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    Thank you! I've tried several of the recipes from the Whole30 book, and they have all been great. Last night, I made the cabbage, kale, and bell pepper slaw with apple cider vinaigrette (p. 366). I also baked chicken wings, but substituted almond flour for white flour for the dredging (1/ tsp each of salt, garlic powder and cayenne pepper to 1 cup almond flour). Baked at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes. Yum!!
  2. I started Whole30 on May 8th. It is Day 12 but seems like its been longer. I am pleasantly surprised by the self discipline I have been able to muster. I am a sugar addict, and I have tried many times to kick the habit. So far, so good! I believe eliminating grains and dairy have helped with the sugar addiction because those were the two main forms of delivery for my daily sugar. Fortunately, my husband is also on Whole30. It helps to have a partner! We love the wholesome meals we've been preparing, and we're even adding new kitchen gadgets to make it easier. The food processor has been a great addition. So far, I've had a few weak moments but I managed to survive the temptations. One was buying my son a milk shake at Sonic (I wanted a taste sooo bad!). Looking forward to Day 15 so I can celebrate the halfway mark. I have a feeling that I will continue with a lot of the good habits I'm beginning, and hopefully will be able to stay off sugar for good. I can already see a difference in my skin, and my clothes are feeling a bit looser.