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  1. Starting 5/14

    I can't believe we have already done W30 for 30 days! Wow! I can't wait to step on the scale tomorrow. I know it's not about weight loss, and I feel so much better in many ways, but of course I'm anxious to see the difference in actual numbers! Way to go team!!
  2. Starting 5/14

    Me again - I just thought of something. We will be in the car 12 hours and our trips are when we splurge on sugary snacks and chips. I'm going to have to come up with a plan to keep my hands busy. Lots of reading I guess. Any suggestions?
  3. Starting 5/14

    I too use my crock pot a lot! Ove the weekend I will cook chicken breasts or a big pork shoulder and then shred the meat. It can be used in tacos, with Tessamae's yummy BBQ sauce, on baked potatoes, on salads, etc. I also use a lot of frozen veggies or throw together a salad. I bake 12 eggs for 30 minutes at 325 once a week for my breakfast. I'm going to make more tonight so I can have egg salad tomorrow. It's day 28! Look at the attached calendar - "Day 28 is as good as Day 30, right?" I've got to keep going another 9-10, but I've started reading the re-introduction portion. I think that will be the hard part! Yesterday my family and I went to see Wonder Woman and it was the first time I didn't order anything at the food counter! My family had popcorn and candy, and I sat there (a little jealous) and just watched the movie. Part of me feels powerful when I can resist to the temptations! I hope that continues. We are going to a wedding in the middle of nowhere this weekend, so I'm nervous about how to eat. Of course there will be cake, punch, and I have no idea what the menu is. I will need to be very careful and maybe bring my own food.?? UGH!
  4. Starting 5/14

    I found the BEST creamer. I heard about Nutpods from the FB page/group. They are not in my area, so I splurged and ordered them from Amazon. OMG - They are like regular creamer! This is one of the things I've been missing the most! I'm not a Starbucks person, but drove through this morning and ordered a Cold Brew, black. (This coffee isn't as bitter as their regular coffee). When I got home, I opened the first container and YUMMM! @MeadowLily Thanks for the advise with the fruit. I usually cut up strawberries and add blueberries and walnut pieces so I can have some of the protein and fat. I've been feeling guilty snacking on the fruit. I don't want to feel guilty about fruit, so I'm hoping this is OK. I'm a little hypoglycemic so I have a hard time not having a snack during the day. Have a great day!
  5. Starting 5/14

    Happy Saturday night. Today was one of those typical hot days where you just want to have some ice cream or a beer. We went to a cookout and I had neither! I brought my own La Croix, had a hamburger with guac and mustard and fruit and veggies. Yesterday I worked for hours and hours outside, so I was really hungry today. I ended up eating 4 meals instead of 3 so I could keep up with the hunger. I am trying to drink a lot of water right now because I want a bowl of fruit. Need to stop the sugar dragon. I probably have been eating too much fruit, so I'll have to watch it. I went dress shopping today for a wedding we are going to next week. It wasn't as terrible as it has been in the past. I actually found a dress at the first place we went. Amazing! Off to bed. I've been really tired today and don't want to let that ruin my 30!!
  6. Starting 5/14

    @Vguck - I bought the Tessemae ketchup and it's good! I still miss my cream! Everyone keeps talking about "Nutpods" I'll have to find them. Coconut milk just doesn't do it for me.
  7. Starting 5/14

    Hi ladies! @Vguck I've been sorta on autopilot also. Chicken salad has been my go to with a side of avocado. I love having shredded chicken in the fridge so I can use it in lots of different meals. I am so proud of myself - I've been eating veggies at breakfast! Never thought I could do that. I am worried that breakfast will be my downfall after finishing the round, Eating a bowl of cereal or oatmeal is just so much quicker. @CaLorraine - congratulations on the NSVs!! Yesterday at work was a really, really tough day. I almost let it get the better of me and almost stopped for ice cream. I also REALLY wanted a glass of wine last night. I didn't do either!! ! That would be the normal way that I deal with stress. Last night I made tacos too! Everyone used tortillas and I used a lettuce wrap. Boy, it was yummy. I missed the cheese a bit, but instead piled it with guac, fresh yellow pepper and even cucumbers. After dinner I had some time, so I made the homemade mayo. I didn't have mustard powder, so I just put in complaint mustard. OMG - it is awesome! So much better than the ones I bought. I also made Egg Roll in a bowl for my lunch today. My hubby - who loves egg rolls - loved it! He was impressed! Tomorrow I"m going to put a pork shoulder in the crock pot to make carnitas. I know that will be a family favorite. My fridge is stocked with fresh stuff. I can't fit anything else in it. My kids are eating better too. Have a wonderful day!
  8. Starting 5/14

    Pederson bacon. I have found it at Fresh Thyme market. Although I heard that Sams might have some complaint bacon also. It's good, but definitely fatty. I realized that I had been drinking caffinated iced tea all day, so I need to drink more water. Might help those sugar cravings I've been getting. Hope you all had a good day!
  9. Starting 5/14

    Ibuprofen should be fine. I have needed it for my knee and other things. Necessity - esp for headaches! I didn't eat enough fat for dinner, so I ended up snacking later - compliantly though. I ate a yummy breakfast of bacon, mixed zucchini strips and chicken and apple sausage. Lunch will be chicken salad again. Dinner is yet to be determined. I'm hoping to get some cooking done today so I can be prepared for the rest of the week. @SugarcubeOD - can we move this whole forum there or do we just individually go to that section? Have a great day!
  10. Starting 5/14

    I also don't belong to any other forums. I'm all for continuing this one, but there may also be more support in others. I do belong to two facebook groups and they are super helpful! It really helps keep my eye on the prize. There are lots of before/after pics, menu ideas and other tips. Might be something for you guys to think about. It has really been a benefit to me - I may not have made it this far without seeing all those comments and pics. I'll have to try making my own clarified butter. The ghee I have isn't all the appetizing to me. I stopped at Fresh Thyme market on my lunch hour to grab a few things and picked up the Tessame BBQ sauce, ketchup and two of the salad dressings - Balsamic Vinegar and Caesar. They were buy one get one free, otherwise I wouldn't have purchased all of them. The Caesar is good! Back to work!
  11. Starting 5/14

    Happy Monday! Today has been a bit of a rough start. I didn't eat enough for breakfast, but I managed to hold off and will now go make some chicken salad with added avocado. I had planned to use yesterday as a prep day, but my husband got called into work, so that threw everything off. Will have to do some of that tonight. Luckily I still have some leftovers. I'm with you about the eggs. I couldn't eat both hard boiled eggs this morning - had to throw the last 1/2 of one away. I'm planning to make a potato egg bake soon that will last me a while. Has anyone compared the homemade mayo vs. the Primal one. I have two of the Primal flavors, and there is something in there that I just don't like much. Just wondering if I go through the effort to make it , if it will just taste the same. I am planning to make the egg roll bowl tonight or tomorrow. That just sounds delicious and I know my hubby will love it! Stick with it everyone! 8 days left! We can do it! (well, I have added 10 days to mine since I screwed up, but that's OK)
  12. Starting 5/14

    OMG @CaLorraine and @pilatesfan I'm so glad you mentioned this today! I was getting out of the shower today talking myself out of getting on the scale. I wanted to jump on because I was hoping it was motivation for me to keep going with W30. It's been a couple hard days with all the school and sports year end celebrations. It gets hard to watch everyone eat the pizza that you picked up while making a compliant meal for myself. It definitely was a quick meal, but still hard. Yesterday was ice cream at a local ice cream joint after school, donuts for national donut day (at the dentist off of all places) and then donuts this morning for my youngest soccer game (our turn to bring snacks). The Sugar craving is so hard to master! Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going are some of the NSV's experienced. Cleared skin and mind, more focus and a little looser of the pants. I wish someone would tell me they have noticed my shrinking, but I guess there hasn't been that much of a change. I guess I need to be patient. @Vguck Ice Cream is definitely my downfall too! I get all bloated when I eat ice cream and dairy, so I need to keep that in mind. On a funny note - my husband asked if I had a crush on a bagboy at the grocery store because I was there so much! Today is our 17th anniversary - so we will celebrate compliantly (I will at least). Good Luck during the rest of the weekend!!
  13. Starting 5/14

    OMG - Me Too!! Right now and at 9-10pm is hard! That's probably where most of my calories were eaten. Now to go get yet another glass of water.....
  14. Starting 5/14

    Yep - I forgot to type green.
  15. Starting 5/14

    Thanks ladies for your ideas. I looked up some of the recipes and will make them this weekend. I can't believe today is Day 18! I know I'm going to 39, but I've been feeling so good that I'm happy with that! Scrambled eggs, coconut milk in my coffee, fruit and beans for breakfast. Lunch will be chicken salad on top of green salad and avocado.. The chicken salad will be made with one of the jars of mayo I purchased prior to joining. They finally came in the mail the other day. I made chicken salad yesterday with the chipolte lime may. That one is OK. I'm not sure what about it that I don't like, but I put just enough in to get the salad to hold together. I'll try the plain one today. I need to make my own - I've heard how yummy it is. I've been getting so much done at work and home it's amazing. Yesterday I had a small tired spell mid-afternoon, so I just drank some iced tea. I've been staying up too late. @CaLorraine - Hope you are feeling better! Good luck today!