterwards and stuck to a healthy veggie salad with oil and vinegar while everyone else had pasta, pizza, and sandwiches, so I was proud of that victory!! I have been having some trouble sleeping but work has been stressing me out, so it could be stress. Hoping things will get better this week. Still having some cravings, but hoping this new, healthier routine will teach me better, long-lasting habits! I am anxious to lose some weight as well, but haven't gone back on the scale since the beginning since I know we aren't supposed to be fixated on that and it's still too early in the process. Excited to have made it through week one!
  9. 5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    Happy Friday everyone! @emilyelowe @Susabella627 I was feeling the same way I have been doing so good I deserve a treat...and pizza is such a great weekend craving food. This is where I usually fall off the wagon and delay any results is by wanting to 'reward' myself with food after a few days of eating well. It is good to know I was not the only one feeling that way and it has passed now, so just need to stay focused!
  10. 5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    Today (day 4) I did struggle with some cravings after lunchtime, I think mostly when I am stuck at work and would rather not be there, lol. Otherwise it is easier to forget about it. I did have some almonds which I probably should have been able to do without, but still a healthier snack. I prepped gazpacho soup from the whole 30 book for tomorrow night and made the roasted beet/orange/avocado salad tonight as a side for some tuna wrapped in lettuce and both recipes were easy and good! @LisaNotOriginal I really like your idea of forming new habits when sitting in front of the TV to help avoid mindless snacking and avoid cravings! I find if I am involved in something that I have interest in I don't think miss the bad foods I am avoiding. Prepping my foods the night before is really helping me keep on track so far so I'm not looking for that misc 'something' when I'm hungry, but instead know what meal option I have. @NoneOtherThanAmy that's great - I have been finding the same thing today - my energy isn't super high yet but there are less drastic fluctuations and no terrible 'crashes' in energy. My husband came home with tortilla chips and hummus today (usually one of my fav snacks!) and I didn't have any insane cravings or disappointment that I could not have any - that in itself is progress to me! @Susabella627 thank you for sharing your personal experience - so great to have you here!
  11. 5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    Thanks for sharing @LisaNotOriginal and thanks for the snack tips @NoneOtherThanAmy! Today I felt a little more energy though at some points I did feel tired. All in all, an improvement from yesterday. I am getting used to my coffee with just a little coconut milk. Long work days are a challenge but I have been prepping my meals and snacks the night before to have on hand. Excited to complete day 2! I hope everyone is feeling good going into day 3!
  12. 5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    Hi everyone, day 1 went pretty well even with work stress and getting stuck late! Had a healthy dinner of salmon and some gazpacho chilled soup. Was a little extra tired today, hopefully that will pass as this goes on! I am trying to come up with easy snacks for on the go and to bring to work.
  13. 5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    Hi everyone, I've never actually done a whole 30 before, planning to start May 8th, Monday. I have been struggling with sugar cravings, some skin issues, and low energy. I really want to feel better, sleep better, and gain energy. I also want to gain control over my cravings, have a healthier relationship with food, and lose some extra weight! I do try to eat healthy most of the time but love sweets and can't seem to stay consistent. I hope the support and tips on this forum will help Stress eating and not enough time are My biggest struggles! I hope we can all help each other.