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  1. Feeling Very Weak

    Thank you! I will adjust and try this. I guess this just seems like a lot of food to me. Not because I'm worried about calories or over eating, but because I'm never this hungry. I am thinking I'll just have to set alarms and make myself eat, and maybe my body will adjust to it. Thank you so much!
  2. Feeling Very Weak

    Monday: poached egg, sautéed spinach, and fruit tuna salad with bacon and hard boiled egg apple jamaican jerk salmon with mango salsa (from Whole30 cookbook) sweet potatoes chips that we made Tuesday: grapes to try to get the weak feeling to go away sweet potatoe hashbrowns, over easy egg, avacado Chicken salad with mixed greens almonds bison burgers with Brussels sprouts and shallots (I was on the go a lot yesterday, so I know I probably didn't get enough.) Today's Plan: grapes again early this morning 2 hard boiled eggs, asparagus, strawberries, avocado, coffee with coconut milk tuna, carrots and cauliflower hummus, avocado salad with hard boiled egg and bacon and avocado fruit and almonds left over bison burgers, and going to add a sweet potato tonight I've been drinking water all day each day, and I'm going to try drinking coconut milk throughout the day today too.
  3. I am new to Whole30, I'm a breastfeeding mom of a 10 week old, and I am on Day 3. My husband and I are doing this together. As my supply has been low, I do think that I'm not eating enough. I just read last night in the forums that I should be eating 4 meals a day instead of 3, so I will be adding a 4th meal today. I was eating snacks such as almonds, fruit, tuna, and carrots with cauliflower hummus, but it might not have been enough. Today was the second day I woke up feeling awful. I wake up with my body feeling burning hot, yet clammy at the same time, even though our house is at 69 degrees. I feel very lightheaded and shaky. I do not know if this is attributed to not eating enough, or if it is a withdrawl from sugar and/or low blood sugar. I ate a lot of sugar before which is why I'm doing this. I have eaten some fruit when feeling this way, and it gets better. My husband feels fine, and he has been eating less than I have since he's only eating his three meals. I'm just looking for advice or some answers to where the weak feeling is coming from if anyone else has experienced this. Thank you!