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  1. I know, I know... The official ISWF position seems to be "Don't" but for those of us that still want to occasionally imbibe, the book is sorely lacking on how and when to reintroduce alcohol. Day 1 is dairy. Day 4 is gluten grains. Day 7 is non-gluten grains. Day 10 is legumes. Should I sprinkle alcohol in there somewhere? Wait until the end, do it first, or what? Right now, I'm thinking I might reintroduce alcohol first so I can understand the effects of that before reintroducing anything else. Thoughts on this?
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    Where is the guidance on reintroducing Alcohol?

    So I decided to just do dairy today. I'll do dairy + a cider or wine tomorrow night.
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    Where is the guidance on reintroducing Alcohol?

    Ciria: considering that as well, but scotch (which at least one study says might have gluten, maybe) or a cider. Was just wondering about adding that to the mix with dairy or what. Right now I'm thinking day one is alcohol, and next up will be dairy. I don't miss gluten grains (other than those used for spirits) so maybe I'll just skip that.
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    Where is the guidance on reintroducing Alcohol?

    Tracy: I actually read that. It offers the Whole9 position on alcohol, which I understand. What I'm looking for are tips, maybe from other Wholers on how to add it back to the things I occasionally enjoy. Terez: unless I'm entirely misreading the materials, they are asking 1-3 days of each reintroduced thing, but I don't see the additional 3 clean days after each time. The schedule seemed pretty clear that things were added (in isolation) on days 1, 4, 7 and 10. So, by day 13 or 14 you should have tried everything you plan to add. I agree however with some of your frustration. I would have planned for 40+ days had I read the book first.