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  1. August 7th Start Date

    I'm not a lot of help, but I can at least speak to breakfast: don't feel like you HAVE to eat "breakfast foods." When I was in high school, I ate a tuna sandwich for breakfast more days than not. Clearly, that's not gonna work in this instance, but eat whatever the heck you want!
  2. August 7th Start Date

    Cake went as well as could be expected. There's only three of us in the office, and my boss does not "approve" of my weight loss (he thinks I lost too much), so he pushed, but I just walked away and made up something to do. Despite my regular failings in the last week of trying to do this, one thing I have learned is how very often I eat, not out of hunger, but out of boredom. Right now, it's 2:00... I had hearty lunch an hour ago. I am NOT hungry...but I still find myself wanting to reach for something. If I were hungry, I'd break the "rules" and snack...but if I really think about it, i know it's not hunger, not really. I feel better about my multiple restarts knowing that, in spite of it, I'm still learning plenty.
  3. August 7th Start Date

    Office celebration coworker's work anniversary, so there is cake. I'm really hoping I can avoid eating it without too much "to do."
  4. August 7th Start Date

    @Brensuma and @Karen L... you make good points. I need to focus on reminding myself that it's not forever. It's 30 days. And not focus on the 29 days ahead of me...just get through today. And maybe take it one step further.... if today is awful, I can quit tomorrow morning.... but right now, I just need to get through today.
  5. August 7th Start Date

    Maybe you all can help me talk this through. Brief backstory: last year, I lost 70 lbs. No magical plan, just eating less and exercising more. I firmly believe why it finally worked for me is that 1) I didn't count anything (points, calories, carbs, macros) and 2) I didn't eliminate anything. Knowing that I could always have a small piece of chocolate (as an example) made it easy to resist the kids' candy. Historically, what happens is that I try to eliminate something--whether that carbs, sugar, dessert, whatever--I do well for a week or two, fall "off plan," then have a massive binge with the idea that, "I'm going to start again tomorrow and I can never have this again, so I better enjoy it now." What's concerning me is that that's exactly what happened yesterday. The day was basically good, even with a non-compliant lunch, but then I decided to restart my W30 today.... and the wheels came off. I binged on everything to the point of being sick. On one hand, this leaves me concerned that maybe W30 is not good for my mental health. On the other hand, I really do want to try it. Both because I want a "reset" after a summer that was crappy in every way (I've dubbed it "The Summer of Crushing Disappointment"), and because I believe I may have some food sensitivity issues that I'd like to pin down. I guess the question is, how do I get past the deprivation mindset that leads me to binge?
  6. August 7th Start Date

    So.... I'm gonna start over. Long story short, I made poor choices yesterday. I could justify them, it wasn't terrible... but it wasn't on plan. I thought about just continuing on, but...I think I'm in a better place now. I want to do this right. Last week was a good "ease in" for me, good practice, if you will. And now...I'm ready to do this right. Day 1 tomorrow...again. (Please don't kick me out of our little group!)
  7. August 7th Start Date

    I struggle with the "line" when it comes to duplication. I get why you're not supposed to duplicate, but some of the stuff that is "okay" (like the compliant "cream" in coffee) is puzzling to me. Or what about me: I like black coffee and drink that in normal life. But I will now sometimes have some coconut milk in my afternoon coffee as a "treat" this actually not okay, since I'm not supposed to treat myself?
  8. August 7th Start Date

    Oh no!!! And I can't figure out how to edit a post on my phone!!! I'm so sorry, guys!!!
  9. August 7th Start Date

    I'm glad I've got you guys to stay accountable to, because you're helping me stay on track. Woke up this morning and really wanted toast for breakfast. With honey and PB (go big or go home, I guess, lol). I thought about cheating. But then I thought about you all... I had scrambled eggs, zucchini, and a strip of bacon. Doing some cleaning this morning and then taking this kids on a hike this afternoon. Have a great day, everyone!
  10. August 7th Start Date

    Stopped at the grocery store salad bar for lunch... you have no idea I nearly grabbed something without think and then put it back. Good lord, dairy (or grain) is in everything! No big plans this weekend, which is probably good. Staying close to home, which will make it easier to stay on track. And I'll have time to do some prep for the coming week. I found a sheet of chicken marinades, so I think I'll be making up some of those. And probably roast a bunch of veggies.
  11. August 7th Start Date

    You know, reading through everyone's posts, I think what I'm most grateful for is that I've always been a black coffee person, LOL.
  12. August 7th Start Date

    @anchorageali (let's see if I managed to tag someone correctly)... I am already thinking along that line, that meat and veggies are generally safe, so I'll be sticking with those things as much as possible. As far as why I'm concerned about my mom's reaction... that's harder to articulate. She won't be angry. And she won't outright make fun of me, but she has a tendency to make vaguely passive aggressive comments. Example: last year, I worked hard and lost 70 lbs. Now she will stay stuff like, "This looks good, but I don't suppose it's on your diet." Mind, you I didn't lose weight by following a specific diet...I just ate less and better and started running. So that sort of thing really rubs me wrong. But it would make me really uncomfortable to tell her that, so I just try to ignore it. The only thing that might really raise her eyebrows is me skipping cheese (I love cheese!). But that I can probably explain simply, and honestly, enough: I've been breaking out like a teenager and a friend suggested it might be dairy, so I'm trying to cut that out for a month and see what happens. It's simple and truthful, without going into the entire W30, which I think get more of a rise out of her. Interestingly, I think she might be more supportive of the W30 idea if I did still need to lose weight. But now she would likely see it as stupid (at best) or disordered (at worst) that I would do something like this without needing to lose weight. Isn't it funny how something as small as this, something that really should affect anyone but me, brings out all sorts of underlying issues with friends and family!
  13. August 7th Start Date

    I'm glad you asked about brunch/eating out, because I'm already sorta freaking out about the end of the month. My mom, kids, and I will be going up to St. Paul for four days, partially for my daughter's doctor's appointment, but also for a bit of a vacay of sorts. I can handle the drive up and back....I know to pack snacks and I know what I can get at gas stations. But what to do while we're actually there and for meals is harder. There's not going to be much of an opportunity to plan ahead/call ahead; we usually pick where to eat on a whim. I'm not afraid to ask for what I want at a restaurant, but, I won't lie, I'm a little nervous about what my mom is going to say/think. Which I know is stupid...I'm a grown woman and I shouldn't be worried about appeasing my mother, anymore. It's just easier said than done, I guess. In any event, I'll be eagerly reading the suggestions!
  14. August 7th Start Date

    I did! I went back into my Day 1 email and this time clicked, "success!" which I assume triggered Day 2 today. (Whew!)
  15. August 7th Start Date

    Yesterday, my Day 1 Take 2, was successful. Things I noticed: I'm really used to having something sweet after a meal. The was the worst part of my day, 8:00 at night and nothing sweet. Clearly, a habit that needs to be broken!