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  1. Whole30 - Start Date: 5/15/2017

    Whole30 Day 29. Totally success! I love Whole30. I have never felt better and I am so happy. I am not even going to cheat after day 30 because quite honestly, I don't want to change a thing about my eating now that I have become accustomed to eating this way. I don't feel down about missing out on all the "Goodies" everyone else eats, because I completely do not think of food the same way. I think of my health and my body. I don't want that bagel and cream cheese anymore. I don't want that pizza anymore. I don't feel a craving for it anymore. I definitely don't want any sugar anymore (except in fruits) and I don't even feel a desire to eat any of the foods that I used to eat. I am so happy now with the flavors of real food and no longer want/desire/crave any of the packaged "fast foods" or fast foods at drive thru's. Day 29 - Totally loving this! I have noticed how my body reacts to things that are allowed on Whole30, such as dried fruits. Even something as simple as this, which is high in sugar leaves me feeling "high" kind of. I have found that the times when I feel my absolute best are the times when I am consuming less sugary foods, including fruits. Sometimes I wake up and I want to eat an orange, or a banana, but not always. AND, I am finding that focusing more on vegetables and meats leaves me feeling a lot more happy. My top favorite "Good fat" is Avocados, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and RAW Cashews/Almonds/Macadamia Nuts. I'm very lucky to work on a College Campus with lots of large Macadamia nut trees, that I get to go outside and grab a handful of nuts and come in and crack them on a large vice grip. Fresh - right off of the tree! And, best of all FREE. Anyhow, just wanted to update. I was so naive when I started this. I worried about portion sizes, and I didn't eat enough. Now I am eating large amounts of veggies and smaller portions of meats and fats, and still adding in fruit, here and there. Love it!
  2. Whole30 - Start Date: 5/15/2017

    I never thought to ask about the Deli Ham. I will definitely ask next time! I'm hot a big ham fan though, I rarely ever eat it, so I probably won't even be getting any more any time this year. It's one of those things, I rarely eat it, even on holidays when they make it. Actually that was the first time I ate ham in years. I just am trying to eat more things, since I started to eat Whole30, I have even begun trying foods I never had before. I really want to try Star Fruit. If anyone can think of a vegetable I should try let me know. I love them, and I know there has to be some I haven't tried. I want to try "Pumpkin tips" so bad.
  3. Getting clear on the WHY

    I think people tend to form quick judgements or assumptions. Atkins diet, if I remember right allows eating of all kinds of meats that we don't eat... filled with strange ingredients and sulfates. Also I don't remember because I never did Atkins but I don't think our diet is merely "cutting out all carbs". so when people only hear that we cut out grains they immediately pass judgement because they didn't listen. this is why above I never mentioned grains.. instead I spelled it out: ingredients we can't pronounce and only ingredients that promote health. I think it's clearer as to WHY.
  4. Whole30 - Start Date: 5/15/2017

    Thank you for that insight. The less sugar I eat, the better I feel. I'm on day 21 now. The last few days I have eaten a variety of foods. grilled chicken salads topped with salsa and lemon juice... shrimp kabobs with veggies chicken cooked on a BBQ with zucchini and portabella mushrooms boiled red and yellow potatoes, that were sliced in half and crisped in a pan of olive oil and Italian herbs grilled garlic with chicken and apple sausages pineapple- grilled with onions and chicken. salt and vinegar chicken wings potato salad breakfasts have been omlettes with veggies or scrambled eggs with sliced fresh deli ham chopped up in the eggs over spinach I have not missed anything. I went to the movies. snuck in a can of 100% coconut water (no sugar added) dried apple rings, dried salted coconut pulp (no sugar added) and felt good!
  5. Whole30 - Start Date: 5/15/2017

    Day #19 and I'm still feeling wonderful. I'm not experiencing distress nor wanting to cheat. Yesterday for breakfast I ate an omelette with tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and onions and a small bowl of fruit on the side (strawberries, orange, grapes, kiwi and cantaloup): approx: 1/2 sliced strawberry, 6 grapes, 1 slice of kiwi, 1 slice of orange, 5 squares of cantaloup. Lunch was a 4 oz glass (blended) apples, mango and banana, coconut in almond milk. Along with grilled shrimp seasoned with olive oil, rosemary and thyme. And some grilled cauliflower seasoned with olive oil and garlic, cumin, correander, pepper. Sprinkled with cashews and almonds. Dinner was 1 grilled chicken leg seasoned with lemon juice, pepper, salt 3 slices of tri-tip medium well. Brussel sprouts and asparagus grilled with lemon, garlic, and vinegar. Grilled eggplant served in coconut milk with lemongrass and ginger. 2 strawberries. I love eating like this.
  6. Turnips

    Wonderful! Thank you!
  7. Start date June 1st

    I think it's a great idea.... or be like me and just randomly pick someone to read. I'm horrible with keeping up with people.
  8. Whole30 - Start Date: 5/15/2017

    Day ummmm #14, I think? Yes! Day 14.... I had to count. So today was perfect. I made stuffed cabbage rolls! Yum! Talk about delicious. All Whole30 compliant too! Used Organic Angus ground beef (very expensive) but worth it! So... I'm really enjoying this way of eating! My daughter Angelina is also doing Whole30, she too loves it. So, I have had zero cravings for junk food. All my heartburn is gone. I never feel hungry. My tummy problems are gone. I'm feeling great! My sense of smell is very much improved. This is strangly amazing by the way since I didn't have a good sense of smell before but now I do. I do not feel tempted to cheat, nor try even a nibble of goodies around me. Goodies have lost their appeal. I'm happy. I'm really surprised that I don't even miss bread or rice or cheese. I really don't. ❤️ Love it!
  9. Whole30 - Start Date: 5/15/2017

    Yeah, I'm from California and grew up with Best Foods mayo, but when I moved to the east coast and lived on that side of the USA (Pennsylvania and North Carolina) for four years I quickly found Hellmans and knew they were exactly the same. That's why I said Best Foods or Hellmans because I figured anyone from the USA would know what I meant if I said either of those two mayonnaise instead of Miracle Whip... which is a flavor I'm not entirely fond of.
  10. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Don't worry. You won't miss out on anything! No matter what anyone brings to the pot luck, remember this: In this huge world of exotic foods you can have your pick at whatever you want, any time you want... But right now you are choosing the BEST foods for your body. Besides... there might be a hair in it or maybe they didn't wash their hands before making it... That thought always works for me!!!
  11. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Google: Tuna that doesn't contain soy. Depends on where you live.
  12. Getting clear on the WHY

    I think it's funny when people tell me "It's basically the Atkins diet." My response: Do you eat meats? So do I. Do you eat veggies? So do I. Do you eat fruit? So do I. Do you eat fast food? I don't. Do you eat Packaged foods with lots of ingredients you can't pronounce? I don't. Do you make all of your meals at home with fresh whole ingredients? I do. Do you drink 8+ glasses of water a day? I do. Do you avoid harmful ingredients? I do. Do you know every ingredient that you put in your mouth? I do. Do you eat foods that contribute to nutrient absorption, liver cleansing and better body detoxification without it being in a pill or powder form? Well, I do. Do you have amazing Bowel Movements? I do. Do you sleep 8-10 hours per night? I do. Do you feel healthier and happier every day that passes? I do. So... what's the problem with my way of eating?
  13. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Pack some fruit, nuts, veggies and can of tuna or chicken. Ideas: bananas, apples, pears, lemons peaches, cherries, nectarines almonds / walnuts / cashews carrot sticks, celery sticks, zucchini (raw is delicious) lettuce, tomatoes, green onions grated coconut Canned meat: tuna, salmon, chicken pack it and once there make this: chop up canned chicken in bowl, add chopped green onions, and lots of fresh squeezed lemon juice, salt and pepper. add grated coconut. wrap in lettuce leaves like a chicken wrap. Enjoy!
  14. Whole30 - Start Date: 5/15/2017

    I'm in California. I'll look for it. Thank you!
  15. Whole30 - Start Date: 5/15/2017

    Day #12 I'm continuing to feel better every day. Today I woke up feeling pain free and refreshed. Normally my joints ache, but not today. I noticed something very strange the past few days... my sense of smell which is usually non-existent has improved significantly. When I go for walks outdoors I am amazed at the scents of the world! Is this common? This is very strange to me! Also it seems my nasal congestion which I always have had seems to be going away. My BMs are AMAZING and love ❤️ how that part of my life has changed! I am sleeping easier and deeper than ever before.... Also noticed my skin is improving. Normally my upper arms feel so dry and rough...and now they feel softer and smoother. There is a pleasant feeling throughout my entire body now... like a subtle magical energy that feels tingly and light. Anyone else experience this?