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  1. I'm going to work towards this strict eating plan. I just think I'm going to be so hindered by ever going out to eat with anyone, meeting people for drinks, AKA having a normal social life for a 24 year old.
  2. Hi Casey, Thanks for replying. My doctor sent a prescription for Metformin (sp?) to "suppress my appetite." He told me to "cut all food, especially carbs." He essential told me to stop eating. My hunger is not the issue! I'm debating in my head how much medical intervention I want, and how much I want to handle this though diet. I know that probably doesn't make sense in this forum but I'm still wrapping my mind around it. Jenna
  3. I was diagnosed with Hashitmoto's hypothyroiditis when I was 8 years old. All of my labs have just been TSH tests, not full thyroid panels (except for the ones at the very beginning). I know I also had high cholesterol at the time, but it was not treated. Flash forward to 24 year old me. I just went to the doctor. I had glucose tests (fasting/glucose drink and the 6 week panel): both were normal. Cholesterol: LDL is high (187). HDL is normal. Insulin: incredibly high . 44uIU/ml (normal is <10) I'm freaked out. I've been eating paleo for the past month or so, and I started with a Whole14 in January 2014. I also did a Whole30 last January 2013. I realize that things will not change overnight. I'm just wondering what this all means. My doctor did not explain any of the results, but sent a prescription my way, so I changed doctors. I need explanations. In the mean time, can anyone help me out? What's the tie between thyroid, insulin, and cholesterol?
  4. I just left a doctor after my first appointment with him. He called me pre-diabetic, which isn't off course. But, he's telling me about weight loss drugs and I'm not interested in taking them- especially not something that if I stopped taking it, I would gain the weight back. I told him about the Whole30 and paleo. He seemed to be on board with grass-fed meat, but seemed to think I would plateau. I'm 5'4" and 230 pounds. I know I'm overweight. I understand I'm pre-diabetic, but can't he just support me while I lose weight? Scare me with facts so that I continue eating Whole30? His advice: move more, eat less, weigh DAILY. I told him i certainly wouldn't be weighing daily. I just donated my scale to Goodwill! Any advice? Get a new doctor? Just refuse pills?
  5. Jenn35

    No Leftovers?

    I'm single, and I don't think I'll have any leftovers this week. I made a breakfast option and 3 dinner options. It's my first week, so it's heavy on the sweet potatoes. Breakfast - sweet potato, kale, and carrot hash + turkey sausage with onions + topped with over-easy eggs or two. I also made a huge skillet of sweet potatoes in case I just want those with sauted kale and eggs. D1: Moroccan-inspired meatballs with cauliflower rice and roasted green beans D2: rosemary pork loin (you could do a a chicken) crockpot with sweet potatoes and apples (made this in the crockpot) D3: ground beef with taco seasoning - I'll use this for taco salads or something. With the variety of 3 different options, I mix and match my way through the week. Obviously, it's a bit of work to make 3 meals early in the week, but it's do-able. I don't like freezing things because they never look as edible. I might try this with soup though. Good luck!
  6. Jenn35


    Just throwing in my two cents. I've had Hashimoto's hypothyroidism for 16 years and I've been on Synthroid or Levothyroxine the entire time - somewhere between 125-200 mcg while weighing between 150-230 pounds (I was a really chunky kid when I was diagnosed). She'll never be able to stop taking it - without replacement hormones she would gain weight, feel tired, have dry nails and hair. There's no way to replace it in your diet. It will probably need adjusted after she loses weight though. Best of luck to your mom! I know how much of a struggle it is to try to lose weight with hypothroidism. The Whole30 and paleo eating has been really helpful to me. I'm not an amazing success story because I definitely fell off the wagon - but I'm back on again!
  7. Jenn35

    Food Truck!

    I found a food truck in Indianapolis called Caveman Truck. Soooooo good. I had a portobello mushroom topped with bacon and spicy guacamole and sweet potato hash (it had apples and cinnamon). So good! One of the best meals I've had since I've started my Whole30. This may inspire a few meals for me.
  8. Jenn35

    Body image and reasons for the Whole30?

    What might you recommend as a next step for some of us who are dealing with these confidence/self-esteem/body love issues?
  9. Jenn35

    w30 approved after dinner dessert!

    I ate my orange before I began the rest of my meal. Kicking those sugar habits right now...cause I'd really like another one!
  10. Jenn35

    Creamy Mushroom Sage Spaghetti Squash

    I can't wait to try this!
  11. Jenn35

    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Sugar victory! Somehow, this girl was in charge of bringing birthday goodies to work today .... pecan pie and DQ ice cream. Holy moly! I've resisted all day long, and I'm so proud! Only 2 more hours until I can escape the smell of sugar in the air!
  12. Jenn35

    Whole30 #2, Day 2 trouble

    That's rough. I would have probably done the same thing in that situation. I hope Tomas recovers, and I hope you get back on track today.
  13. Jenn35

    Whole30 #2, Day 2 trouble

    So glad to find someone else who is starting over! I had corn in my soup, that I've been eating for the last two days. Why didn't I think that corn was a grain? I don't know. MINDLESS eating is my only answer. I'm starting over tomorrow too. I made an on plan lunch already and I have plans for dinner too!
  14. Jenn35

    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Good morning! I forgot to chime in here. I'm on Day 3 too. The chicken and veggies I had for breakfast are extremely filling, almost too much. I'm hoping I feel more adjusted by the weekend. One good thing to report: yesterday, I noticed that I was not bloated at the end of the workday. I think is definitely because I'm not visiting the office candy dish or Diet Coke supply!
  15. I can't quite find the answer to this anywhere else. Why are you all so excited about bone broth?