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  1. Propel vs water vs alternative?

    Unfortunately I have tried all of that I have a britta, I like it ice cold, I mostly ate fruit & veggies before I started the whole 30. But I have to find something because going without water isn't working.
  2. Hello I have just recently started the whole 30 and I'm having a hard time getting all of my water in for the day, and feeling a bit dehydrated lately. Prior to the whole 30 I have had a complicated relationship with water I grew up hating it because we had rust in our water I have been trying really hard the last few years to drink more. Recently I decreased the amount of propel I was drinking and I started using powdered propel and I got down to a 32 ounce bottle of water with 1 packet which is half the amount recommended. I have tried straight water and find it disgusting, I tried la croix and other similar drinks and dislike them as well. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated I'm tired of wanting water and not drinking it, it's probably a the thing that I miss the most. Thank you in advance. #thirstyinwashington
  3. Hello Start Date May 19!

    Hello my name is Lindsay, I'm so excited to get started! A friend of mine just finished her first whole 30 and documented it on Instagram and I got really inspired and as soon as it was possible I started my very first whole 30 I can't wait to see where I am a month from now! #whole30newbie
  4. Vinegar

    Awesome thank you! The only thing I could find was no sulfites nothing about naturally occurring so that helps immensely!
  5. Vinegar

    I'm currently shopping and on my third store.... looking for a vinegar (for a recipe I'm making tomorrow and it's 11pm) that does not contain sugar or sulfites and I'm having a hard time any tips? The only one that I found that would be close has naturally occurring sulfites but I didn't think that would work. Thank you in advance. Newbie whole 30ier