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  1. Can you sub in decaf for most of your coffee? I am nursing now -- I know the recommendation is 2 cups of regular coffee per day max...but I found if I use 3/4 decaf in the coffee mix, I can kinda' be okay like that... Coffee does dehydrate you (the caffeine in it does)... seems like 26 oz a day is a lot.
  2. Is Baby Sugar Crashing?

    I'd assume it was the added veggies -- especially green ones -- that are causing the fussiness. Green veggies -- especially raw ones -- can cause a lot of gas in BF babies... Make sure you're cooking the dark ones (kale, collard greens, cabbage, etc)
  3. Starting today 5/7/17

    I did the exact same thing...thought for sure Sirracha was fine...LOL... So we've started on the same day. How are you feeling?